Victini Suspect Test Alt Identification

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Alright, so in order to obtain voting rights you needed to get a minimum glicko2 of 2050 with a deviation of 65 or lower on both ladders. For those who did, make a post in this thread using the following format:

uususpecttest alt: *alt name*, *position on ladder*
uucurrent alt: *alt name*, *position on ladder*

I've linked screenshots to both ladders below, so make sure you check to see if your alts met the requirement. Remember, you had to maintain your ranking until the screenshots were taken. For those who got reqs on one ladder only, you can apply for special voting permissions. To do so, PM kokoloko with both your ladder alts and a few paragraphs explaining why you should be allowed to vote. The deadline for special apps and identifying your alts is October 9th at 11:59pm EST.


Suspect ladder
Standard ladder
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uususpecttest alt: sevipertamer
uucurrent alt: eroticllamas

edit: sorry just saw the format you wanted, my bad.
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Not sure how I lost out on the suspect req ladder when I had a +-61 a day or two before the closure. Special permissions lgi.
Suspect ladder: Banhammervictini, 2070+-65, #56
Current ladder:Kinglerladdering, 2054+-60, #74
will edit with screenshots.


Edit-Wow sorry for large screenshots.....
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Goddammit RT, I told you to do what I did with the suspect screenshot. Smh.

uususpecttest alt: Johnny Guitar, #14
uucurrent alt(s): the singularity, #23 | Johnny Guitar, #41

Johnny Guitar
the singularity

I love how my alts are 18 spots apart when I played the same amount of games and only lost one more (freaking Scarf HP Ice Tini winning the speed tie against my Flygon first turn :( )

The Leprechaun

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uususpecttest alt: Rzangoose, 40
uucurrent alt: Rzangoose, 43

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 16.10.09.png

Not sure why my deviation decayed since the screenshot...
37ddb53e11.png (1316×1334).png

suspect ladder(it may seem like i enlarged this image on purpose as this is the better record, its just how it came out)
2hsae0i.jpg (632×871).png

current ladder
(idk if i should do this different im a voting virgin)
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