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Game Specific Rules:

-There are 4 factions consisting of 4 players each. No players know any of their teammates. Each faction wins by eliminating everyone not in their faction.
-There is no lynch in this game. In its place, players will vote to determine which factions gain a kill for the following night. First, the votes on players will be combined into a total number of votes on each faction. Then, the factions with the highest and lowest vote totals will be granted a kill the following night. The only results of the vote that will be publicly announced at the end of the day will be which teams have gained access to a kill. If there are only two factions remaining, only the faction with the highest total will gain a kill. If two factions tie for highest or lowest, neither will be granted the kill.
-Example Vote: zorbees and Da Letter El are on Team Smashers, shade is on Team Crushers, UncleSam is on Team Wreckers, and Blazade is on Team WHAM. Each player has a Vote Worth of 1. zorbees and Da Letter El vote for zorbees. shade votes for Da Letter El. UncleSam votes for UncleSam and Blazade votes for Blazade. This leaves 3 votes for Team Smashers, 0 votes for Team Crushers, 1 vote for Team Wreckers, and 1 vote for Team WHAM. The following night, Team Smashers and Team Crushers would each gain access to a kill.
-To perform a kill, a player on that faction must declare their kill in PM during the night. If multiple players on the same faction send a kill PM on the same night, they will all fail.
-Pretty much all abilities are based around the daily vote. Additionally, each player has a Vote Worth in their role PM. This tells how much their vote is worth. There will be secret votes, negative votes, and all sorts of trickery. There will be no roles that tell you another player's alignment, so you'll have to figure it out based on their behavior and actions.
-Whenever a player dies, only his faction will be revealed. His abilities will remain a mystery.

EDIT: to clarify, this is an outside contact game

Standard Rules:
No quoting role PMs. No impersonating. Pretty much the standard Circus rules as well as forumwide rules apply.

The four factions in the game are the Mississippi Crawdads, the Wizards NOT of Waverly Place, The Robotic Army of Robots, and Robert.

Note that role names are not important, some are related to factions, some aren't. I warn you guys to not place too much importance on them.


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Da Letter El


smogon account - Wizards NOT of Waverly Place - Died N1
apricity - Robotic Army of Robots - Died N1
Serious Bananas - Mississippi Crawdads - Died N2
Former Hope - Robert - Died N2
UncleSam - Robotic Army of Robots - Died N3
Ditto - Robert - Died N3
MoodyCloud - Robert - Died N4
Jalmont - Robert - Died N5
Blazade - Mississippi Crawdads - Died N5
Aubisio - Mississippi Crawdads - Died N6

Role PMs are going out. I will post when they are all out.
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to clarify something because a few people have asked

unless your role pm states otherwise, you may not self target with your night action
let's just get this over with- everyone vote for yourself and whoever's lucky enough to have the extra vote worth wins I guess
no reason for someone else to come up with the strategy
oh shit it started :D

Ig on d1 we have to get everyone's vote in anyway possible, so let's try this one out:

Fellow ROBOT ARMY, vote for Exene smfh 420.jpg #Canada4pot2018

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