Wailord [BW2 Revamp] [QC: 0/3]


"Wailord used Body Slam!"

  • Wailord's Reputation is harder in the new metagame where Jynx is so prominent
  • Water Spout is a deadly weapon when paired with Choice Specs that it can practically OHKO the whole nuetral metagame, especially in the rain
  • However, despite the sheer force of it, Wailord has to deal with priority, the aforementioned Jynx and priority as well as entry hazards.
  • 170 HP stat is awesome, but you 45 / 45 defenses making it only decent at best
  • Mono-Water isn't exactly the best typing
  • Bad Speed
  • Underestimate Wailord, and you'll get the hit of a life-time
name: Choice Specs
move 1: Water Spout
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Hidden Power Bug / Hidden Power Grass
move 4: Surf / Hydro Pump
item: Choice Specs
nature: Modest
evs: 56 Def / 252 SpA / 60 SpD / 140 Spe

  • Water Spout for early-game, and hits like a nuke
  • Ice Beam has excellent coverage along side Water Sput, htting everything bar Water[types for atleast neutral damage
  • Hidden Power [Bug] OHKOEs Jynx after Stealth Rock and @HKOes Specially Defensive Ludicolo after Stealth Rock and a layer of Spikes
  • Hiddden Power [Grass] is for Seismitoad, or bulky water-types in general suck as Alomommola
  • Surf and Hydro Pump are reliable after Water Spout has been below hitting range, 63% for Surf and Hydro Pump is only 30 points weaker, save STAB
  • 140 Spe are to outpace Max Speed Golem, and the rest are dumped into Defense and Special Defense to balance bulk
I'm not sure how much Wailord needs an update, but your skeleton looks to be the exact same as what is already mentioned in the analysis. Literally the only significant addition you've added was Jynx and Mandibuzz (and that was for as OO mention). You also lack a lot of teammates. To make this a bit more in touch with the current metagame, mention that Torkoal is a decent teammate to remove hazards for most standard teams, while Armaldo is a decent spinner on Rain teams. Mold Breaker Sawk is also a good mention to break through most hazard leads as well. Lickilicky and Audino make great teammates to pass Wishes to keep Wailord's HP high.

I talked to some people on IRC and Modest looks to be the better nature because there aren't many Pokemon that Wailord misses out on that it can actually handle in the first place. Timid lets Wailord outspeed +Speed Swoobat and hit anything slower than base 114 (Scolipede, Tauros, and Serperior being the most prominent) which still makes it notable. However with Timid, even a full powered Water Spout isn't going to be hitting as hard as you want (it can't OHKO any of the aforementioned Pokemon with Water Spout/Ice Beam without Rocks and Spikes up). Since Wailord isn't amazingly fast even with a Timid nature, mention that priority users such as Kangaskhan and Gurdurr make good teammates to handle the faster threats.

Toxic, Curse, and Selfdestruct can all go in OO, since they aren't that good but are still options. In Checks and Counters mention that bulky Water-types like Alomomola, Ludicolo, Lapras, and Wartortle, as well as generally specially defensive Pokemon that aren't weak to Water Spout, basically wall Wailord. Rather than saying "water immune mons like Jynx" (not totally true since Seismitoad is still hit hard by HP Grass), say that Dry Skin Jynx and Storm Drain Cradily wall Wailord; the other Water immune Pokemon can either fall under bulky waters, or else are hit by Ice Beam. For priority users, Kangaskhan deserves a mention as well since it can hit it with both Fake Out and Sucker Punch. Add all these and I'll come back and qc check it.


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Treecko and I talked and we agreed that Scarf Wailord is pretty bad, especially in this metagame that's faster and Jynx being everywhere. Scarf Wailord can't tie with other popular Scarf mons (completely walled by Scarf Jynx, who is arguably the best Scarf Pokemon in the metagame) and cannot outspeed common Pokemon such as Scolipede or Serperior.

Specs Wailord on the other hand is a much bigger threat due to that super powerful Water Spout and ability to make better use of its bulk. Make Specs the main set and move Scarf over to OO instead. Set looks like:

name: Choice Specs
move 1: Water Spout
move 2: Surf
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Hidden Power Bug / Hidden Power Grass
item: Choice Specs
ability: Water Veil
nature: Modest
evs: 56 Def / 252 SpA / 60 SpD / 140 Spe

HP Bug OHKOes Jynx after SR and 2HKOes Rain Dance Ludicolo. (SpD Ludicolo is 2HKOed with SR and 1 layer of Spikes) HP Grass gets the OHKO on Seismitoad and hits Alomomola hard. 140 Spe EVs outspeed max Speed Golem even if you use HP Bug while 56 Def with 60 SpD makes Wailord bulkier on both sides than just dumping it all to HP.

Choice Scarf should replace the current Specs mention in Other Options. Look over your Set Comments and Additional Comments and change w/e needs to be changed from Scarf including than mentioning the EV spread in AC and the choice of Hidden Powers in Set Comments. You also don't need to mention Water Veil on Wailord because it doesn't really do anything major for Wailord other than avoiding random burns. Rapid Spinners do not deserve a mention in AC because Wailord doesn't really need it. Water Spout is for early game and then Surf later on.

Please look over the whole thing again, especially the Overview, they need a lot of work. Overview should talk about Wailord's performance in the metagame as well as its downfalls. Saying things like: "Water Spout for FTW" or just "has decent defenses" doesn't meet the requirements we're looking for in an Overview. Make sure all of this caters to the Specs set, since it's the only one that should be a main set. Checks and Counters don't need to include mentions of hazards or priority, just because they weaken Water Spout doesn't mean they counter Wailord. Wailord can still hit hard with Specs Surf if its under optimal Water Spout range. Add Ludicolo, Alomomola, and Seismitoad to the list of Pokemon that can take on Wailord. Depending on the choice of Hidden Power they can even completely wall it.

Implement this and WhiteDMist's changes and I'll look over it again later.
is this being worked on at all (specifically the other options and checks and counters sections) because otherwise someone else should get this analysis started up again

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