Implemented WCOP Format (tiers)

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I would also like to reiterate team US West's support for doubles over 5OU for the reasons outlined by the good posts in this thread.

This thread has been jumping around from goalpost to goalpost and the discussion on specifically DOU vs 5OU has become frankly pretty cluttered and hard to parse. I propose we just survey 2023 WCOP captains the choice of DOU or 5 OU to lock up this last decision quickly.


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The WCoP format will be 5 SV OU, SS OU, SM OU, ORAS OU, SV Ubers, SV UU.

Although Doubles is a popular tier that would have opened up the tournament to a wider playerbase, we ultimately felt this was outweighed by concerns raised in this thread regarding barrier of entry and its inclusion disproportionately affecting smaller regions. While it is of course possible for singles players to pick up doubles (and vice versa), we overall agreed with the concerns that this is a more difficult transition than picking up lower tiers / recent old gens and would be problematic for smaller teams in particular. In addition, a 50% SV OU format eases the transition from last year which is not insignificant with little time left before qualifiers.

This was generally a pretty divisive topic with decidedly mixed opinions in this thread, but given the arguments presented by both sides we think this is the best path forward. We will be open to feedback from teams on the format after this iteration of the tournament.
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