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Hi guys. Just a couple of announcements regarding the moderation of this forum.

scpinion is no longer part of the moderation team due his inactivity. I appreciate and thank him for all he has done, especially for Monotype.

Congratulations to Chloe. and E4 Flint, who will be joining imas and myself on the Other Metagames moderation team!

OM has never truly had a moderation team until now. It has always been the leader(s) doing majority of the work and making majority of the decisions. Going forward, I will not only be sharing the forum responsibilities with the rest of the moderation team but also the decision making. We will decide the policies of this section as a collective unit. I hope this philosophy, this collaboration, will take Other Metagames to the next level of success.

One team, one dream. #OM2017
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