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Welcome to Gen 9 National Dex Monotype Team Tour (GROUP STAGE)
Hosted by Neko and style.css
Challonge bracket can be found Here

:roaring-moon: Rules:
  • Play your games in the [Gen 9] National Dex Monotype format
  • You must have exactly 3 total players on your team, the captain doesn’t have to be a player.
  • You will play a bo1 vs the opposing team members, and a team wins if they have won 2 games against the opposing team
    • Schedule individually, as your team mates shouldn't help you during your battle!
  • You must play on the main Pokemon Showdown server or on the Smogtours server. Replays posted from any other server will be ignored.
    • Save and Post your replay. If your series is not posted in the thread, the game will be coin flipped regardless of whoever won.
  • The number of teams and groups will be dependent on how many teams sign up.
  • Extensions are not allowed in the Groups phase, but may be allowed in the playoffs phase.
:mawile-mega: Tournament Structure:
  • This tournament will have two stages: groups and playoffs.
  • For the groups stage, teams will be randomly split into separate groups. The top two teams of each group will advance to the playoffs. Ties will be decided by total wins, so make sure to play every game.
  • For the playoffs, it will be a standard single elimination bracket.
:dragapult: Standard National Dex Monotype Rules:
  • Baton Pass Clause: Baton pass is banned
  • Same Type Clause: Pokémon in a team must share a type.
  • Terastal Clause: You cannot Terastallize
  • Sleep Clause Mod: Limit one foe put to sleep
  • Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokémon
  • OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned
  • Moody Clause: Moody is banned
  • Evasion Moves Clause: Evasion moves are banned
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned
  • HP Percentage Mod: HP is shown in percentages

:slither-wing: Group A :slither-wing:
The Final Kingambit vs. Aquaholics
Be Like Bisharp vs. Desmondo
mimilimi vs. Mickey Mouse
Vieux Singe vs. Thundersnow

GholdenGOATS vs. FA 10
Toy Time King vs. Gekokeso
Undefeated Alt vs. Im_Totally_Human
Starfox. vs. Dariosheesh

Wugtrio vs. FA5
Plunder vs. SpaceSpeakers
Leafium Z vs. ScarecrowPhobia
style.css vs. BOTW Enjoyer

:iron-jugulis: Group B :iron-jugulis:
Archons vs. Piplupede
Xerzack987 vs. Swiffix
worst vs. PrinceOfAllTacos
Trainer Pla
vs. Alpha

The boys vs. DGM
King Griffin vs. Montino
Go greeninja vs. The God Of Stall
KeshBa54 vs. LKGL Dante

xxTermanato69 vs. Felines
Grandmaster7890 vs. sasha
LordDoesOtherStuff vs. avarice

:roaring-moon: Group C :roaring-moon:

CrayonEaters vs. The Murkrowian Menaces
Jojoash1 vs. Azick
AggronHasSandStream vs. AtraX Madara
GenoSins12 vs. mushamu

FA11 vs. Vanguard
GenTwour vs. LO Garchomp
Captain Funk vs. PircaChupi
Leotheleast_1 vs. ew.its.emery

The Jackson 5 vs. FA1
TeamCharm vs. shadowtime2000
Cam vs. MultiPokemon
BigFatMantis vs. What should by name be?

:iron-hands: Group D :iron-hands:

The Pencil Pushers vs. God i hate taxes
ponchlake vs. Ashbala
vs. TDR

FA 3 vs. Team Queengambit
Choker Layton vs. Pr1nce0fAllSaiyans
SinnohEevee vs. FadedCharm
Manan999 vs. Ballin with Baltoy

FA4 vs. S/V Samurai
IvyFlowers vs. Dead by Daylight
Derpeddeath vs. Giyu
Achichingle vs. DerpsDeluxe

:scream-tail: Group E :scream-tail:

skinnies + fatrex v2 vs. Earth_Wind_and Fire
gorex vs. Dunes
Ryuji vs. Don Bork
Cielau vs. Quality_Qontent

The Kilowattrel Kings vs. Gholdengo be-bop
DragonPhoenix333 vs. cherif18
@1Ssep The Chickn vs. Prof.Otaku
Exiarepair4 vs. Elyoss

FA8 vs. FA9
WinddAscended vs. Pajamazz
Crisx vs. Sol_Katti
Wecth vs. SlasherYT

:iron-valiant: Group F :iron-valiant:
Kill Bill vs. Get Real
Sunnyboi0 vs. Mandibuladel5555
maroon vs. haxlolo
Vodoom vs. ZeroKitss

The Armed Inquisition vs. Cat Onion Cat Sandwich
ReLaxn89 vs. Neko
Captainbruh1008 vs. Alexender
Samurux vs. ASKid679

The Pyukers vs. Old is Gold
TheDougArt vs. Miyoko
smixx vs. Pokemon Trainer 596
Santeyan vs. A-drago destroyer

:flutter-mane: Group G :flutter-mane:
Money Lover Meowscaradas
vs. Iron Tail Valiant
paolode99 vs. HugeNoobLmao
Khalni vs. TheSerotoninVibes
Mateeus vs. natsuzamaki

FA6 vs. FA7
Snak vs. RobertDusk13
giove97 vs. mihailol
@Pinlup is best vs. ManU-Master 64

Whyareweplayingthis vs. Roger Ferdeter
DerpyBoi vs. jeza.p
Ara vs. Insector84
TheWyvernKing vs. pas_touchao (dead game)

:iron-moth: Group H :iron-moth:

The Elite 4 - Larry vs. FA2
BlakieeeAU vs. Mr.Bossaru
Dyguain vs. EvilDeeDee
MrShell8565 vs. Uta The Clown

To be defined vs. FA12
Coffy vs. pppppp
Tico vs. Keahi
Trouser Snakes vs. Soyfacuxds

一群笨蛋 vs. Donkey Konga 4 Nintendo N64
TheBloodyReaper vs. Caroline u-u
mederpyuwu vs. Imagina 2 vacas
TheGodOfGrapes vs. supermario1096

Deadline is at February 19, 2023 11:59 pm GMT-5. Games not done by that time will be coinflipped, or request your act win if the opponent doesn't respond before that
How to Schedule with your Opponent
1. Click on the name of your opponent.


2. Schedule with your opponent. Make sure to use GMT times when Scheduling


3. ?????
4. Play at the planned time. If the opponent doesn't show up in an hour, call act by posting here to claim your win.
5. Post your win
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