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Welcome to the Smogcasts Requests forum!

If you are stuck on what the guidelines are for Smogcasts feel free to look at this thread here.

This is an open forum, so other Smogon users can have a say into a Smogcast but the final decision will be made with the Social Media Moderators.

After a decision has been made, two things will happen, either;
  • It has been Approved and that a date and time will be set for you to stream your Smogcast, please make sure that your panelists are available for it.
  • It has been Denied and the thread will be locked. We will not just lock the thread with no reason, we will give feedback on what you should do in order to get a better understanding of your Smogcast and when we feel it is a good time for you to submit again we will unlock your previous thread.
If your Smogcast has been denied, please do not make another thread immediately after it has been closed.

If you need ideas on what you might want to include in your Smogcast feel free to PM me, PoMMan and antemortem for assistance.
Not open for further replies.

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