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Oh, you're an artist? Name every color.
so i thought i would be clever and write a program to print out every hex code (i.e. every color) to a text file. which worked!

however the character limit for smogon posts is 65,000 characters. my list of every color is 117,440,512 characters. as a last ditch effort, i tried to upload it to but (very understandably) it did not accept it:

as such i will have to keep the list of every color to myself. sorry for any inconvenience

Did you beat that B***** user faint at dpp OU Pokemon battling?
i didn't save the replay but i lost, it was down to scarf lati at -2 spA vs weavile. foolishly i switched out forgetting about pursuit. i shouldve went for more dracos to maximize my odds

so why the name change to grape Tylenol is it because you sip on lean / sizzurp?
a while ago my roommate told me a story about how as a child, he asked his mom if he could have grape tylenol for dessert. its really stuck with me

favorite album(s)/musical artists at the moment?
i've been listening to this album while i work lately:
i find it difficult to focus on work when i am listening to music with vocals, so i usually stick to vgm

where did ashley go
seems like u found her

Do you have W rizz
next question

Tylenol isn’t a liquid drug

thats bedtime berry to u
dave owned...

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