Welp, better then '10. (North CA Regional warstory)


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Heya, I'm HC. I went to Pleasanton for the regional. Yes. I've kind of been on and off about VGC, playing in 2010, skipping 2011, deciding last minute to play this year.

I woke up at around 7:30, shoved some food in my mouth, scribbled my Player ID on my hand, showered, rewrote the ID because it washed off during the shower, and headed out. I stopped to pick my friend (Apparently referred to as 'Asiankid Friend') who took a few pictures while I battled, and after 30 minutes and breaking a few traffic laws we arrived on site.

I finished my team the day before:

A somewhat standard trick room team, I think. What I basically did was take my 2010 team, remove the ubers, and build off that. Cresselia and Abomasnow are actually two of the mons I used in 2010.

Registration took a while, and after I got in, we had to wait for everyone else to get registered, so that led to maybe and hour or so of wandering a sitting around.

I saw these groups of smogonites, so I decided to go up and give Huy a little awkward shoulder tap. I said hello, he gave me a confused hi back, and I kind of scurried away like the awkward guy I am. That led to some "Who was that? Was that ____?" from the others.
Huy: holychipmunk is a creep
Huy: taps me on the shoulder then walsk away
HolyChipmunk awkward punches huy

I properly introduced myself to some of them later (Ha brothers, Ninahaza, Metabou, etc.)

After an eternity, pairings went up:

Round 1:

I got paired up with this guy, he introduced himself, but I forgot his smogon username. If you're reading this, please step forward. :) I remember him as 'Silky Smooth', because he had a lustrous head of hair.

I was really nervous, and I made some bad decisions, especially during team selection. I got owned pretty badly (He had 3 mons left, 2 in critical condition, iirc.)

I don't remember much of the battle, but, I lost. Good game!

EDIT: His name is Max Grant, I believe.

EDITEDIT: Zari is his username :)

Round 2:

This was probably my favorite round.


I really wish I took a picture of the pairings, I was the only one who got a bye that round. I had Asiankid Friend go out to take a picture for me, but they took the papers down as I walked up. I ate lunch while everyone was battling.

Round 3:

I also do not recall this trainer's name, or if he is on Smogon or not. I was rather intimidated by his lovely Red costume, but when I saw his team I was rather surprised: Flareon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Vaporeon.

I haxed him pretty badly, and he made some bad moves (He could have subbed his Leafeon, Swords Danced, and X-Scissor would have devastated my team.

He admitted to me after the match that his Pokemon weren't even EV'd properly, so, he did pretty well given the circumstances!

Round 4:

This was an okay battle. It took a long while though. There was a lot of protecting and setting up going on. (I went maybe 4 turns before I realized my Trick Room had gone down, and at one point I set up reflect while it was still up.) But at the end, she was basically protect stalling while Abomasnow's hail whittled away her last pokemon's health.

Round 5:

I don't remember this battle much, but I believe he played rather well. I was very nervous the entire battle. He double flinched my mons a couple of times, but I pulled through in the end and won.

Round 6:

I don't have a proper photo of me battling him, but I got paired up with this guy. We were both running Trick Room, and we both assumed the other was going to set up TR, so it never actually went up. I won 4-0, mostly because I kept a couple of Speed EVs in a few of my mons.


At this point, I'm feeling pretty good, hoping I can still pull through to at least Top 16. Naturally, this is when everything goes downhill.

Round 7:

No proper picture of the guy, but here is me trying to be social with Duy and friends before my opponent showed up.

This was probably my favorite battle. He had a slow rain team, designed, I'm assuming, TR or anti-TR. I made some bad moves (accidentally Giga Drain'd his Ludicolo) but the end of this battle was intense.

I had my Cresselia and Abomasnow left in critical condition, and his Jellicent (had about 1/3 of its HP left) had just set up his own TR. I protect with Abomasnow the next turn, and thankfully Jellicent decided to target it. Cresselia gets TR back down, and I'm assuming I had this game in the bag.


It turns out Abomasnow was actually slower than his Jellicent, and he blizzards both my mons to KO as I try to Giga Drain.

Amazing match, overprediction is bad.

Seriously, GG Sonny Garcia!

Round 8:




This is my favorite picture of the event. So epic.

At this point I had already gave up any hope of winning. My main goal this match was to not get 4-0'd. I managed to get him down to two mons before my own hail KO'd me, so I'm content with how it went.

Thank you for an amazing match and words of motivation(?), Duy. So much for pride.

I saved this last battle, I'll upload it to the GTS later.

Final Score: 5-3

There I am, Shane Yen. 45th place. I'm rather happy with where I stand, considering I only had a week of practice and finishing my team on Saturday.

Thanks for a great tournament, and hopefully I'll get to see you all again next year!


Waiting for the registration line to actually start moving.

Hi I'm HC and I think I am okay at pokemon hurr durr conkledurr

Draco Malfoy

Where everything went down.

A row of trainers with their gamefaces on.

Nice Leafeon hat!

Kamitsure cosplayer.

Judge swaggin' in his lab coat

Shoutouts to:
Justin "Asiankid Friend" Tran - Pictures.
Biosci - Providing me with most of my mons and dealing with my last minute team changes.
Shii - Thanks for EVing my pokemon! ^_^
Jesus Ninahaza - "I thought HC was like 20 or something."
Deagle and Metabou- Not having to battle you two.
Duy and Huy Ha - Actually talking to me despite me being socially uncapable.


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Good read :D Too bad you prediction haxed yourself, would have liked to meet you at nats :/ Oh well, I'm sure it was fun!

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