General What brought you to Smogon?

I wanted to see what people thought of my pokemon teams and how to make it better, and also I love talking about Competitive battling!
What brought me to Smogon was The Smog. Really! I am that kind of bookish. I started out as searching for funny things to read about Pokemon. Then I saw "Top Ten Fabulous Pokemon" (not sure about the true name of the article) and enjoyed it. I finished the Smog articles by now and turned to PS! Sad to say, I sucked hard at OU, UU, RU, NU and PU. But I surprised myself at Doubles Ubers (After You+ KyogreSpout) and Anything Goes (Baton Pass SD Ninjask M-Ray + Gravity BlissGross). Now, I'm starting in the community, and hopefull to contribute! :)
I've known about it for a while and have been in and out of competitive play. Figured I might as well go all in since I like it so much.
I know smogon from a long time ago, but didnt participated on forums, i like smogon rule a lot more than vcg, and i want to be more active in competition.
I was having difficulty getting into competitive since I hadn't played really since R/S/E.

Thank the maker for Smogon, or my 6thgen re-entry could have been far more perilous!
3 things got me here I think!

1) DPPt's battle tower got me into competitive sets, therefore Smogon.
2) 5th gen leaks got me lurking the Smogon Forums.
3) Desperately needing a HP Fire Magnemite got me registered!

That's more or less it I guess :o Come for the Magnemites, stay for the logical discussions! (And outright slander every time there's a controversial suspect test. It's kinda fun poking holes in shitty arguments tbh.)
I kind of just stumbled into Smogon after my friend came to my house and challenged me to a battle on Pokemon Showdown. I didn't know what it was at first, but I wasn't going to back down so I accepted his challenge. We were just using all kinds of pokemon in the teams we were making. We just battled and made a new team after every two or three battles for a while. After a good amount of battles, I noticed the tiers by the pokemons' names in teambuilder and asked him what tiers were and he said they were some garbage things that force you to use garbage rules. I said, "well, that sounds challenging", and then started playing OU. I thought it was fun and I did it for like a year and then recently decided to join the forums to get more involved. I found out later that my friend loved Verlisify and took everything he said to heart. It didn't really bother me; I just smacked him in VGC instead.
Hello, High Command here.

I was brought to Smogon from Pokemon Showdown!. Needing help with teams, I turned to this site for guidance. The most appealing factor is the users, I believe. Each has their unique personality you have yet to see, whether it be helpful or out there. I'm not an entirely new user, but that's fine. And, yes, I believe I will be staying. However, you'll find me mostly on Pokemon Showdown!. See you there. :]

Have a nice day~!
I came here looking for advice and what people thought of my Pokémon team, since I've just started to learn about EV training and how to effectively train Pokémon ^-^


Banned deucer.
I was Pokemon Showdown user for long time already but i decided to make an account on Smogon recently. I made it mostly to get more into Ubers/Older gens community and also to register for some tournaments
as soon as a saw the thread for creative movesets and strategies i was sold, thats what i live for in pokemon battling(so tired of seeing the same pokemon and movesets over and over)
and hopefully you all are more helpful and less abrasive than the last pokemon forum i was apart of
There's a tournament held at a place by my house and I really want to get better and possibly win one day so I came here to try to learn how to make better teams!!
Pokémon Showdown brought me here since it was the superior battle simulator over PO which I used when I first get in contact with competitive battling.
Hi, my name is Tenuis.

I came here from PS! for guidance in building teams, considering, at that time, I sucked at making teams. If I must be honest, yes, it did help me improve. This site is appealing due to the helpful users and how their willing to help others, even if it does take awhile. I will most likely be staying for further guidance, but if you really need to contact me for help, visit me on PS!, I'll be on Tenuis. Where at? Here: Writing, Art, The Happy Place, Roleplaying and Lobby.

Thanks for reading. :toast:
I've used the competitive resources here a lot as a guest, and I recently heard from several friends in the Nuzlocke community that there are a lot of cool areas here other than that too; sounds like my kind of place! I'm not all that interested in becoming the top user on the PS! ladder, to be quite honest, but I'll certainly grab what pointers I can!
I came here to seek help.
I have a lot of good Pokemon and my direction is very off with gen VI.
I only played a bit of Silver back in the day and have never grown up with a handheld system.
Now that I am an adult I obviously own what I want and have since got into ORAS very hard.
I have traded like a stock broker and now own many valuable Pokemon.
But I lack a lot of direction knowing how to use them properly.
With dual typing and 18 known types, it is a very different experience than Silver was.

In general, I have come to smogon to seek pointers and tips about team building.
I would very much like to be able to battle competitively.
I started from the bottom (literally no Pokemon and just 6 wonder trades to begin ORAS with), and now own many valuable and rare Pokemon.
Like most people, my deep love of Pokemon brought me to Serebii and I joined the forums there. Battling was the most fun part for me so I joined a clan there and met BKC who brought me here because the battlers were so much better on Smogon. I've learned so much here and met many great people, it's weird to me when people think Smogon is a site of assholes.
I used to be so active on serebii and pokecommunity when some force (I forgot if it was our local fansite or my enthusiasm and determination to look for better pokemon analysis) brought me here. I love how pleasing the page is, I mean some sites are just cluttered and disorganized, smogon is actually so easy to use and people are very knowledgeable. I've been so active on SQSR, Most Gen, and 5th Gen just helping people out with their RNGs during our free time (kind of like owing to the community and giving back what the first few teachers of RNG have taught me).
What brought me to smogon is that I watched the dex on youtube and discovered competitive battling, which eventually led me here.

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