What I want to do before I die


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1. finish college
2. particpate more with Red Cross, particularly disaster relief. I was super involved in High School/part of College, but I slacked within the last year.
3. get a grip on my shopping sprees, there really isn't a need to spend all your money the day one gets it; I need to learn how to practice that.
4. go on a wacky trip out of the states with a few of my better friends, we've done some travelling within the states, but it would be fun to notch it up a level before we all get old and settle down with lameness.
5. Really fall in love, for once. Even if it doesn't work out. I've yet to experience the whole "love" thing (I don't think?), so I'm curious about it.
6. I'm not sure if I want a family yet, but if I do have one, I want to have it before I'm 34. (Hell, preferrably before I'm 30...) But, I guess I have a little bit of time to decide that one.

Those are my life goals so far, but I tend to change my mind about shit fairly frequently, we'll see where I'm at in a year, lol.
-Grow up.
-Discover/invent a new source of fuel so this stupid thing going on with the whole world can finally end.
-Affect the world in a good way somehow (the above counts!).
-Get married successfully.
-2.5 kids (or so).
-meet some people that I've talked to online.
-Be a role model for somebody in some way.

oh and get laid xD

I think that's all for now.


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The aspirations topic. I remember posting I had none. I still have very few. But here goes.

- raising a family (how the fuck I will be a dad I shall never know but I want to)
- get a job that supports me and challenges me intellectually (i.e. not a job performing tricks like a monkey). unfortunately this is pretty much impossible as almost every job, even with uni education feels like it's down to perfecting some sort of formula. i hate that. because it is boring for me to do: i find your formula, I win the game. then why do I have to keep the job?
- visit many nature reserves such as the following: alaska, antarctica, scandinavia, deserts, etc. i want to travel the world sometime. see stuff. i hope my illness doesn't hinder this. i may have to do it in legs.
- see as many of my favourite bands live as I can (working hard on this one)
1. Work for Sonic Team; this means actually making a Sonic game and getting into the credits (I'm already going to DeVry, so far so good)
2. Learn Japanese (kinda needed for the Sonic Team thing)
3. Outlive all my siblings die and laugh at their funerals (yes, I really do hate them all)
4. Have a kid (hopefully a girl, I don't wanna deal with a kid like me >.>)

Don't care about the marriage part so much. XD
I want to save at least one person's life before I die. If for no other reason than to know I wasn't a worthless waste of oxygen.


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Im a football player (soccer) in france junior team. So:
-Become a pro football player
Thats it, thats all i want. And im pretty close of achieving that!! =D
I've never really been a person to make goals or have plans. The only thing that I've actually set in stone for a goal is to retire at the age of 35. I generally feel like setting goals just makes you feel worse if you fail. If I want to accomplish something, then I will just do it. I don't need to plan it out or say that it's a goal.

I want to have an impact on people's lives. Especially people that I spend a lot of time around. I want to help them live to their potential and find their greatness. I want to make the one I love the happiest person on the planet. I want to be able to do anything for her. I don't really have too many personal wishes. I get a lot of satisfaction out of improving the lives of people I care about.

I noticed that somebody else said "self acceptance." I think I should work on that as well. I've never been happy with myself and I never feel like I'm worthy of anything.

hmm...I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but I have to go, so I had to make this a short post.
1. Go to a good college

2. Move to Russia and become a soldier

3. Marry my favorite girl

4. Have a job in Financing/Medical stuff

5. Get good grades in High School
- Stick with my friends for the rest of my life.
- Get married (successfully of course) with 2-3 kids.
- Become a son my dad can be proud of.
- Become a lawyer and defend the weak.
- Stay faithful to God.


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1. Go to a decent uni.
2. Bunjee jump over the Grand Canyon
3. Find 'the one'

and most importantly

Learn Backside Nose Blunts, start a riot that overthrows something evil, have a three some, produce a couple hardcore/punk albums, get married.


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1. Head a large book store like Barnes & Noble- I really don't know why but I've wanted to do so for a good while

2. Finish college (once I've started)

3. Get married to a beautiful wife and be the cool dad when kids come

4. have no regrets from my past
I want to save at least one person's life before I die. If for no other reason than to know I wasn't a worthless waste of oxygen.
I like this response. It's probably my favorite in the thread. At first it seems like a very selfless goal, and it kind of is. But after you save someone's life, it will give you a lot of confidence everywhere else, and make you feel very good about yourself (and it benefits the person whose life is saved). I know this from experience, because I work as a lifeguard, and I hadn't saved anyone for the first year I worked there. I didn't feel like I was a good lifeguard, but after I did have to go and pull someone out who was drowning, I felt much better about my job and myself. I never bragged about it or anything (I would look like a dick heh) but I felt better every time I even mentioned my job.

Anyway, my main goals as of right now...

Earn the respect of coworkers and friends
Discover as many good bands as possible
Become a really good saxophone player
Acquire a bass saxophone
1. Get Laid
2. Walk up to someone, shout FALCON PUNCH and Punch them.
3. Get a helicopter license.
4. Go Quad Biking in the sahara desert.
1. Bring socialized medicine to America in some way
2. Live in a world with an openly atheist senator or president
3. Bike to school every day.
4. Have a girlfriend that lasts for more than 6 months
5. Get good grades.
*Find a nice girl, get married, have a kid or two.
*Get a job that I enjoy and makes me feel accomplished.


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Finish Pokémon Amethyst.

That's all I can think of for now... I hope I don't die before then :P
Write a Book
Find a dinosaur(goal is to be a paleontologist)
Get Laid(im only 13)
Get rich
Have a son
Win the 2009 Official Nintendo Pokemon Tournument
Go to Cancun
Finish College
Well, I suppose my only real goal is to find true happiness before I die.

But in terms of actual things, I suppose:
Fall in love
Become a children's doctor (children are the life of the future :])
Make a real difference someone's life (something really big but not necessarily saving their life but something similar)
Bring up children in a happy home
I want to be a candy man, because I can and I can mix things with love and make the world taste good

But in all honesty:
[x] have a threesome
[/] have a financial impact on peoples lives (partway there)
[ ] play hockey in a European league (probably attainable)
[x] play college hockey
[x] go to college for free :D
[ ] stay close to my close friends, living wise and personal
[ ] never really stress out too much
[ ] not let my mustang rust

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