What languages do you know/are you learning?

The title says it all.

As I'm from Romania, my mother tongue is Romanian. I'm rather fluent in English, but I wouldn't be mistaken for a native tbh. I've also started self-learning Japanese three weeks ago (so far know hiragana and around 30-40 kanji) despite not being a huge anime/manga fan.

What about you?
Im brazilian, so Portuguese is my native language. I also speak English as the same level as you - wouldn't be mistaken for a native. I'm trying to improve my writing by translating stuff and ghost writing tho.

I know the basics of spanish, but ppl can't understand me if I don't make gestures to point what I'm saying lol. What I know derives from the languages being very similar rather than a formal study. In the next months I will definetely try to speak properly instead of this "portunhol" - portuguese people trying to emulate spanish language without proper knowledge - lol

My parents speaks dialect derived of German and Italian they learned with their parents and grandparents. As a result, a person from those countries probably could understand a little of what they are talking, but they would not be able to actually chat. Also, words like "computer" does not have translations to those dialects, because the folks who created it didn't had computers at the time so they didn't learn how to speak it.

Damn after I finish my degree I think I would study language at the Academy D: those thangs are too damn funny
Grew up in Pakistan, so Urdu/Hindi is my native language. Started learning English at a young age so I'm rather fluent by now, although I do have a slight accent and stutter sometimes when talking to others.

My parents speak Punjabi, so I can pretty much understand and speak much of it.

It's my fourth year taking Spanish now, so I have basic understanding of it too, and will continue to learn and get better at it.
Grew up in the U S A so I speak English very well. I've taken Spanish for 8 years now in school so I have a decent understanding of it (conjugating verbs, tenses, etc.) and I can also "speak" Morse Code n_n
Im from Norway, so Norwegian is my og language. I also know English at a pretty good level, some German, some Polish, some Japanese... oh and i also understand about 95% of Swedish and Danish.
I'm a basic white guy and where I come from, knowing/learning a second language (i.e., NOT English) isn't looked down upon per se, but approached with the stereotypical 'Murrikan attitude of "LOL, but the whole world speaks English."

Second language education here is mediocre at best (especially secondary, though recent efforts have been made to introduce youths to other languages while still in Elementary/Primary school), which really is a shame when I've known people from Europe that learned not only their Mother Tongue, but English, and 2 or 3 others to boot (hi Switzerland).

As for me, I took Spanish starting in 8th grade and stuck with it until my junior year of high school (against my parents' wishes lol) and while I've forgotten a lot, I still find it incredibly useful on a daily basis.

Beyond Spanish, I've dabbled in a ton of other languages: French (strongest next to Spanish), Italian, Korean (안녕하십니까?), Chinese (rudimentary), German, Russian, and have recently been trying to re-learn Hiragana/Katakana along with the Arabic script. My boss is from Rajastan, India, so Hindi and Gujarati are on my to-do list (Gujarati resources are really difficult to find so if anyone has some tips hmu please). I'd also like to try Romanian at some point (because how can you not love a Romance language with Slavic influence?), along with Icelandic, Norwegian, Dutch, Basque, and on and on and on.....

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My mom and my dad are both from Vietnam, so of course I know their language, I just still cant reply correctly, and currently learning Spanish
This thread pops up once in a while. I'm a native Turkish speaker, fluent in English, upper intermediate/B2 in German. I can also read Ottoman Turkish; Turkish between 13th century-1928, written with Arabic script.
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Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese and Spanish.

I live in Hong Kong, so my native language is Cantonese.
I started learning Japanese when I was 8.
I tried learning French when I was 13, but did not do well, so I dropped it.
I started learning Spanish at 16, and somehow it was a lot easier to me than French is.
English is my first language, viva usa. Second language is spanish and I am really good at it despite how much I downplay it. Schooling doesn't help you out despite how much people think, gotta live in a spanish speaking country for a while. Lived in Argentina and Mexico for almost 2 years. Currently learning german, got about 15 percent down to speaking and understanding about 50 percent of what others say. Also been able to talk with portugese, french and italian speakers


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I'm from Argentina, so native language is Spanish. I speak English cause school and I'm partially Italian so I've downloaded Duolingo to start with the basics at least. Been doing good. I wanna learn French and Latin at some point too


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Said it in another thread but I speak English and Spanish and am currently learning Japanese. Learned English through us school, tv and friends while I learned Spanish through family and visits to the Dominican republic. I wouldn't call my Spanish fluent though but it's sufficient for lengthy conversations even if I sometimes have to use words to describe what I'm thinking since I couldn't think of the actual word.

Started teaching myself Japanese seriously over a month ago through the use of anki, genki textbooks, and tae Kim for grammar. It's tough but think I'm making progress. Would love to have someone to help me along though.


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Arabic native language, speak fluent English, might learn a new language in the future...

Spanish or maybe german. I don't think I'd ever do it though lol.
I am currently learning English. I started this summer. I understand well, but I have some problems to build a correct sentence.
French is my mothertongue. I would like to help if you have some issues with French.

For the first time since 1999, I decided to play Pokémon in English now. Not only to learn. Pokémon names are so much better in English. And no need to translate moves/natures/abilities when I check some builds here.


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English is probably the only language I'll ever speak fluently, I tried picking up French years ago but I barely speak it anymore.
English, Spanish and Japanese. English is the only one I'd say I'm 100% native fluency in though.

Been trying to learn Chinese recently though as I now sit next to an international student from Urumqi during geography class and hes been helping me learn and piquing my interest in the language. My best friend is from Russia so I want pick up some Russian too one day. I also have personal interest in the Korean and other Germanic languages so I'll end up dabbling a bit in those too.

My mum wants me to learn French and Hebrew but I'm not particularly interested in either of those.


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English is my primary, obviously. I took Spanish for 3 years in high school but that didn't really stick. I'm currently on my 3rd semester of college Japanese and I'm thinking this might stick in there a little better than the Spanish did.


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English native and currently learning Japanese. I have an interest in linguistics but I don't really have the drive or the time to learn many languages--with it just suffficing for me to know what language I'm looking at when I see it and learning about language structures in other languages. I did beginner's Spanish in years 7-9 as well as having about 20 French lessons in three years during primary school (they were supposed to be weekly from years 4-6 but lol that didn't happen) and I didn't really have a big interest in learning them like I do with Japanese due to me having an interest in foreign cultures with a particular interest in oriental Asia (history, culture and scripts) and Japanese media.
I (obviously) know English, but I know a tiny bit of German. I would probably know more if my German teacher did a better job at teaching it. I rarely speak it though, because not too many people speak German on the US-Mexico border.
Native Italian, I am fluent in English (C1 qualification) even tho spoken is a bit rusty I guess.
Took Spanish for 3 years and I am decent at reading/understanding it but pretty bad at writing it currently, sadly. I also can understand other romance languages relatively easily. I can read the cyrillic alphabet pretty well but really never studied it.

I would really like to improve my Spanish and maybe French but who knows if I will ever get the chance to do so

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