What pokémon got affected most by changes in the remakes of their games?

Gyarados. To the point I usually ban it from my ingame teams since I consider it to be the best ingame Pokémon there is.

Not only did it gain one of the best abilities in the game in the form of Intimidate (which is the one you usually find it with, it's regular ability), but it benefited the most from the physical/special split change. Also, when everybody else is still learning moves in the damage ranges of the 50s/60s, the thing has learnt Dragon Dance and Waterfall, a combination that carries the entirety of any Pokémon game with the addition of Ice Fang.

The funny thing is it's become even stronger in recent generations. In Generation VIII they changed the level of Dragon Dance from 44/45 to 36, and gave it fucking Waterfall at level 21. So, to make things simple, at level 36 you have a Water Flying Pokémon, which has been historically difficult af to hit with meaningful damage, with Intimidate, bulky af, with good speed and attack, Dragon Dance, one of the best water moves in the game with 100 acc and a chance to flinch, Ice Fang and Crunch just for coverage and to not waste Waterfall PPs when you OHKO anyways.

As I said, i usually ban it from my ingame teams. It's too much.
In addition to what Karxrida said, there's the Exp share/Lucky Egg/Exp Candies. As the games have made levelling easier, dead periods for Magikarp/Abra/Etc have become less meaningful. You still can't use them on the first gym, but the days of switch training something for 15 levels are a thing of the past.
Golduck line is weird
Its RBY niche is strictly an event Amnesia distribution, or Stadium, so its otherwise disappointing in game
In game its movepool is depressing

The TM coverage is good, but too rare too late
FRLG? Well...

Great, the weak moves before evolving lvl 33 are even earlier. Despite comp, Cloud Nine is worthless in game for FRLG, and Damp is to this day still nothing 99% of the time. But the Sp Atk stat boost to 95 is nice, same with tutors that...still kind of are out of the way
So RBY -> FRLG is marginally better. Barely

GSC -> HGSS is a much better difference since Gen 4 actually gives Psyduck/Golduck early Water stab. Tutors are nice too


Sadly the stronger moves are noticeably physical outside Signal Beam (Bug...yay...), so TMs again are needed for special coverage outside Hydro miss

ORAS similarly is based on post Gen 4 movepool, so it's automatically better than RSE. Unfortunately like before, a lot of strong coverage for movepool and tutors are physical. But better than relying on Confusion :[
...they didn't increase its stat? Seriously? Freaking Beautifly did!?


Well...it's better. I guess!
...Golduck is a really stagnant mon, huh?

Not so much better for Golduck, but Psyduck learns Water Pulse really early before evolving, and Hydro Pump lvl 36

So that's better overall, but still sadly boring of a moveset for both

Why Matsuda? It's your fav mon!


I would have to say that Gengar and Gyarados are pretty big winner's in Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. They finally get to be in a Kanto-central game where they can use their higher attacking stats with their STAB moves. They also both have access to Mega Evolutions in the post-game, and for Gyarados said Mega gives it access to STAB Crunch.

I am mostly bringing all of this up mostly due to the severe lack of any mention of Let's Go.

I'll look into BDSP too at some point since that plenty of Pokemon that play a lot better in those games than they did in the original Diamond and Pearl, thanks to Fairy Type, Hidden Abilities, and misc. stat buffs given in Gen VI and VII.
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I’m surprised Yanma is not mentioned anywhere. GSC Yanma is a horrible Pokémon that is outclassed by Ledian of all things, and only exists to be an obnoxious Pokémon to complete your Dex.

But in HGSS, Yanma can actually evolve into Yanmega prior to the Hall of Fame; while rare, Yanmega is fantastic special attacker with an incredible ability. Definitely worth it in HGSS.
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