What's the most weeb-like thing you've done?

I know you all are weebs. I just know it. So ig this is kinda like that "most nerdy thing you've done" thread but this is different because 1. weeb =/= nerd and 2. I can just tell you all are weebs with your PFPs being your waifus.

Some people here already know this, but this is my worst moment:

So I'm on YT, I'm browsing stuff in search of the nostalgia of when my friend tricked me into listening to Lucky Star's OP in public, and I see the ending theme and dance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I think, "wow this is so nice!"

It's a couple of weeks later. That same friend is trolling me, so I decide why not just ruin us both. I danced to that theme in public. It was a damn good thing that no one was looking our way even though that's what I wanted.

Looking back on that, it made me look like a complete weeb and I'm cringing to death right now thinking about it.

So, what's the most weeb-like thing you've done?

Here's that song I danced to in case you don't know what it is:
So you are just trying to comfort yourself by calling us weebs and asking us for weeb stuff so you can feel like a normal person again. Not falling for that!

Accept your true weebness, hiding it only harms you. Get out there and show it to the world! Holding back on what truly makes you human, there is no excuse for doing that.


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As you can see from my avatar, my Esteemed Waifu® is the Roman centurion Crismus Bonus from the French graphic novel series Asterix the Gaul.

In all seriousness though, I bought a nendoroid of Menma from AnoHana about 9(?) months back but I don't own it anymore; waste of £25 and idk why I even bought it tbh. Speaking of AnoHana, I have memorised the full name of AnoHana off by heart (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai; MAL will say "wo" instead of "o" but the two are the same thing in this instance 'cuz it's using the hiragana を which is pronounced "o" but commonly written as "wo") and I have a bad habit of writing the full Japanese names of shows instead of their shortened and/or western names (e.g. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi instead of ERASED).

I downloaded the Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX demo based almost entirely on the character on its EShop thing; this was before I had even heard of Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku and before I watched anime, but it got me pretty hooked both on the game (and rhythm games as a whole) as well as on Vocaloid as a whole. I attribute my willingness to try out a lot of music genres that I wouldn't have otherwise explored (as well as my fondness for foreign music irrespective of language etc.) to me finding Vocaloid so it's not all bad ig, and it was probably the first thing that started turning me into a weeb.

Speaking of Vocaloid, I made DLE sit through around 45 minutes of Vocaloid music (of varying degrees of obscurity) on the music bot in the soc forums discord around a month or two ago. I have also recently started delving into old (i.e. pre-1990) Japanese music, including a new favorite of mine in Yoshiko Sai (good example of her music is Taiji no Yume, although it has the wrong album cover on its vid fsr (album on vid is Mangekyou whereas the song is on the album Taiji no Yume)) and am getting back into the process of learning Japanese (well... trying to anyway hahaha) after a year's hiatus due to school.


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I've never even watched anime but I played Katawa Shoujo does that make me a weeb?
I'm a D.va main

Also my girlfriend owns a bunch of anime figures and posters...when we moved I suggested we bring them despite her not wanting too. I convinced her that they were important to her because anime was a huge part of her life (she's not a weeb she just really appreciates Japan and it's culture and happened to be drawn to anime through her education). Anyways, I convinced her to bring like three boxes of Anime Figures and some posters...she didn't want them but deep down I really did. Deep down there was something about them that I couldn't leave behind. The look in the eyes, the soft touch of their plastic and silicon flesh. The innocence in their faces...I couldn't abandon them.

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I can perform multiple OP/EDs and catchy OST songs by heart.

I have performed an unplugged version of "Moon on Water" unironically for a school competition (and came second or something).

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