What's your favourite main series Pokémon game?

What's your favourite generation overall?

  • 1 - [ Red, Blue, Yellow ]

    Votes: 18 6.7%
  • 2 - [ Gold, Silver, Crystal ]

    Votes: 53 19.6%
  • 3 - [ Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald ]

    Votes: 86 31.9%
  • 4 - [ Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver ]

    Votes: 72 26.7%
  • 5 - [ Black, White, Black 2, White 2 ]

    Votes: 41 15.2%

  • Total voters
I like gen 5 pokemon B2/W2 a lot because it had the most things to do. However, the thing that ruined it the most for me was the rival. Hugh was such an uninteresting and unrealistic character. He doesn't have any personality and the only way that he is made "interesting" is the fact that his purrlion got stolen.
IV > III > II > I > V

Mekkah makes a very good point about Gen. IV. That the adventurous aspect of the game is taken away because you are constantly being given tips and help from your "rivals." But I honestly don't see it as much of a problem, even if this is a remake and not its own game. Many things are still done on your own in the game. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, Imo.

DPPt were also great games! I loved Piplup and Starly is definitely my favorite "generic" bird Pokemon. The story is good and Platinum was a nice improvement.

It was hard to choose between Gen. III and IV because RSE was so enjoyable! I don't care if the storyline was kind of stupid, it was still interesting and fun to play. And the new pokemon were also really cool. I, for one, like the "reset" that forces the new pokemon onto you. My biggest problem with HGSS was the pokemon distribution. They should have stuffed Johto with Johto pokemon and saved the Kanto mons for the Kanto half of the game! It makes more sense and I think it would have been awesome to walk into Kanto and find new pokemon, instead of finding the same pokemon you've been seeing in the past 30 routes.

FRLG were also pretty cool. I wish there were better improvements instead of basically just graphics but Kanto was as solid as ever.

Gens. II and I were the original two, but I can't go back and play those games when HGSS and FRLG are around now. That's why they aren't first.

Gen. V wasn't really a bad gen. but it just wasn't as enjoyable as the others. When B2W2 were announced, I didn't feel the same excitement I felt when HGSS was announced, or DPPt were announced. I was excited but it wasn't the same. I didn't like most of the new pokemon and the Unova region was terribly designed (thankfully it was fixed in B2W2). The story was pretty cool but I didn't enjoy it. I'm not sure why.

Hopefully Gen. VI can top my list when it arrives. So far it looks very promising!
Personally i loved Gen 3 ( honorable mention to Pokemon Emerald ) because the region seemed so exotic and nature themed, like in Fortree city and the routes near it, it had water routes, it had mountainous areas, it has an AWESOME, and my favorite, Battle Frontier.
I'm nostalgic as hell about gen 1. During gen 1, I was 12 and Pokemon was a thing. We were all doing it. Battling, trading, discussing. It just consumed us. I remember my friend soloing everything with Nidoking. His ~L30 Nidoking against my L16 team. My main strategy was to spam Sand Attack with Pidgeotto. Man were we bad, but it didn't matter. We still love what we did, no matter how poorly we did it. I can never experience what I experienced in gen 1 again.

That being said, Gen 5 is my favourite. I've played all the gens and had fun with all of them, but there was something about Gen 5 that grabbed me, and pulled me back into Pokemon obsessiveness. It was also the one that got me interested enough in Pokemon to see what competitive battling was about. I always knew of it, but never bothered to learn what it was all about.

I'm not sure what it was that pulled me. Maybe it was the fact BW had purely new pokemon (that is... if you considered Boldore and the other gen 1 clones new). Maybe it was the story of N and Ghetsis. Maybe it was some of the amazing views when walking over bridges, exploring Castelia and so on. The single player wasn't perfect by any means. The game feels like it's on rails, almost discouraging you to explore because you know that whatever path will be blocked for some lame reason. But there was enough good points to suck me right back into the pokemon universe
I feel that the 3rd generation, specifically Leafgreen, was my favorite because it was the first Pokemon game that I got, and I clearly remember playing it for days on end. Also, it was the first game in which I got a level 100 Pokemon, Raichu, which probably intensifies why I liked Leafgreen still so much.


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Competitively GSC was as good as any. The games in Gen II were even better and the difference between RB and GS had everyone hyped for all the new features, two regions, nostalgic battles and a whole array of cool teams/pokemon you could train up. It's also a great game to speed run; routing how you can do things differently.Hands down, my favorite.

Though Gen I was a classic, they were just that. Gen II would find it difficult to top the first series, but honestly who did Crystal dissapoint to the maximum where they wouldn't even touch Crystal anymore? It's one of the only carts I haven't flogged, and I never will!

Truthfully I really enjoyed RSE from a competitive standpoint but found they were a real let down when it came to the games. The fact we waited so long inbetween Gens two and three was probably what helped Ruby and Sapphire from being a complete let down to the fans who had a good idea on what it takes for any Pokemon game to keep you playing until you fall asleep... and lose your data because your battery ran out. Which reminds me, that's one, if not the only bad thing about GSC; like how the internal batteries wore out and you had to get them replaced if you wanted to save in the future. This is why Crystal is my pick if we are choosing individual versions as it hasn't yet failed on me.

They didn't invent Steel-types during GSC with the intent GF were keen to nerf Dragons, for those who think otherwise. Gen III was when they actually got usable moves like Dragon Claw (and Dragons themselves who didn't necessarily need to run DClaw), and not until DP did the likes of Garchomp start to plague the metagame with its raw power and abrupt ability and really pose the question: are Dragons too dominent for standard play?

But yeah, I'm glad B/W didn't last long as the others because frankly it has been the worst so far in my opinion. Team Preview and all these bans just frustrated a lot of competitive players more, and some the exact opposite.Let's hope XY delivers a fresh storyline without the same standard plot, etc. even if the metagame turns out to be unplayable.
it looks like a bell curve, interesting

gen 3 was my starting gen, and both games are brilliant. honestly its not even a competition in terms of my ingame favorite
Personally, I am a huge fun of gen 3 (Emerald was my first pokemon game and yes I have played Silver and red versions); however, I voted for gen 4 because my favorite game was SoulSilver and the global trade system was added. The addition of the Global Trade System was awesome and I used to go on it all the time ^^.
P.S: Platinum was epic as well.
I guess my list would be 1>2>5>4>3 Walls of text incoming

1) In all honesty I'd have to say Gen 1 is my favorite. A lot of that is purely nostalgia, because I was 7 years old, and this is the game that got me into gaming and arguably where I am today as an artist, but at the same time I really loved the Kanto region. It was simple, it has enough branching pathways while retaining linearity, and the Pokemon were great. I loved the soundtrack in these games, and even today I still listen to that good 8-bit noise.
It introduced Red and Green, my two favorite characters in any game series, and Team Rocket, IMO the best evil team we've ever had. The story had its dark moments, but at the same time I really didn't notice those elements until I was older, in fact Lavender town was my favorite place, now the creepy vibe from it kinda [and, you know, the fact that the chandlers are all possessed and one asks you to give it blood] spooks me out.
The only real negatives that I can think of for it is either the high level of difficulty you have getting past the first two gyms if you picked Charmander, [something I never did], or because, when I look back at it now, the game moved so unbearably slow. Grinding in that game was a tedious mess and just trying to walk to the next town could take up to 5 minuets depending on the route. I think emulation has spoiled me a bit on this though. Overall though it was the perfect start to the series and will never be beaten out -6th gen is starting to come close though-

2) Gen 2 was the best sequel a game series could ever ask for. We got a whole new world to live in, and a nice amount of old Pokemon while mixing in some of the new ones. It even expanded on the story from Kanto, the story of Team Rocket desperate trying to reconnect, and what happened to both Red and Green after the events of RBY.
It also was the first generation with animated sprites, the ability to play as a girl, and the day and night system, things that looked so advanced to us as kids. The new land of Jhoto also had its fair share of branching pathways, not as much as RBY but it was still good. I was also pleased that there wasn't really many water routes added. Surfing was one of those things that I just really didn't like going, and not having to do it was so relieving. Silver was also a really good rival, having more development than Green did and more of an impact post game. We got to watch him grow from a thief, like his father, to a strong trainer. Granted we didn't really learn about any of this till HGSS It still presses the point of character development.
It also brought Steel and Dark types, the former being my favorite type of Pokemon. It also gave us the special stat split where we had special attack and defense. This helped a majority of the balancing issues that were wrong with gen 1. We also had the first addition of new types of Pokeballs. While a lot of them were either bugged or wern't that great, there were a few that worked well enough for the investment. We got Pokemon breeding, a whole new in depth idea for us to explore and has been greatly expanded upon to this day. The last major thing I think I should touch on is the addition of the EXP bar. I know it's a really minor detail but it makes it feel like grinding is going by so much faster. You were also able to just click on an object, like a tree, and have your Pokemon use the HM instead of having to go all the way into your party to select the move.
One downside was the clock system drained the internal battery like a mofo, luckily my Silver still works, and I felt the Kanto part of the game dragged. It almost felt too huge. We did however get to see a bit of character development with Green, something I was really happy about, and battling Red on Mt. Silver was the best way the game could ever end. I'd also say the pacing was a bit off. You tripped through the game at a really low level, but it got insanely hard once you faced the E4 and on. This game also suffered from the same problem RBY did, by moving so slow. Now granted this game did go by a bit faster, but it was still noticeably slow. One last downside was that there was no Safari Zone, at least not till HGSS.

3) Gen 3 is where things started going downhill for me. I'll start out with my positives and say that the Pokemon in this game were some of the best Pokemon we've had. They were all so...different. Exotic, and like creatures we had never seen before. The color pallet was also a nice choice. I liked how bright and vibrant the Advances graphics looked like compared to the really glaring colors in the Game Boy Color. Hoenn was also and overall beautiful region. There were some areas that I disliked about it, and i'll get to those later, but the towns and the routes were all vastly different and nice to look at.
I also liked having Secrete bases. While it's not a huge part of the game, it was fun to customize a room with things that you wanted to, and I hope they revisit this idea now that we have 3D graphics in Gen 6. I would love to sit in my base with my friends and just chill. I also liked the 2 choices of bikes, it was neat and interesting. And that about all the positives I can really list...not onto the negatives I have.
I was fine with not being able to transfer Pokemon over. I had never completed the Pokedex and hadn't even transferred over from gen 1 to 2, I didn't have a second gameboy or any cables seeing as how I didn't really have friends and no one in my family plaid Pokemon either. It was more or less the region and story itself.
The story was rather...out there. The whole team Magma and Aqua thing, while cool, really took me out of the experience. I liked Rocket cause I could relate them to real life criminals, I had a clear reason to dislike them. Here, I have mixed feelings towards both teams, I didn't really hate one or the other and by the end of the game they ended up accepting their differences and resolving the issue. The story all around just makes me feel...odd? I guess being a 10 year old and stopping a war between gods is a bit far fetched, then again so is a 10 year old taking down an evil organization...twice.
Also in terms of the story I feel the beginning part of the game, at least up until Slateport City, really dragged, and I mean REALLY dragged. It's hard for me to even go back to playing the game because it feels so slow. I liked the graphics for the most part but, it felt lacking. It also didn't help that I really disliked May. I didn't like her in the game and I hated didn't like her in the anime. In fact, where IS your rival in this game. This generation is where I like to say that rivals stopped being rivals and started becoming friendly competition. You hardly seen May or Brandon, and Wally was a huge pushover.
Where were the animated sprites [talking about R/S] and where was the day night system we had in the previous games? It all felt like a step backwards to me and is probably why, if I had to choose, Emerald is the preferred version. I also really didn't like the OST in this game. I've never been a fan of brass instruments, [and is a reason why I didn't like Skyward Swords soundtrack] so most of the time I ended up playing the game on silent.
And the surfing UHG the SURFING. I hate water routes, and this game is littered with them. It's another point where I almost get to bored to even keep playing . Its just this large mass of nothing and,unless you have a bunch of repels, you'll be running into a Pokemon every 5 spaces. Diving was fun, but it only held your attention for a really short amount of time.
Fire Red and Leaf Green were good remakes, but that's the thing, they were remakes. In all honesty these are 1 out of 2 games in the main series that I have never beat, simply because, every time I play it I end up just switching back to play Blue. The things they added were really nothing to get me excited over and I can't find myself getting into them. I make it to the S.S. Ann and then just put it down. I also, again, had problems with the music. I just couldn't get down with the remixes we got.

4) Gen 4 was when I started getting back into Pokemon again. Before then I was running off of Gen 1 and 2, with Gen 3 being put in the back of my mind. The transfer to the DS was honestly an enjoyable one. The graphics looked even better, and the region itself was just wonderful. I loved most of the Pokemon that you could catch and had a blast. I guess I don't really have much to say because those years of my life have kinda evaded me to be honest, and I haven't went back to play gen 4 in a long long time. There might be a reason behind that, but at the moment I can't really remember. I will say that Galatic was kinda a meh evil team as well and the game, especially in the beginning, had a bit of bad pacing. But overall I liked all of the gym leaders and areas. There was not much to complain about.
Heart Gold Soul Silver however was what really kicked me back into Pokemon. Again, yes, this is a remake, but this was a GOOD remake. It brought back the day and night system, and it even gave us Pokemon that follow us around. It also made the world brighter and Kanto didn't feel like some boring added on sidequest. The Safari Zone was put back in and the Red battle was just as epic as it was before, if not more now that we could actually see the environment around him.

5) I was now back on my Pokemon high and so excited for gen 5. I got it with my friends on the same day [Pokemon Black] but then, I stopped, yet again. Take everything I said about RSE and shove that aside, if were just looking at single games Black and White were the weakest games in the series. There were no old Pokemon, the level gaps between gyms was huge, grinding in this game was downright terrible and the story was just...bland.
I really disliked Bianca and Cheren, and the only character I ended up really liking out of all of this was N. The region, while nice looking, was so linear that at points it was just straight paths, and the competitive OU went to shit [granted it happened more in BW2]. I felt cheated. I was so excited for these games, running off the hype of HGSS, but it came crashing down.
This is the only other main series game I haven't beaten to this day, and I don't plan on it, because I've tried. There are so many things wrong with the two games imo that I could sit here all day, but I will add that gen 5 has the weakest cast of Pokemon thus far. I really only liked a select few and that was even harder for me while playing Black and White where 5th gen Pokemon were all there was in terms of selection.
I was skeptical of Black and White 2, I didn't really know how to feel about a second game. I guess the thing I was running on was that there were older generation Pokemon. I did pick up the game on release date and I played it off and on. I finally ended up putting that game down to, it wasn't until February of this year that a friend of mine convinced me to pick the game back up, and I did.
Then, for some reason, I liked BW2. I was able to finish the game and I ended up becoming interest in competitive Pokemon again. I admittedly still can't play Black and White, but the sequel is by far the better game, and I now have a respect for the Unova region. While I still felt the story of BW2 was weak the gameplay was what hooked me. I still feel the level spikes between the gyms was still bad, but I managed to get myself through. I also ended up picking up White 2 and i'm now playing through that one with a different team.

So far I am really hyped up for X and Y. I feel this will be the best of Pokemon and may even rival gen 1 as my favorite game. I really can't wait.

End of wall of text, Christ this took me an hut to type up. apologies for all the typos that are probably littered around,it's 4 am and i'm a bit lazy to go over it a 4th time.


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Honestly, I thought Gen V was pretty good. They offered a lot of new things, specifically Bw2, where they actually give the player a love interest (at the ferris wheel thingy), as well as an interesting story as a whole; Ghetsis and N had very interesting backstories that really added flavor to the game.

However, at the end of the day, I have to give my vote to Gen IV, SoulSilver and HeartGold. Firstly, there is so much to do in the game (16 badges, GENIUS), and the mixture of all Pokemon up to Gen IV made the game more interesting. The whole story with the five kimono girls really tied to the entire plot, and watching Lugia / Ho-Oh appear from their respective places were a wonderful sight. <3

Secondly, the Pokeathlon (Sunkern has a place to shine :D) was really fun, especially against friends. You had so much to do, whether it be trying to get medals on all the Pokemon, completing all the tasks to get to the farthest room, and just doing something other than "Catch them all!" The PokeJuice concept really made collecting the Acorns worth it, which had you explore the region all the time for purpose.

Next, the Kanto region really packed a punch. I mean, seriously: a lot of people who had played the game could agree that the gym leaders were not simple walks in the park; they held a challenge. And for those down-to-earth folks who enjoyed Gen I, they get the opportunity to come back to it again with this game.

There are a lot of other things, such as Shiny Leafs, Pokemon out of the Pokeball, battling Red, etc, but the entire tie of the game was really worth playing, which is why it got my vote.
My top three in this order.
{Emerald} - It's my number one because i loved the Hoenn region. I agree I really loved the tropical feel of the region and when 3rd gen Pokemon were announced that was awesome they all looked so cool to me. The battle frontier... nuff said battle frontier in Emerald was the best one so far. They really should put the battle frontier in more of the games in the future.

{Platinum} - When i heard there was a battle frontier again and Giriatina was the main focus i was like " Yup". I will say i liked the battle frontier brains and the different facilities but it just wasn't as big as Emerald's battle frontier but still great. Plus i liked the story line in this better than D/P.

{HG/SS} - Battle frontier again. Also Gold and Crystal were my favorite and my first two Pokemon games. So naturally the Johto region being remade with the same engine as DPPt how could i not love the idea. I love the fact that my first pokemon game was re-created for me to enjoy and made 1000x better. (p.s Youngster Joey is a beast)
I’d have to say the fifth generation, currently. Let me explain…

To me, it’s more-so about the mechanics of the video game than the Pokémon or having favorites in a title. I wouldn’t say any specific adventure within the Pokémon games should be seen as anything more than thematic (some dialogue included). It’s about moving forward, that’s what the franchise has always been about; progression. I feel with each new generation; new features (C-Gear, Global Link, etc.), more ways to play (double battles, triple battles, etc.), new strategies (weather, gravity, etc.) and a brand new unexplored region awaiting every player… that’s what Pokémon is about and why the latest, newly released Pokémon title will always be a favorite of mine.

Also, just to clarify; when Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are released, sixth generation will be my new favorite.
Even though my first game was original red version and am a veteran since. I have more memories of emerald version and the Hoenn region than anything other. The landscape was so unique, from the tropical islands trees of dewford, the sandstorms of the desert, the rocky cliffs seen from the the cable car, to the soot covered grass near fallarbor, to the stalactites of meteor falls, the rainforest-like weather center, to tree-house fortree city, to the deep trenches underwater in sootopolis, to the unique floating town of pacifidlog, and finally to the ancient ruins of braile unlocking the regis. For a pixelated game on the GBA it looked amazing. But I can't forget about those beautiful trumpets. I played battle factory so much that I knew every possible moveset for every rental pokemon for any number of winning streaks.

Complaints would be no night/day. Very little variety in wild pokemon encounters (tentacool/zigzagoon/zubat). Not long enough (without considering battle frontier).

In terms of game length and mechanics, I would choose gold and silver. But in terms of landscape and scenery, gen 3 all the way.

Although gen 5 had amazing landscapes, it highly contrasted the extremely overpixelated and badly animated sprites in battle. That's my only complaint. It felt like every eye looked like white squares. Personally I think dppt had better looking sprites, with no animation than bw/bw2 with animation.

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I guess you could say I started off in gen III about 3 years ago, since then i have played every game (bar the counterparts, i have replayed HG at least 5 times, i havent played SS).

I agree in the fact that every game since then has been excelent and memorable, but lets get into what every series had to offfer:

FireRed: while it was technically not my first game, i had stopped playing pokemon for 6 years, so to me it was and Will always be my first Pokemon game. And hell, i dont care about the lack of storyline, all the memorable characters, great region, the most badass protagonist to date, blastoise pulling through lance almost by himself, blue bringing me down to a raichu that won me the league (he is, btw, the best rival to date no questions asked). Also post game the rematch with Blue is just as epic, and the Sevii Islands are really cool addings. The nostalgia Kango brings is just too much.

Emerald: never did i play RS, but i agree, this IS a beautiful region, i give 0 fucks about the hours of surfing, the climax of the combat between Kyogre and Groudon is sheer epicness, i can only imagine the remake, even though the viallins did suck i like the theme of the conflict. But what makes me love this game so much are 2 things really: hottest game protagonist they will ever make ( May is the canon storyline guys :]]) and the starters, i replayed emerald 6 times just to see them all twice. Bar the storyline, the only complaint is Brendan as the worst rival to date. Everything is probably being solved in the remakes tho.

DP/ Platinum: played diamond once, staraptor rapes the game like a boss, i swear you could solo the game with him. But platinum gains the title for the game i have replayed the most times in my entire life, with a total of 12, and i could do it again, i fell in love with Cynthia and i really think her character shouldve been more expanded, rather than the usual thing with champions, they help you to save the world and explain things to you but you get no backstory from them )except from Alder sort of, but he is imo the weakest champion, along with Iris). Best storyline in the series and probably the best and most intelligent villain in Cyrus. Also the best team i ever created in-game was here. No complaints in ANY sense, not even post game, since the Battle Frontier was really cool.

Heart Gold: its a win just by having Red in the game, best battle ever, getting to see the already mentioned nostalgic characters, and as i have seen, they added a lot of stuff to the original games, Kanto part of the story was kinda lame tho, except for the badges there was nothing to do except the Power Plant side quest. There is quite some grinding to do for Red in the Gym leader rematches and also the Elite Four, oh how could i forget my face when i saw Lance had 3 action replayed Dragonites in the first match? This game brings the nostalgia from FireRed to a whole new level, but the storyline could be better, Team Rocket in itself could be better developed, really.

Black/White: Welp, Imo the best storyline except for PLatinum, the idea of Truth vs Ideals was really cool, and it was the first time where the trainers actually question their bonds with their Pokemon, however the pokemon and battles *cough*Alder*cough* were meh. It could be better, oh did i mention Bianca almost won the title for worst rival from Brendan? The only reason she didnt is she actually fully evolves her starter and fills her team.

Black/ White 2: Huge step up in terms of team options, graphics and a whole BUNCH of stuff to do, i thoroughly enjoyed Black Tower, specially Area 10 and taking Benga on with my whole team at 10%, still rape cuz they were all on the 90s. I was fangirling all over my shiny Gible i soft resetted for hours. The storyline was cool as well, just not as deep as Black/White, but i must accept the new artworks for Iris and Ghetsis were amazing. Eh, Hugh had a lot of unexploited potential, but Iris is just too cheery for a Champion, not to mention she is ridicoulusly easy, but hell, i havent gotten all through BW 2, i love the game to hell.

Overall IMO: Platinum/DP > BW 2= HG/SS > FireRed >= Emerald > BW
I find it weird that Gen3 is winning, it is the worst gen ever, in my honest opinion.
(2 > 1 > 4 > 5 > 3)
I sort of agree with your order. However, you have to take into account that GameFreak did A LOT of marketing for FireRed and LeafGreen so gen 3 spiked popularity into the series. A lot of people started in gen 3 as you can see from the responses, so they have nostalgic views. Also, a lot of voters here prefer the remakes over the originals and aren't voting based on best for their time, but best in general. Gen 3 has the gen 1 remakes AND ruby/sapphire plus was when competitive battling started getting bigger.

I voted Gen 2 because it was best for its time. The remakes obviously have almost everything gen 2 had and way more(they were done very well), but they weren't revolutionary. Gen 2 added day/night, breeding, mystery gift, room decorating, high quality mons(gen 2 added the least amount of mons yet dominate OU), 2 regions, shiny pokemon, 2 new types, rematch team rocket and battle red+blue and more. Really all sorts of things were added and from gen 3 on it looked like they were just prettying the game up in comparison.

The gen 4 physical/special split was a big mechanic change and gen 3 adding abilities were cool, but nothing on gen 2's level of additions.
Gen 6 looks promising though with a new type, non-4 directional movement, mega evolutions and more.
I hate to admit it, but I do find the pokemon games' repetitiveness to be boring at some points. I had kanto, johto, hoenn, and sinnoh practically memorized pixel for pixel, so when black and white came out, I was hooked. The updated graphics really helped the games imo. The scenery and colors were absolutely beautiful and I actually enjoyed riding my bike around hatching eggs. Its the same stereotypical plot but at least I had something to look at while I played. I also enjoyed the calm and smooth music.

Then BW2 came out and I was immediately bored of Unova. I have the patience of a freaking four year old.
Bah I've seen this thread sooooo many times but once again Emerald is my answer. It has the best region, pokemon and storyline!!! A remake would be great on the 3ds.

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