Where is your profile pic from?

Steven Snype

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The second part. The first part is from earlier in the same episode and some nice subtitles someone else put in a gif. It woulda been something else but Empo wanted my first choice for Community avatar, so I found this one, and then maybe 20 minutes later Empo changed it...
Ppl can just say what their new profile pics are.
Mine might not stay accurate for much longer though.
Well, I've kept my word. Mystery of the Emblem is my favorite FE game, and I also main Marth in SSBB. Also I just wanna keep consistent with my Discord so Marth fits.
Mine is a picture of a french guy called "Denis Brognard" who is presenting a TV show named "Kho-Lanta", and who once said a wonderful "AH" during an episode. The video where he says that "AH" became viral in France, and voila.

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