Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

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Welcome to the Wifi Blacklist

There are two sections in the Blacklist thread, one for the battles, and one for Trading. This is necessary since a lot of Disconnectors get unpunished as far as I know. This also includes using hacked Pokemon without alerting the other party, and of course stuff such as using illegal movesets, EVs, etc.

The Trading one follows the same rules as before. Report any scammers, misleading trades, and any other douches that might fall under there.

There are some rules for this thread though.

If you have something to say, fine. Just make sure it contributes somewhat. We do not want your opinion or take on the matter or your side in it. We do not care if you think a user needs to be banned, this is our decision. Do not minimod, do not spam. YOU WILL RECEIVE A WARNING.

Don't be so quick to report people. Talk it out with the other party first to see if it is a miscommunication, or if the other person is just an asshole. In the latter case, you should report them to us.

*NEW* Don't simply report people without giving details. If this is a disconnect or battle hack accusation, tell us what you did to try to resolve this with the other party. Leaving this out will net you a warning!

And remember foremost that you trade at your own risk.

We will do our best to keep this thread to date. Thanks.
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WiFi Blacklist

Everyone here lied about trading hacked or scammed and that's why they're here (although most are banned). Users on this list are not allowed to operate trade threads nor giveaways.

FC: 4313-1357-2375 IGN: Hector
Elementalh3ro Scammed multiple users with an Elgyem with incorrect IVs.

FC: 2423-3570-8996 IGN: Alahia
zaephirian: Traded multiple hacked Pokemon.

FC: 2766-8750-3693
Chadtherest00: Scammed a Tornadus off of another user.

FC: 2294-4679-1555 IGN: Minh Tri
Minhtri008: Offered hacked Pokemon

FC: 5386-8703-5926
PokeBreederKyle: Offered hacked Pokemon

FC: 1950-8840-9568 IGN: Austin
AustinJ: Traded hacked Pokemon

FC: 4570-8065-5496 IGN: Ben
BKLounge92: Scammed users of their Pokemon

FC: 2194-8458-1596
PKmMasterRiki: Distributed hacked Pokemon

FC:5257-9522-8492 IGN:Tom
Ilesta123: Lied about his Pokemon's IVs.

FC: 0232-8795-1318
teros : Lied about his Pokemon's IVs and forme.

FC: 3625-9213-7914
pokefreak345 : Scammed users by lying about the IVs of his Pokemon

FC: 3067-5646-9336
jala4260: clones people's Pokémon and redistributes them without permission

FC: 5172-1007-8200
Bigsexymanbeast: Scammed users by lying about the IVs of his Pokemon

FC: 5472-7623-2653
Professor2014: lied about their Pokemon's IVs.

FC: 1032-1230-7218
skyguy737: Scammed users by lying about the IVs of his Pokemon.

FC: 0989 2325 9863
Runtaylor: Scammed users by lying about the IVs of his Pokemon

FC: 5026-4894-5896
WL-0: Offered a flawless rotom, rotom was not flawless only having 1 IV of 31.

FC: 2552 1656 9508
redbaronnn: Scammed users out of Pokemon by lying about their stats.

FC: 1077 4383 0613
Tolan: Offered multiple hacked Entralink pokemon including Venusaur and Torchic.

FC: 5157 8484 1612
darkvide: Offered several hacked Pokemon

Diamond: Mati - 23999
HGSS: Andy - 33722
Sunny87: Offered and traded hacked Azure Flute Arceus. Refused to remove it from trade thread when confronted about it by a moderator.

Alexshiny94, Alex*94: offered a FRLG Safari Zone caught Chansey with an impossible spread for its encounter slot (flawless IVs).

FC: White 5458-2073-5694, HeartGold 2193-5241-7949
Waltz: offered English copies of DW Venusaur and Charizard, which are unobtainable without Entralink editing in English games

FC: will do later
i1338: offered Drill Peck/Whirlwind/Counter Skarmory, which is unobtainable without hacking

jkfrankko: hacked pokemon

FC: HG: 0132 0664 3881 B: 3095 8852 9856
tlb31m: Distributing other people's nondistributable Pokemon on another site

FC: DPPT FC= 3868-2760-7547, B&W FC= 0346-9366-2736
downedbyrange: offering hacks

Mozarch: traded hacks

FC: 5028 3758 4337
timothyistheillest: distributed hacked Pokemon.

FC: 1549 2914 1563
~~~Mystic~~~: Scammed others for pokemon.

this_site_blows: Offered Pokemon with illegal IV\nature combinations. (was formerly Dami)

FC: 1849 9006 8900
ShadowPegasuas45: Steal other people's pokemon, disconnecting on battles

FC: 4684 3215 0473
Lazn: Redistribution on other site without formal permission.

FC: 4082 8602 9710
ELECTIVIRE 1: Redistribution without formal permission.

FC: 5027 6795 7783
GeoHulk: hacked ID/SID for shininess and offered for trade here

FC: 3610-3697-9206
Kakaber: redistributing other pokemon without permission

FC: 3567 5837 9378
livinitup17 / David94: traded non-redis Trapinch, continued to do so on other forums when asked to stop

FC: 3395 3297 9489
Scambier: traded pokesav hacked pokemon

FC: 1376 7882 3040
Gazooki: incorrectly over'EV'd Kinneas World's VGC team that got him disqualified.

Unholy Confessions: Trading obvious hacks.

FC: 0475 1476 6473
Spika: Stealing pokemon

FC: 1119-0907-7481
Neil Patrick Harris: incompleted trade

j0k3r: incompleted EV assignment

{HA}darkus: trading a hacked deoxys as shown here

FC: 4426 1257 9764
Vincento341: Hacking shiny ID/SID

FC: 4597 9038 3831
jason1993p: "im going to redis all the pokemon that chingman got bl for. now that will be funny knowing how butthurt these people will get"

FC: 5070-5425-9888
Angelus: redistributing locoghoul's arceus without permission on another site

FC: 2407 7330 6565
chingman78: identity theft and a genuine douchebag

badkid: traded hacked pokemon

FattyButt: Did giveaway with an adamant groudon with invalid IVs

Ghizz: Trading hacked Pokemon

FC: 0002-5527-2319
Tornadosx: offered a hacked Milotic

LethalXO: offering a shiny flawless naive zapdos which is impossible.

PDC: hacked pokemon in this trade topic.

prettyboiswaggg: self-reported Pokemon thief (was METALfam)

FC: 4125 6539 7106
BlazeMurder: Trading hacked Regigigas.

FC: 4382 9075 4134
NckG: Trading hacked Porygon-Z and others

FCs: 4211 4439 4584, 3566 7307 6633, 2106 4677 8632
Vini: Offering hacked shiny Rayquaza

FC: 4898 4145 5990
EvilGroudon: lied about IVs

FC: 1161 9005 4149
SHininGNova: offering shiny azelf with illegal IVs

related: offering strange Pokemon, justifying strangeness with Chinese ROM

Rakuen: redistributed ezequiel6566's Houndoom without permission.

FC: 4340 1140 3400
jojo9196: traded hacked Porygon, redistributed Pokemon without owners' permission

FC: 5027-2907-9726
xrubenx: traded backly hacked pokemon.

FC: 3824 7235 8168, 1976 6839 8570
sushi362, cha0sblader, shinyman, newbie, k4zm4n: Stealing other people's pokemon without finishing business as seen here, and banned now.

FC: 2665 0959 6292
koolio: redistributing Osirus182's shiny croagunk without permission.

FC: 4383 1595 4549
Skarlen: Refusing to trade back to Gary the Gengar with a reply of "BITCH DIAF". Formerly Aerik.

FC: 1762 4087 7425
Led Zeppelin Experience: Offering hacked/Pokesav'd Pokemon

FC: 3180 2239 8201
TorchicBlaziken: Trading level 50 almia darkrai with nasty plot, an invalid move at that level.

Raito/RDT: Traded hacked Suicune.

Suikun: Hasty Mewtwo had invalid IVs as seen here.

FC: 0130 9744 4543
Afrikio: Trying to trade a hacked Suicune.

FC: 0258 8239 9895
Slimi: Traded hacked Pokemon.

FC:2750 9325 7063
skizoo: Hacked many Pokemon

FC: 2407 2060 0600
Invictus: (Badly) Hacked Pokemon for Macheep

FC: 3909 5202 7911
Macheep: Traded hacked Pokemon

FC: 1462 2411 8383
Traded hacked Azelf, see thread.

FC: 3137-2543-5744
Psychic Surfer: attempted to trade a shiny event pokemon that has been confirmed not possible, trading on other sites without permission to do so.

HorCrux: his nephew hacked him a shiny charmander, offered refunds for those that were traded. He is previously known as Vliegtuig, then Viletung
NOTE: While he hasn't necessarily been found hacking, Vlietung has been caught in several suspicious activites over time. So much so that we're adding him here.

brobot: admitted hacker, formerly fgtron

FC:3781 3181 1132
SwampertPWNS: Trying to pass off a FR/LG suicune as near flawless due to "hard work"

FC: 3866 9534 0777 (Tim)
trenthamboy: Offered hacked flawless shiny gallade as seen here.

Steel Fan: Apparantly stole Pokemon, and reported himself. "Isn't coming back"

Chaos[ZR]: Offered hacked pokemon, though admitted it.

~L~: redistributing someone else's snorlax, and offering a larvitar with an illegal moveset of dragon dance & pursuit.

FC: 0215/8269/0038
Luneth-Arceus: constantly excusing out of a deal before quitting pokemon

shadowice1234: swindling out of a deal with one excuse after another, etc...

FC: 1418-3634-0807
Sportsaholic / Gokotsu: lied about IVs and attempted to redistribute others Pokemon.

FC: 3909-4371-6003
ch12: Redistributing others Pokemon over on Marriland.

lightfist10: Redistributing others Pokemon.

FC: 4296 4361 6760
Zephyros: Hacked zapdos and possibly many other Pokemon

FC: 1289 9495 3205
ShinyD: trading other people's pokemon without redistribution rights

FC: 5155 4764 7408
[HC]-jasper: prolonged delay in request to EV train 3 pokemon for Nachos, and incorrectly used codes to EV Pokemon.

FC: 3694-7633-5671
bmcqueen: trading hacked "event" pokemon and put up other people's Pokemon without their permission.

FC: 4554 2492 5459
Mini "Kara" Guerra: Hacked multiple (100s?) of Pokemon and scammed 10 fold that many people.

FC: 3394 0896 8281
Metal Flame: hacked a breeding project

FC: 2320 7618 0011
2nd Age Criminal: offering pokesaved stuff without informing people

FC: 1847 8916 0032
Kloud / Kecleon / Slowbro Master / Donutt / HameyHamey / Plush / BoozeVGC: Trading hacks. Keeps coming back with alts. Donutt is the original account.

Team Rocket Boss: (also goes as alt Willy!) trading undetectable hacks and trying to pass them off as legit

FC: 1719 2090 4931
redistributing other people's stuff without permission

The God Pokèmon Central: claims to have hacked Pokemon that pass pAC tests

Flare99: trading hacks

Mullac51: Traded a boatload of hacks (shaymin, totodile, suicune). Currently banned

juliusd916: scammed

imFLOmous: hacked stuff

blbs: Traded hacked stuff.

the boss: Tried to redistribute stuff that weren't redistributable.
Also traded hacks and lied about IVs

FC: 4467 8814 0132
blackout3456789: making poor and obvious hacks

FC: 0774 4267 7087
Macten211: hacked stuff. evidence here

FC: 4596 6581 6329
xxM E R K 3 D: Hacked stuff. Details seen here.

Claimed to have soft-resetted legends when they were hacked

FC: 1933 9770 6036, 4682 7442 3345
D r a k e / ROTFL
Claimed to have soft-resetted legends when they were hacked

FC: 2277 7881 4246
Ragnorock / Thunder3
Trading hacks and trying to pass them off as clean.

FC: 1762 0379 1524 - Magaki
For using PokeSAV and trading not as advertised. Seen here.

sankethsukeshgmail: Redistributing other people's stuff. Seen here.

FC: 2792-7868-6572 - PokeTrainerChris
For using Pokesav to create Pokemon and requesting info for making better hacks

FC: 2621 1402 7634, OT: Daniel, ID: 24926
ewok/brotlov: traded buizel & starly with different IVs than he told them. As seen here.

FC: 1461-3746-1707
Dj latios: lying about breeding project results. Seen in this post.

FC: 4682 8952 2944

FC: 3394 3500 7728
KeWi/Kevin02: Traded hacked shinies claiming they're legit. Came back with an alt.
Another alt of KeWi

ccmpkmnfighter: Hacked Cresselia, among other things, and made up a nice story to go along with it.

FC: 4940 2780 1509
SuperMario: Never returned pokemon for EV training. Seen in this post.

FC: 2621 0180 7922
ZacktheW, Juice23: trading other member's pokemon claiming it was his. Seen in this post.
Also hacked stuff.

Doomish, traded hacked stuff.

FC : 0859 9784 1965
Koalakid/ Music Junkie GS : Welching out of deals Also redistributing others pokemon? .Seen in this thread.

Final Cut, traded hacked stuff.

FC: 3394 1314 9065
Ichigoban, traded hacked stuff.

FC: 2663 8582 9092
Jango, traded hacked stuff.

mikey229, traded hacked stuff.

FC: 4897 3324 3919
minidibs, scammer who registered multiple accounts. Also traded hacked pokemon.

FC: 2835 8692 8171
Omega, he traded hacked pokemon and tried to 'apologize' with more hacked pokemon.

FC: 0817-0734-6164
aznpride, he traded hacked stuff and is banned.

FC: 5283 9473 8139
viper/EeveeTrainer, he traded hacked stuff, currently ICBB as EeveeTrainer.

FC: 4725 4837 2582
Gave people Yanmas's with different IVs than he told them. Currently banned.

FC: 0430 4815 9772
Dr. Ownage/Microbe/Carnality/Germ, scammer continually trying to evade ban.

FC: is 3265 8546 9598
iamBenDover, tried to trade hacks.

FC: 1934 6232 3987
Krown Clown - trying to trade near flawless shiny legendaries with illegal IVs Seen here

gtmustang - using hacked parents to create Pokemon with illegal movesets

FC: 5026 4344 7194
Shofu: originally included hacks but took them down once we got on his case. Recently turned up with a thread full of multiple badly hacked Pokemon, notably a hacked Moltres and Heatran.

zdaman011: Openly trading Pokemon that he doesnt have permission to trade.

SUPERBEE62 / FAWLCON_PAWNCH / Charger62 / Unstoppable Tank / Bee: Trading known hacks. That is trading badly hacked Pokemon with the OT: FAWCLON, so there is zero question about who hacked it and the fact that it was not a "mistake". Other than not knowing how to hack.

Darcklou: Traded hacked Celebi after warning that it was more than likely hacked.

FC: 4812 6428 8304
Clear: Hacked ID/SID to illegitimately obtain flawless shiny spreads.

RODAN: Unauthorized smuggling of several whaling species
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Probational Blacklist (Things that are not conclusive, suspicious activities, and others)

FC: 1593 0253 2404 (Pokemon Black)
Gamein99: Traded hacked DW Bagon with Moxie (Bagon's DW ability is Sheer Force). Pleads ignorance.

FC: 3352 3939 4534
MrStriker210: Illegal IV'd Azelf and more, given one more chance.

FC: 1463 6186 8741
laker54max: offered hacked shiny Arceus and likely even more, now has a better idea of how the wifi community works

FC: 1806 4713 2765
tjtoot: failure to EV train and return pokemon to Miria, has since then returned them.

Pt FC: 1806 6560 7307
W FC: 2537 2927 1094
Skarmory: Attempted to scam another user

FC: 0818 8851 7869
Babismanias: redistributing other pokemon without permission, has now been working hard at RNGing on own.

demondragon0: originally confessed to hacking pokemon, has now RNG'd his own pokemon.

FC: 2536 2794 2183
Diabolico: Traded hacked heatran and had other hacked pokemon in the past. Formerly juupton. Has since overcome an RNG challenge and involving a naive heatran and was proven legit, and continues to take on new RNG challenges.

FC: 2665 5267 1728
SCDL Trading non-redist pokemon. Would not return a pocket monster! in an update all has been redeemed and returned, and re-trusted again.

FC: 2021-2169-6966
Tjorvn_x3_Lisa: Offering mewtwo with invalid nature/IVs, hopefully learned his lesson.

FC: 2191 7875 3624
kedavra: redistributing other people's stuff without permission as detailed here. Has since been trustable according to others that met him at VGC Worlds.

FC: 2150 0162 2099
MisterBobobo: Offering pokemon without distribution right as was claimed by an msn buddy.

L33tSnowLeopard: Trading hacked pokemon, has been in better terms since then.

Youpods: traded pokemon without proper permissions

FC: 0689 4728 5909
Mihawk: Blatant Pokesaver, now given a 2nd chance after 2 months on BL.

FC: 5370-6850-7211
its omar yo: Opened trade thread with about 20 pokemon copied directly from another thread with one, sometimes two IVs changed slightly. Same abilities and natures on everything. Is now given a 2nd chance.

FC:0087 9052 6830
acetrainerzx: Scammed people for pokemon and used them in giveaways as seen here. Has since earned a 2nd chance.

FC: 3008 6559 3910
gary the gengar: Been known to redistribute other people's pokemon without proper permission and displaying incorrect IVs

Gt91: Traded a hacked shiny turtwig and used serebii's IV calculator to incorrectly display IVs

BIM:: Traded a hacked Zigzagoon obtained away from Smogon.

lilcrazy: Trading hacked Pokemon.

eppie: eppie used the blacklist thread as a blackmail tool, attempting to trade pokemon from a user with the promise of editing or deleting a blaclist post.

FC: 5370 3697 9415
Monk: Traded hacked wishbliss.

FC: 5455 5889 4108
Wishy: Trading hacked Pokemon and trying to pass them off as legit. User was upfront and contrite when the incident occurred and has still participated on Smogon since the incident.

FC: 1806 0659 4353
Thundercat814: Disconnection was due to lack of communication, and vowed not to let happen again.

FC: 5070 0479 2495
TERRA#493: Disconnected wifi battles due to "poor" connections at time.

FC: 0903 1639 0097
DRAGONITE_92: Hacking Pokes and trading them, well that was over 6 months ago as we'll be giving him a 2nd chance.

FC: 1719-0716-0152
PMEmpoleon: traded pokemon that was not his own originally, begged to be put off blacklist as he/she is trying to become a good breeder and trader.

yamipoli: Trading hacks. "GTS" Celebi was hacked, and Dittos by her are either hacked or screwed up through a Jap PokemonBox glitch. Nothing entirely conclusive.

The Forsworn: directly related to someone who hacked, until we can prove that forsworn indeed hacked too.

FC: 3179 7561 2696 (DIAMOND), 1547 7190 5915(PEARL)
-Matteo-: trading other people's pokemon without redistribution rights which included Zephyros' zapdos which is a hack suspect anyways.

FC: 1075 3124 3209
finfan: Lying about IVs and trading hacked Pokemon. Claims not to have known they were hacked. Has apologised and is trying to make it up to people.

FC: 5370 1741 5695
Ulka / Exeggutor849524 / Uxie Lord: trying to offer a hacked Golduck, Uxie Lord claims to be brother of previous aliases that did hack.

FC: 4897 7132 9822
Mr Burner: redistributing other people's stuff without permission. It has now been learned that this pokemon was traded to him through kedavra whom was not allowed to redistribute to begin with.

twx13: Removed Blastoise with an illegal moveset from trade topic

i have a question, i'm on the black list but feel i have a good case to go into the Probational Blacklist at least.
1. I was unaware the pokemon was hacked (through stupidity of not checking the key info) and the person who had it cloned it and never informed me once it was hacked where I could have done something about it.
2. i never traded it here i only cloned it.
3. the pokemon wasn't mine and I see others in that area for that reason.
4. I didn't deny it I held my hands up, i came here to be an honest trader.
5. it was one pokemon.
FC: 5198-2587-1466
Angelo!: traded a Ditto bred using an AR code, however he claimed he did not know Dittos cannot breed.

FC: Horus Diamond FC: 3737 6631 4508, Horus Pearl FC: 4811 4704 3135
zerohorus: hacked beldum for breeding project, or cloner had hacked it,
however, did not trade it to anyone before it was found hacked.

FC: 5326 7865 1796
Greenmoon1, traded hacked stuff.
However, none of the hacked stuff was his.

FC: 0001 0818 9529
Lovell_600: Hacked Shaymin, did a giveaway with it.
However, did not trade it to anyone before it was found hacked.
hey, just thought I'd update, a friend of mine just recently got an R4 and I had them help me hack check my misdreavus, since I've still been unable to get it done here. here is a screenshot of the results. I'm fairly certain it says the misdreavus is legit as I've claimed all along, so if Sixonesix could get the misdreavus of mine that he has hack checked ASAP so I can be removed from this horrible list, that'd be fantastic. ^_^ Also, no hard feelings on the 1-month ban, so long as I do end up removed from the blacklist.


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Comentor -- Could you trade me a random pokemon from your cart? Like catch a Shinx now. I'd like to see something, if possible. It won't necessarily clear you, but it might help a little...
Your Trainer ID and Secret ID are the same? Is that even possible (without the use of Pokesav)? O.o

I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just curious about your IDs.
Your secret ID is the same as your Trainer ID? What are the chances of that happening? =/
That would be the first thing that would seem too fishy to me...

Edit: beaten -_-
yes, i can do this, and tbh, yes, i used an AR to set my ID and secret ID when i decided to start breeding pokemon on my own instead of being a hacking noob like i used to be, long before i came to smogon. I believe i may have also changed my character's gender, although I'm not 100% sure about that. I'd be glad to catch a random pokemon tho to demonstrate.


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Why would either of the above really want to help people know the sort of shit that they need to watch out for to create better hacks?

Comentor -- Really no need anymore. Sorry.
k, and thanks for your attempt to do something in the situation. Yes, i set my TrainerID and Secret ID to my old high school ID number, because I wanted to change it to be different from what i was using before. I do admit to using hacked pokemon in the past, but I HAVE NOT USED A SINGLE HACKED POKEMON SINCE COMING TO SMOGON. This was back on gamefaqs and ICPL that I used hacked pokemon for battling only, and everybody was aware that they were "legal" hacks back then. The misdreavus however, like all of the pokemon i currently have on my DS cartridge, is legit. I also think a 1-month ban because my Trainer ID matches my Secret ID is ridiculous, and I will gladly list in my trade thread that I used this code. I was unaware that it mattered, which was why it was not previously listed. Edit: also, I'd like to add, I would be more than happy to change my secret ID to not match my trainer ID if it would make things simpler in the future, although I hardly see how this would matter.
It'd be nice if Anti or somebody would show up and see what we've figured out, but I still somehow doubt anything will happen until Sixonesix gets the one I traded him before my ban hack checked >.> *sigh*


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I still haven't been able to check Misdreavus because of some issues in-game. I need to talk to a few people, then I'll pick it up from 616.

Also, yea it passed Legit.exe. Too bad that could've been any other Pokemon you just threw in there. Also too bad Legit.exe is "really easy to beat" (quoted from some of the more experienced hack checkers). So that doesn't really prove anything.
*sigh* but it is legit >.>;; like I've said all along. . . also, I really hate how I'm being treated as guilty until proven innocent . . . especially with how abruptly i was banned and blacklisted before i even knew anybody thought there was a problem. I guess my main question is this, is my Trainer ID matching my Secret ID enough for somebody to decide the pokemon is hacked and instantly ban/blacklist me over? I have already explained why this is the case. Also, I'd like to once again state that if I was indeed hacking pokemon, I would have no use in participating in trades on this site and wouldn't even bother trying to run a trade thread. I see no point in doing so if you are just going to hack anything you want . . .

Thank you for your time though, and I hope this can get worked out still
okay i got a new disconnector. name is shofu. Hes disconnected on me not once, but three times already.. I noticed everytime im winning against him he some how freezes the game I dont know how he does it.. And when hes winning or the first time he beats me there was no freezing nor nothing.. In the battling forum, yes i accepted his battle when he said "everytime we battle we disconnect" but i wanted to see if it was gonna happen again and it did and i wasnt surprised.. He made mistakes in each battle he plays me in, and when that happens it disconnects.. Ive discussed it with him a couple of times in what happen and he has a different excuse all the time. I dont really care if you blacklist him or not, I just wanna SPREAD out the word that he disconnects everytime i battle him and im winning. Thats all i gotta say
heh im not surprised in that.. Some of his pokemon in battles are all bulky.. even his sweepers with low defence. but whatever. Im here for the fun and i dont want to start any problems.
posting to report the user The_Moneyhunter
after I won the match and the result were displayed I got the blue screen, no lag during the whole match + full wi-fi power + exact timing could just mean one thing: D/C
I don't think that's an intentional d/c. It's been happening a lot lately to me too lately, especially against the newer members. I think that those people just turn off their DS after the result screen thinking that it doesn't affect the other player since the match is over. I guess they don't know you're suppose to wait until you get back to the friend list before you can turn off the DS without kicking off the other player too. *shrug*

I didn't report those people because I would've ended up reporting like 4 people in one day and it seemed kind of pointless. =/


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Negator, did you actually talk to Moneyhunter about this at all?

Blacklisting should only be a last resort once you've exhausted all other avenus.
Well, he isn't a new member since he's here since December 2007
and he replyed in the Battle me tread, claiming that he didn't D/C... but all is fishy to me, too easy getting a so usefull random wi-fi problem right before saving...
And Of course he won't admit that he did it, (if so) because of that I thought that reporting him would have been better, to advice people, I think if this random D/C doesn't happens anymore I will be wrong.


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I was finally able to check Comentor's Misdreavus (thank you sixonesix!). It turned up hacked. Sorry Comentor, you're staying on the blacklist : |

Just a note, Misdreavus is a pain in the ass to check. Thanks to Goodbar for confirming what I found (damn the hex looked odd!)
and it isn't because of my ID number thing? . . . o well, thanks anyway I guess . . . mind telling me what says its hacked tho? like how was it hack checked? Just curious because pAC said it can't decide if it is/isnt hacked and legit.exe said it was valid. I stand by the fact that I dont hack my pokemon, and I'm dumbfounded as to how its coming up as hacked . . . any possible insight so that a pokemon i breed in the future doesn't have this same problem? even though I guess I wouldn't be trading it here anyway . . .
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