what are birds? we just don't know.
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a month or two ago i rebuilt wittybot from scratch, for discord. i remembered it being a lot of fun in the IRC days and i was trying to rekindle some of that. we've had some good games; however, i think with a large enough server it could bring joy to millions. i realise that my last thread didn't really advertise what the point of the game is so...

how to play
it's an extremely basic game: you and your friends compete to complete a prompt in the funniest way. similar to cards against humanity but open-ended.
  • you need at least three people (ideally more), and probably fewer than 15 (no hard cap)
  • !witty to begin a game:
    Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 11.35.01.png
  • submit anonymously by sending your submission in spoiler tags ||like this||. on desktop the /spoiler command does this for you
    • you can also DM the bot but this won't work if you're in two servers with ongoing games, and it's generally more faff
  • when submission phase is over, all submissions will be posted:
    Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 11.35.50.png

  • vote for your favourite in the same way that you submitted (only people who submitted can vote)
    Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 11.37.53.png
  • a deserved win, mocking zorbees for his diminutive stature (hes cool with it). my submission was bad, and i apologise.
    the game repeats until you don't have enough players, at which point the scores are tallied:
    Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 11.43.43.png
wow, i suck at this game

how to get the bot in your server

it was initially available only on the firebot discord but it is now multi-server. you can use this invite link to add it to your own server: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=741400048163618876&scope=bot&permissions=268462080

  • manage roles: the bot will create a @wittybot players role on your server and add and remove folks to it on command, in order to mention them when a game starts
  • manage messages: to make a submission, you send a message to the channel in spoiler tags, and the bot deletes your message as soon as it appears
  • send messages: obviously
  • embed links: most of the bot messages are actually 'embeds' so this is necessary (it's enabled by default in most servers)

or just join the dedicated wittybot server

i would love to see how the game would fare in the main smogon discord, my prediction is that it would be full of terrible pokemon references but i yearn to be proven wrong

shoutouts to broolucks for bringing us the original irc bot
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Tried this out in my server and it's really well-made!

A have some suggestions came up while I was playing, but I don't think they're anything major.
- Have you considered Reaction Role integration? Not sure if it's best for other bots to handle though.
- Do you think a "force end" command would be good for when the game is dragging on too long?
- Maybe some kind of "out" command for those who change their mind?

(also your Wittybot Discord invite expired!)
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what are birds? we just don't know.
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ty for feedback and ive fixed the invite link so come on down to the server!

all good suggestions, the old wittybot was a race to 20 votes which i think i will implement since it's a nice short format that doesn't burn itself out

edit: that's implemented, !witty race 20 for a race to 20 votes. also implemented !out if you change your mind about playing

Reaction Role should work out of the box with the @wittybot players role i think. just need to let both bots manage the role
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