[Won by MrJelli] Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread


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Disclaimer; please do not post in the thread unless you are a host / player who has been given permission to do so by a host!

After a series of confessional chatting and general setting up, we are proudly announcing the beginning of the Showdown Genius Invitational!

This is to be the thread where the hosts announce important information in regards to the game progression of the Main Matches, where most of the social and psychological aspects are played, and for the rest of the site to spectate the game progression.

Here is a more in depth description;

Altogether, there are fifteen contestants entering this first challenge (which will be posted shortly)!

Reminder not to post in this thread unless you have permission from a host.

Please do not attempt to communicate with players about game related material and do not attempt to influence the game in any way.

Also, be sure to check out the PS room we have setup, called SGI Public!

Good luck, contestants!


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Main Match One: the 1 2 3 game!

The contestants have been given the rules to this game three days ago and given time to talk and form strategic alliances with each other.

1 - 2 - 3 Game
Main Match 1

15 players

Welcome to the first Main Match of the Smogon Genius Invitational. We are delighted to have you playing with us, and we hope you have a brilliant time. This week’s match is the 1 - 2 - 3 Game.

In the 1 - 2 - 3 Game, you will each be given nine virtual cards, like the following.

Your objective is to challenge other players to a duel; whoever plays the higher card wins the duel and the player of the higher card gets a point. If both players play the same card, it is a draw. Either way, both cards involved are removed from play.

To challenge another player, post in the thread "I challenge X." If X accepts your challenge, they should respond "I accept Y's challenge." At that point, the players will post in their submission PMs what cards they intend to use, and the player that used the higher one will be given a point. Points will be made public, but what cards players used will not be. It is advisable not to reveal what cards you have or have used in public.

You may also give cards away or trade cards. This must be done with another player’s consent and must be done through Smogon forum PM. Make sure to add SteelEdges to every communication you start with other players, whether or not it is about trading or giving or dueling.

Whoever has the most points from duels won, whether a single person or multiple people, will be the Main Match’s winner and receive a Token of Life (with an extra one to give away if they are the sole winner); likewise, whoever has the least points will be the Elimination Candidate. If there is a tie for last place, the winner(s) will decide the Elimination Candidate from the losers.

There are no limits to how many players you can play with or how many times you may play with them. You may play the same person multiple times, for example. However, you must use all your cards by the deadline given. Anyone who has cards still unplayed by the end of the Main Match automatically scores 0 points. Be mindful of this point.

However, for every 3 points a player wins in duels, they will be awarded 1 garnet, free of charge. This applies not only to the winner, but for everyone.

This game is not decided by luck.

Aim for a certain win - there is surely a way to win.

You have Six Days, or until September Eight, to complete this challenge.

Only players may post in this thread.

Edit: there was some confusion in regards to how you will challenge a player. To do so, you must post in this thread ‘challenge X’ and the person being challenged will also say ‘accept Y’s challenge’. Then, you will PM the hosts in your confessional the cards you’d like to play. The winner will receive a point. Only who gained a point will be known to the other players, not the exact number and amount of cards an individual has.

Good luck, contestants!
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Writing a post to keep track of points:
Howkings: 4
duck: 4
11oyd: 4
Clefable: 6
cyberpunk: 0
Diophantine: 0
Dot Agumon: 4
GrantMJC: 3
Ivy: 4
MrJelli: 3
Plas: 3
Ransei: 4
Runtoastrun: 0
SPACE FORCE meeps: 6
Yoshi: 3

Clefable wins versus MrJelli, and vice versa.
SPACE FORCE meeps wins six times versus GrantMJC.
GrantMJC wins three times against SPACE FORCE meeps.
11oyd and Ivy play 9 games, with one draw, and each getting 4 points.
Clefable and MrJelli play 7 games, with Clefable earning 5 pints and MrJelli earning 2.
duck and Howkings play 9 games, with one draw and both earning 4 victories.
Plas and Yoshi play 9 games, with three draws, and each earning three points.
Ransei and Dot Agumon play 9 games, with one draw and each getting 4 points.
Reminder that the new deadline is September 15 at Midnight EST.
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Regarding questions some users had:
-deadline is specifically midnight EST on September 8.
-Draws will be announced.
Hurry up folks, deadline is approaching!


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this is what procrastination does for you, peeps. I can't imagine how frenzied it's gonna get in the last 24 hours for this


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Apologies for the long delay. Scores will be updated shortly.
The hosts have extended the deadline to Midnight EST September 8.

Additionally, poeple will be prodded for activity and may be subbed.

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