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Tournament World Cup of 1v1 III - Semifinals

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don't forget to bounce!
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ggs to wanony, that last game was the worst 50/50 of all time for sure.

i feel bad for my team because i couldn't get a lot of time to prep for this tour except for the last week or two cause i was busy with irl stuff, so i just want to apologize to my team for the inactivity and the atrocious record. overall seeing the bw meta evolve more has been pretty cool and i can't wait to see it evolve further. there are great players like wanony and solarflare ready to innovate :blobthumbsup:. whether it's because of awful players that randomly talk shit for no reason or it's just cause im not feeling 1v1 right now, i'm not sure if i can keep going til whatever the next tournament is, i would want to be completely motivated for it and 14-6 as an overall record is an okay way to let it be for now. who knows i kinda want to manage kek

Good Games to CE! West stays best
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