Tournament World Cup of 1v1 IV - Semifinals

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Had quite the series with eblurb, major s/o SiceXV for supplying the first and last team, was the decider and not getting 3-0d was a nice change of pace. Sorry for the late post, ASIA STRONG!


SS BO5: Baleblaze vs eblurb
SS BO5: Baleblaze vs eblurb
Baleblaze vs eblurb
Baleblaze vs eblurb goat
SS: Baleblaze vs eblurb I don't think it's even gonna be close. Baleblaze might win against decent players but eblurb is 10 ranks above the rest. Truly a force to be scared of...


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haha kaif bad hold this fat fucking L anyway a fat meanie like u dosent deserve a big solarflareromania post

also a s/o to ggopw for passing me a few teams and a s/o to pa for helping me with building a bit and also a s/o to pa for being my friend when kaif is a monke and another s/o to pa for liking this post also dont forget pa u owe me 5$ bitch
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So, it's over for Asia? Sad, I thought we had quite some chance of making it to finals.. Well, well tried lads! We'll get it next year hopefully, don't worry! ... :blobuwu:

P.S. : I think we should stop 'Nyaasia-ism'.. Something about catgirls is jinxing our path to the cup.. Just a suggestion, you know... We should come up with some other cringey stuff that can be tagged onto Asia like, IDK.... Kadabr-Asia? :blobthinking: Doesn't have the same ring to it, but hey, we could try something like that, right? :psynervous:


hooooooo boy
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I knew US Central would advance to the Finals.

I was anticipating a final between us and them, but it looks like this final culmination I was imagining since the start of the semifinals will not happen. Press E♯ to pay respects.

(maybe I'll do shoutouts in the commencement thread; but it was an honor and pleasure to play my very first 1v1 team tour with the Asiancy NYAAAAAASIA. Sending my best wishes to US Central and Eastern Europe!)
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