Tournament World Cup of 1v1 V - Player Signups

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Player Name: Sky of Doom
Eligibility: US West
Forseen Inactivity: No
Formats Played: All of them in room tours. I'm new to PS so I haven't had the opportunity to play any Smogon tours yet (other than ADV, but that's not a format here sadly), but I think I could do well in any meta with enough practice. :)
A couple of nerds told me I should sign up for this. Time to dust off the ol' sets & strats for the annual throw-down.

Name: I'm forgetting now, is it still gyffyrd?
Eligibility: West Coast Best Coast
Foreseen inactivity: Working fulltime and banging your sister on the weekends
Formats played: Idk how to play pokemon

I'm just gonna be a sub (kinda like your sister); I am far too busy these days.
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