Tournament World Cup of 1v1 V - Round 1

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won vs OM to close out this world cup for west

tough year for us and it looks like swsh continues to not be our strong suit, shoutouts to blanched and trashuny for their great performances as first-timers and to dom for making oras a genuinely fun gen to prep and play in. pj glad we could exceed expectations as oras newbies and I'll be rooting for india to take it home


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:passimian: India vs US Central :unown-question:
SS BO7: IPF vs Nalei
historically speaking, it's difficult to turn around repeating MUs
ORAS BO5: pj vs smely socks
smely is not capable of cteaming IMO
BW BO5: RaJ.Shoot vs crucify
yung head of ursasToday at 9:01 PM
what do u thikn
raj.shoot is gonna play thursday
i dont even think he knows
bw type charts
:passimian: India vs North Europe :dragonite:
SS BO7: IPF vs Here Comes Team Charm!
IPF bro don't get lured
SS BO5: abd1710 vs Aliss
honestly aliss has used a total of 3 teams in all her games how can she keep winning
ORAS BO5: pj vs DezShizzels
dez, on the other hand.. is incapable of cteaming either

:dragonite: North Europe vs US Central :unown-question:
SS BO7: D2TheW vs Nalei
what an ass choice, d2 hates both bo7 and nalei with a passion this is his worst nightmare
SM BO5: Leru vs Landon
Leru will go ??? at landon's teams and click x
DPP BO5: neomon vs crucify
its dpp​
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