Worlds is now closed to the general public

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Just posting this here for more visibility:

Due to limited venue capacity and overwhelming demand, the 2016 Pokémon World Championships will be closed to the general public in the interest of providing the best possible event experience to our qualified players and their families. While the event has been open to the public in years past, only invited players and their families will be permitted to enter the venue this year, and everyone must have an official event badge.

Each invited player will be given a Player badge. Each invited player under 18 years of age will be guaranteed one Guest badge at check-in, to allow one parent or guardian into the event venue. We will do our best to accommodate additional family members of invited players, but attendees should note that additional Guest badges are not guaranteed. Any additional Guest badges will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and supplies are limited. An email with these details is being sent to invited players.

Fans who want to follow the action from the 2016 Pokémon World Championships can head to, where we'll be broadcasting Pokémon Trading Card Game, video game, and Pokkén Tournament matches all weekend long. Thank you for understanding the changes to the event's attendance in 2016.
This is a disaster for anyone who's booked a flight or hotel, as those two are nearly always nonrefundable, and only giving 8 days notice is extremely unprofessional.
Wow, dicks. I understand crowd control but did they not think of venue capacity until just now..?
Not like they've never hosted a big event like this before.
Thing is, the event used to be a hell of a lot smaller. ~250 players max, plus crowd... You hit those numbers by Europe+US entrants combined. Add the others, and the venue has hit the limits.
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