Wyrx's Giveaway Thread

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Current Giveaway: Shiny Mew from Emerald

This pokemon is intended to be used in mono-psychic where it is seen with Nasty Plot, Rock Polish, Psychic and Focus Blast on an offensive 252 SpA 252 Speed 4 SpDef, it is currently untouched and has exclusive transfer moves.

Information: This pokemon was obtained using an injected old sea map in Japanese Emerald to get to faraway island on emulator and RNGd for near flawless stats. It was later transferred to Pokemon XD on emulator to obtain the exclusive tutor moves Nightmare and Hypnosis. Later it was transferred back to emerald on emulator where it obtained soft-boiled and the save was imported using a flashcard. The rest of the transfer was using normal retail means after that. It is cloned using Ledybot and will be distributed by sharing FCs.

#151 Mew - ミュウ

Lv. 30 -

Nature: Timid | Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 31/0/31/31/30/31
Transfer Moves: Hypnosis, Nightmare, Soft-Boiled, Dynamic Punch
OT: Wyrx| TID: 00172
RNG Proof of encounter + tutoring: https://ibb.co/jmeUG6

How to Participate: This pokemon will be traded using an exchange of Friend Codes in Sun Moon / Ultra Sun Ultra Moon from 6/26/2018 - 6/28/2018 I am GMT-8 and will indicate when I'm online and trading using a status below. Simply reply to the thread with your IGN and FC and add 5000 6659 7944 to your friends list. I require one Pancham as sacrifice for the blue cat to complete the trade. When you receive a Mew please edit your entire post with strike-through like this to indicate you've received one.

To show you have fully read the information add "Pancham a qt" to the top of your post.

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Pancham a qt

IGN: Rohan
FC: 2809-9212-2894

Available in approx 8-9 hours from the time of this post

Thank you kindly!
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Dropping by to wish you all the very best with this giveaway, Wyrx! ^_^
Pancham a qt

IGN: Fabio
FC: 1006-5050-1061

Available today 17-19 (GMT+2) or 22-24 (GMT+2) or 00-01 (GMT+2)
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Pancham a qt

Requesting the blue cat
IGN: Annine
FC: 3969-8925-4640

Many thanks!
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si.tole Am online as well and don't see you even though I definitely see you registered in FCs, can you see me? If so send a request whenever possible
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