You just got Rickrolled


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You just got RickrolledYou just got RickrolledYou just got Rickrolled

Ok, moderators, before you just delete or lock the thread, let me explain its purpose. When you give a link from a Smogon thread, subforum or post, there are different parts in the link, and I will use the Policy Review Thread subforum as an example.

As you can see, the thread has the typical https, Smogon as the name of the site, the first "forums" as we are in the forums and not in the Articles or the Dex, "forums" again as we entered a subforum, and the name of the subforum and the number given to everything. These two are the important ones, as no matter what you type over "policy-review", if you keep the number, you will still be sent to the Policy Review subforum. Try here

This is what we are going to use for Rickrolling our friends. You will take the link of the thread and type whatever you want in it so your friends will think it is a serious or interesting thread just to realize they got Rickrolled. This might be solved in the future, so be fast.

Special thanks to DYA, who will be rickrolled as I am about to try this with him.

Edit: be careful when linking in Discord as it will show that this is the Rickroll thread.
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what it be what it do
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the worst part is that you can easily pretend that this is someone posting a thread without moderator permission, even with the discord link preview saying "You just got Rickrolled"
falling for it is a sad inevitability for smogstaff and im definitely not saying this because i got owned by it for that very reason
Windingsss fuck you

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