Your Pre-Competitive "Strategy"

I used to think that Rock Tomb was the best move ever, because of its animation in Sapphire, as well as Strength because of its Stadium 2 animation. My (horribly overleveled) Sceptile ended up knowing both moves and beat Winona by spamming Rock Tomb, after many failed attempts. I still don't know why I didn't use the Aerial Ace TM on Sceptile.

Also, at one point I think his moveset was Cut/Strength/Rock Tomb/Flash. Yay for HMs!

And since the OP said something besides a starter, I did also have a level 97 Machamp with Cross chop/Karate chop/Dynamicpunch/Focus punch.
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I had so many weird 'mons in Blue and Silver it wasn't funny. Gen II was the twilight of my "age of innocence", before the internet served up a heaping helping of harsh reality. People way smarter and way way nerdier than me eventually taught me the ways of the hidden "Vees" and put everything in perspective.

There's three I remember distinctly:

- Fly
- Protect
- Toxic
- Wing Attack

Hit 'em with Toxic, then alternate between Fly and Protect until they dissolve into a puddle of humbled goo. Wing Attack was just there to finish them off when they got within striking distance of a KO. Pidgeot seemed like the best choice for a set like this give it's bulk (the fact that you had to sponge some hits after landing Fly), but practically any bird could copy it. Frankly, I just chose Pidgey 'cause I thought it was awesome.

Furret w/Pink Bow
- Slash
- Shadow Ball
- Iron Tail
- Rest

My honest-to-goodness attempt at making a one 'mon army. I was so smitten with the tube sock monster when I first played this game I was convinced I could find a way to make it work, stats be darned. DARNED I SAY. Three attacks and a recovery move could surely get him through anything. I picked Slash over Return because I loved the critz, even if it meant I had to breed for it, and the Pink Bow just made them that much slashier. The thought of this guy charging into battle wrapped up like a present and flailing his tiny arms like a spaz simultaneously warms and shames my heart. This was also my first non-Missingno'd level 100 ever, I kid you not.

- Flamethrower
- Fire Spin
- Toxic
- Quick Attack

I think I was in love with Toxic back in the day, and was convinced it was the best move in the game. The fact that everything learned it only strengthened this belief; like GameFreak knew you had to have it but only gave you one TM so you had to choose who among your team was worthy enough to receive it. Back in Blue I gave it to Ninetales, since that + Fire Spin was two DoTs and they couldn't escape. AKA "marked for death".
I remember the first time I tried using Dugtrio, I was convinced it was god. Faster than anything else I encountered, and destroyed everything with ground attacks.

Needless to say, I was furious when gen3 introduced levitate.
My first ever attempt at serious online teams had Choice Band Dugtrio though. Good times.


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I think I was in love with Toxic back in the day, and was convinced it was the best move in the game.
Oh my god, this so hard. I remember after getting my shit kicked in by Koga in Pokemon Stadium 2, I decided to steal his strategy and use it with my in game Magmar

Magmar @ Charcoal
-Double Team
-Some fourth move? Strength? Thunderpunch?

Set up to +6 evasion on trainers with 3 Pokemon all day in game YEAH BOI
I just remembered another one of my "amazing sets."

Volcarona @ Nothing
-Struggle Bug
-Fiery Dance

My idea was to toxic them and use struggle bug/fly to stall them out, but i ended up just using fiery dance all the time...
Ah, these threads! I, like some other people in this thread, didn't bother with boosting moves, since, you know, you could be attacking and damaging the opponent when I first started in-game. I went the other way with same-type moves on Pokemon; I really wanted my pokemon to have different-typed attacking moves for coverage. I believe I ended up with a Blaze Kick/Sky Uppercut/Peck/Toxic Blaziken. I also remember trying to win with a Blizzard/Fire Blast/Thunder/Iron Tail Aggron in the Battle Tower because, "Hey, look at all of these high-powered moves it gets! What do you mean it doesn't do much damage?" I also recall insistently Tricking a Choice Band from my Kadabra regardless of the opponent, as that was the same strategy an NPC in the Battle Frontier used to beat my oh-so-well-thought-out team. :P


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Oh dear lord, on my first competitive team I used these (which I can remember)
Choice Specs Machamp with Fire Blast and Focus Blast + Vacuum Wave + Snore.
and I think I had a Charizard that knew Fly / Fire Fang / Dragon Pulse / SolarBeam.
I had no spinners or weather setters.




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Oh dear lord, on my first competitive team I used these (which I can remember)
Choice Specs Machamp with Fire Blast and Focus Blast + Vacuum Wave + Snore.
Did you see this thread yet

I just found my old Red version and it had a Rage Chansey on it. I guess I thought those rage boosts would add up eventually but wow that was dumb.
Umbreon used to be one of my favorite Pokemon, I thought Toxic/Dig/Confuse Ray/Moonlight was the best strategy ever.

I also thought Machamp and Skarmory were one of the best pairs together, I thought the combination of Spike stacking and 100% accurate Dynamicpunch confusion was the greatest.
For my first competitive matches ever, Sand Force Excadril, Boldore, Sand Rush Stoutland with Protect/Last Resort, and Tyranitar. I lost the first one, and, somehow, won the second, despite playing a stall team the first match and a sun team (that made me lose the weather war because I refused to switch out my Tyranitar).

Don't forget Brick Break/Flamethrower/Flare Blitz/Blast Burn Emboar that I used during the story.
Also, Dark Void/Nightmare/Shadow Ball/Haze Darkrai I got. The strategy was to Dark Void the foe(s), then use Nightmare on them. Meanwhile I would have an allied Victini attacking, with Haze to remove the stat drops from V-Create. Shadow Ball was its best attacking move.
Oh man...



This was in DPPt.

My friend thought he was competitive because he could EV train. Here's what he had:

EVs: 252 Def / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
-Ice Beam

He was pretty surprised when I dismantled him.
probably my only distinct traits playing through the games normally were:

I never once considered only playing the game with 1-2 pokemon, which seems to be a very common thing. My mind was blown that people actually just take their starter and beat the game with it. I would always without fail have 6 people before the elite four.

I always get rid of my starter at some point. I don't like grass, water, or fire types so I very rarely keep them. The only one I remember using all the way through was empoleon because steel/water typing was pretty badass, and that was probably one of the worst gens in terms of HMs. I needed him for waterfal, surf, rock climb, and strength I believe.

I find one stage pokemon irresistible, especially if they are somewhat rare. I find that they tend to learn pretty interesting moves and I like that they are strong from the get-go and don't make the game easy mode as soon as they evolve. Notable ones would be Mr.Mime, aipom, tropius, and Throh off the top of my head.

Besides that yea I just got for the 100% accuracy damage moves like everyone else.
I was rather stupid in the old days, though I've seen worse. I would, like many people, sometimes have two of the same attack type on a Pokemon.
Also, I would use stuff like Hyper Beam that I now would consider too ineffectual even in-game.
I would apply "coverage" for other types where necessary. Why the scare quotes? Because the coverage was usually pretty dire. Which brings me to my last point...
I would actually teach a Pokemon moves regardless of its offensive stats except for the ones I was familiar with. Roserade, Snorlax, Medicham--all are guilty. Porygon-Z, however, was not a victim to this.
In Gen V (or perhaps later on in HGSS), I more or less started cleaning up my act. I taught non-damaging moves to my Reuniclus and Serperior, but at the time they were mostly stat boosters. In Black I EV trained an Eelektross and Dragonite, and in W2 I EV trained a Reuniclus. Now I have a fully EV trained Lucario and Sliggoo. As for RNG manipulation? I tried my hand at that in Gen V, and I will try to do it in Gen VI.
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Ho-oh with Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Sacred Fire and Fire Blast
Lugia with Rain Dance, Thunder, Aeroblast and Hydro Pump
Double battle
I thought they were the best because they had opposite movesets...

Also, my Ember/Flame Wheel/Flamethrower/Fire Blast Typhlosion was the best because it could take out weakened opponents with weaker fire attacks in order to not waste PP on stronger ones.
Using the cover legendary or the one actually good competitive Pokemon as a HM slave was something I did in pretty much every game.

Palkia @ nothing
-Rock smash

Dragonite @ nothing

Ho-oh @ nothing
-Shock wave
-Fire blast
-Sacred fire

Reshiram @ nothing
-Dragon pulse

Also, Hyper beam / Giga impact on everything:

Garchomp @ nothing
-Dragon tail
-Dragon rush
-Giga Impact

Heatran @ nothing
-Hyper beam
-Magma storm
-Heat wave
-Earth power

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