Championship - Type B You're not my type Tour - Round 2

i guess there's no deadline for r1 games? i can see the deadline for r2 is here and my r1 oppo isnt really active online and isnt cooperating with scheduling, so idk what happens now
Zorodark gave me the win on his profile. However, if he responds soon saying he can do monday-wednesday then I'd prefer an extension over taking win


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Sorry for the late decision on this 1st one but I was very busy and frankly forgot to resolve r1's extended games.
Star vs. Broken Phobias - coinfilp
For the actual deadline:
Hamhamhamham vs. Lord Esche - coinflip
Real FV13 vs. Level 56 - neither contacted each other, so one person next round receives a bye
iLlama vs. Berks - iLlama didn't respond
SiTuM'parleT'mort vs. FLCL - coinflip
The rest of the games that are unfinished were extended so get your games done by Wednesday September 20th at 9:00 p.m. EST (again weird schedule cause high school wake up times are fucked)

Round 3 will be up shortly!

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