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Alrighty people, time to see the artworks! As usual, amazing pieces showcasing really creative new variants - also a lot of purples, blues, and pinks :blobwizard:

Pyschic-type Blissey by Pissog

Ghost- and Fire-type Blitzle by HydrogenHydreigon

Water- and Dark-type Machamp by DPAN

Dark- and Fairy-type Slowking by ii77

Dark- and Psychic-type Lombre by Lunaflare

Grass- and Fairy-type Salazzle by ashelyDeluxe

Flying-type Arrokuda by Creeps_43

Dark- and Dragon-type Darkrai by Wet Kisser

Water- and Fairy-type Solosis by b-torterra

Flying- and Ghost-type Grapploct by Menshay

Rock-type Krookodile by Bloopyghost

Bug- and Poison-type Bisharp by Low-Key

Dark- and Fire-type Noibat by Galactikitty

Water- and Flying-type stoutland by martinvtran

Thanks for participating! See you next time ~
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