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Yungoos is directly outclassed by Bunnelby due to its access to a far superior ability in Huge Power, STAB priority in Quick Attack, and a slightly better Speed tier, allowing it to perform more consistently as a revenge killer. Despite its manageable movepool and a solid ability in Adaptability, Yungoos is unviable in the Little Cup metagame and has nothing to distinguish it from the likes of Bunnelby, Meowth, and Zigzagoon.

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Return
move 2: Earthquake / Fire Fang
move 3: U-turn
move 4: Pursuit / Crunch / Fire Fang
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Adaptability
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 196 Atk / 36 Def / 36 SpD / 236 Spe

This set aims to function as a revenge killer, with solid attacking moves like U-turn and Pursuit allowing it to generate momentum or Pursuit trap weakened threats like Abra and Diglett. Unfortunately, its mediocre speed and fierce competition with other Normal-types in the tier prevent Yungoos from performing this role well; Pokemon like Bunnelby, Meowth, and Doduo are simply more desirable choices for a revenge killer.

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Maybe slash like Fire Fang in the 2nd and 4th slots since that would be a tiny advantage over bunny. Looks great otherwise, 2/2

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