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Welcome to the player signups of ZeroUsed Premier League II!
Friendly reminder that I am still looking for a cohost!

Without players, there is no tournament. This thread is for players to sign up for ZUPL II. Note that signing up does not guarantee participation in team tournaments, so I would recommend contacting managers if you're not sure you'll get bought in the auction.

Our teams this season are:
Fiery Flamencos - managed by DurzaOffTopic
Lucky Stunkys - managed by Ho3nConfirm3d
The Last of the Silvallies- managed by czim
Humilau Hakamo-Os - managed by Union Caboche
Woke Galarian Slowpokes - managed by a fruitshop owner
Pay Day Persians - managed by 5gen

Teams will consist of at least 10 players - 8 starters and 2+ substitutes.

To sign up, reply using this format:
Player Name:
Tiers Interested in Playing:
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N):
The following tiers are in ZUPL II: SS ZU, SM ZU, ORAS ZU, BW ZU, and DPP ZU.
Player Name: Wigglytuff
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers Interested in Playing: SS ZU, BW ZU, DPP ZU
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): N
Signups will be closed 24 hours before the auction date TBD, so don't procrastinate and get your signup in early!

Looking forward to a great season!
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Player Name: Chokepic
Timezone: GMT+2
Tiers Interested in Playing: SM ZU, DPP ZU
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): Y, From 15 to 31, but I should be able to support the team with teams and general feedback during that time.
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