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Welcome to the inaugural ZeroUsed World Cup!

ZUWC is a ZU team tournament inspired by WCoP, featuring teams of 6 starters and 2 to 4 substitutes, all playing SV ZU. The number of teams is undetermined as of right now - they will be based on signup numbers.

Please use the following format to sign up:
Player name: Tuthur
Country / State of Residence: France
Other Eligibilities: None
Interested in Captaincy: Yes/No
Note: Just list your country and, if you are in the US, your state. The borders for internation and US teams will be drawn at a later point based on how the signups shake out. The ZU moderation team is open to merge smaller regions willing to team together and lacking the playerbase to form their own team. While the US borders aren't definitely drawn at this point, the ZU moderation team is looking forward using OMWC map, which separates the US map in three regions and is very close to the actual WCoP map.


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Player name: Hubriz
Country / State of Residence: Germany
Other Eligibilities: Europe
Interested in Captaincy: Yes
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