3rd Generation Tips and Tricks

  1. Ruby / Sapphire Tips
  2. FireRed / LeafGreen Tips
  3. Colosseum / XD Tips
  4. Emerald Tips

Ruby and Sapphire

Rare Berries

Within the R/S games, there are numerous hidden Berries. Below is a list of the locations of some of them.

Talk to the Berry Master's wife and tell her what she wants to hear:

  • SUPER HUSTLE: You will receive a Belue Berry.
  • COOL LATIOS: You will receive a Durin Berry.
  • CHALLENGE CONTEST: You will receive a Pamtre Berry.
  • GREAT BATTLE: You will receive a Spelon Berry.
  • OVERWHELMING LATIAS: You will receive a Watmel Berry.

You can use these Berries to make Pokéblock. Pokéblock made from Pamtre Berries specifically can help you evolve Feebas into Milotic.

Mirage Island

One of the most rare things in the games, Mirage Island is a small island that will appear randomly appear on Route 130. Every day, the game generates a random number. If this number matches the Personality Value of one of your party's Pokémon, Mirage Island will appear (note that a Pokémon's Personality Value is a hidden value created by the game once you catch or receive a Pokémon). Inside Mirage Island are wild Wynaut ranging from level 5 to level 50. The real selling point of Mirage Island, however, is that it is the only place were you can get a Liechi Berry, one of the most rare Berries in the game. A man in Pacifidlog Town will tell you if Mirage Island is there or not.

Mirage Island


See the Emerald Tips section below for information about this Pokémon.

FireRed / LeafGreen Tips

Capturing the Legendary Dogs

In FireRed and LeafGreen, after defeating the Elite Four, one of the Legendary beasts will be roaming around Kanto. Depending on your starter, only one of the beasts can be found.

  • If you choose Bulbasaur as your starter, Entei will appear in the wild.
  • If you choose Charmander as your starter, Suicune will appear in the wild.
  • If you choose Squirtle as your starter, Raikou will appear in the wild.


  • Beat the Elite Four (since all roamers are found post-E4)
  • Have the roamers in your Pokedex (only seeing is necessary)
  • Fast Mean Looker, such as Crobat, one level below the roamer in the front of your party
  • Master Ball or multiple Ultra Balls
  • At least one Repel


  1. Fly to Viridian City, and head up to Route 2, near the entrance of Virdian Forest Pokémon Day Care.
  2. Check the roamer's area in the Pokedex; if the roamer in question is on Route 2, skip to step 6.
  3. If the roamer is not on Route 2, enter the Day Care.
  4. As soon as you enter the Day Care, exit; this refreshes the roamer's area.
  5. Once outside, repeat steps 2-4 until the roamer is on Route 2.
  6. Head to the patch of grass south of the entrance to the forest, as shown in the screen shot below, and activate the Repel.
  7. Run around in the grass until you encounter the roamer.
  8. Trap the roamer via Mean Look.
  9. Use common capturing knowledge to catch the roamer.

Route 2 is just an example. Any place with somewhere you can "refresh" the location of the roamer, such as Diglett's Cave in Vermillion, would be OK.

Route 2

Note: Both Entei and Raikou can use Roar. As such, unless you have a Master Ball, you might want to both trap them and use a move such as Ingrain. The only Pokémon that can learn this combination in the game is Smeargle, which should be traded from R/S/E. Other Pokémon worth mentioning are Pokémon with the Soundproof ability, such as Mr. Mime, which are not affected by moves like Roar.

Obtaining Repeat and Timer Balls in Kanto

Repeat and Timer Balls cannot be found in any Kanto Poké Mart, but they are sold by a man on Two Island after meeting certain conditions. First, deliver Celio's Meteorite to the man at Two Island's Game Corner; this man wants you to find his lost daughter, Lostelle. Lostelle is located on Three Island, in the Berry Forest. To get to the Berry Forest, defeat the biker gang, then head over Bond Bridge. Save Lostelle by battling the Hypno that is harassing her, and you will be taken back to Two Island.

The second half of the requirements must be fulfilled after defeating the Elite Four at least once. Return to Boon Island, then buy at least one of each of the items carried by the man. Enter and exit a building, then return to see what items he has for sale. Repeat and Timer Balls should now be in stock.

Learning the "Ultimate Move"

After beating the Elite Four, head to Cape Brink (which is located on Two Island). You will find a house with a lone woman looking for someone who can learn her "Ultimate Move". If you have your starter with you (in your party's lead), she will teach it a special move. Venusaur will learn Frenzy Plant, Blastoise will learn Hydro Cannon, and Charizard will learn Blast Burn.

Ultimate Move Tutor

Togepi Egg

After beating the Elite Four and unlocking the Sevii Islands, head to Island 5. Once there, Surf west, until you find a water path. Keep heading west, and eventually you'll find a small piece of land with an old man there. Talk to him, and if the first Pokémon in your Party has high happiness, he'll give you a Togepi Egg.

Togepi Egg

Getting Quick Cash

Located in Island 5 are a couple of trainers that you can rebattle using the Vs. Seeker to get quick cash. To get to them, go to Island 5, then head north until you reach Resort Gorgeous. In there you will find two rich trainers each giving about 10000 Pokedollars. If you use an Amulet Coin and battle both of them, you can get about 40000 Pokedollars. Of course, you can repeat this process as much as you want, thanks to the Vs. Seeker.

Colosseum / XD Tips

Colosseum Master Ball Glitch

This is a simple glitch that can be used to 'clone' an almost unlimited amount of any type of Poké Ball. Performing it is very simple:

  1. On your first Pokémon's turn, select the ball you wish to use on a Shadow Pokémon (a Master ball, for this example)
  2. On your second Pokémon's turn, switch the Poké Ball you selected (the Master Ball) with any other Poké Ball you have (Using the Y Button)
  3. If performed correctly, after throwing the ball and attempting to capture the Shadow Pokémon, when you check your bag, the Poké Ball you have selected (the Master Ball in this case) should still be in your bag.

Note:It has been said that sometimes, when performing this glitch using a Master Ball, the game will freeze. This shouldn't be dangerous, though. Please also note that this glitch does not work on XD.

Shadow Pokémon

Shadow Pokémon are different from normal Pokémon in several ways, including:

  • Shadow Pokémon don't gain any EVs so you don't need to worry about screwing up a Pokémon before it's purified.
  • To purify a Shadow Pokémon, its Heart Gauge must be dropped to zero, turning completely white. Some ways to reduce a Shadow Pokémon's Heart Gauge to zero is to keep it in your party, battle with it, and keep it in the Day Care.
  • Once a Shadow Pokémon's Heart Gauge turns completely white, you'll need to head to Relic Stone in Agate Village to finish Purifying a Shadow Pokémon (in XD, you can also do this in a Purification Chamber at Pokémon HQ Lab).
  • Once Purified, a Shadow Pokémon will return to normal and will relearn its original moves. It will also start to gain EVs.

XD EVing Grounds

The following is a helpful list of trainers you can battle in the Mt. Battle of Pokémon XD to gain EVs in a specific stat. Every trainer gives some EVs in only one stat.


Trainer #81 at MT.Battle
Grimer: 1 Point
Exploud: 3 Points
Swalot: 2 Points
Wobbuffet: 2 Points
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #82 at MT.Battle
Azumarill: 3 Points
Wailmair: 1 Point
Wailord: 2 Points
Castform: 1 Point
Total: 7 Points
Trainer #83 at MT.Battle
Lanturn: 2 Points
Quagsire: 2 Points
Whiscash: 2 Points
Shedinja: 2 Points
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #84 at MT.Battle
Dunsparce: 1 Point
Walrein: 3 Points
Glalie: 2 Points
Tropius: 2 Points
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #85 at MT.Battle
Slaking: 3 Points
Hariyama: 2 Points
Wigglytuff: 3 Points
Total: 8 Points


Trainer #76 at MT.Battle
Ariados: 2 Points
Ursaring: 2 Points
Qwilfish: 1 Point
Total: 5 Points
Trainer #77 at MT.Battle
Solrock: 2 Points
Rhydon: 2 Points
Dodrio: 2 Points
Total: 6 Points
Trainer #78 at MT.Battle
Mightyena: 2 Points
Shiftry: 3 Points
Craudant: 2 Points
Sharpedo: 2 Points
Total: 9 Points
Trainer #79 at MT.Battle
Breloom: 2 Points
Tyranitar: 3 Points
Armaldo: 2 Points
Swampert: 3 Points
Total: 10 Points
Trainer #80 at MT.Battle
Machamp: 3 Points
Gyarados: 2 Points
Heracross: 2 Points
Blaziken: 3 Points
Salamence: 3 Points
Total: 13 Points


Trainer #86 at MT.Battle
Pelliper: 2 Points
Clamperl: 1 Point
Rhyhorn: 1 Point
Forretress: 2 Points
Total: 6 Points
Trainer #87 at MT.Battle
Torkoal: 2 Points
Koffing: 1 Point
Shelgon: 2 Points
Metang: 2 Points
Magcargo: 2 Points
Total: 9 Points
Trainer #88 at MT.Battle
Golem: 3 Points
Sandslash: 2 Points
Miltank: 2 Points
Total: 7 Points
Trainer #89 at MT.Battle
Seedot: 1 Point
Gravelar: 2 Points
Nosepass: 1 Points
Weezing: 2 Points
Pineco: 1 Point
Sudowoodo: 2 Points
Total: 9 Points
Trainer #90 at MT.Battle
Gligar: 1 Point
Skarmory: 2 Points
Metagross: 3 Points
Regirock: 3 Points
Aggron: 3 Points
Total: 12 Points


Rider Willie at Outskirt Stand
Linoone x4: 2 Points each
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #61 at MT.Battle
Golbat: 2 Points
Murkrow: 1 Point
Swellow: 2 Points
Total: 5 Points
Trainer #62 at MT.Battle
Pidgeotto: 2 Points
Dugtrio: 2 Points
Plusle: 1 Point
Minun: 1 Point
Total: 6 Points
Trainer #63 at MT.Battle
Vigoroth: 2 Points
Electabuzz: 2 Points
Linoone: 2 Points
Furret: 2 Points
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #64 at MT.Battle
Medicham: 2 Points
Ninjask: 2 Points
Raichu: 3 Points
Jumpluff: 3 Points
Total: 10 Points
Trainer #65 at MT.Battle
Manectric: 2 Points
Sceptile: 3 Points
Electrode: 2 Points
Starmie: 2 Points
Crobat: 3 Points
Total: 12 Points


Trainer #66 at MT.Battle
Roselia: 1 Point
Spinda: 1 Point
Beautifly: 3 Points
Total: 5 Points
Trainer #67 at MT.Battle
Golduck: 2 Points
Gorebyss: 2 Points
Ampharos: 3 Points
Magneton: 2 Points
Total: 9 Points
Trainer #68 at MT.Battle
Gloom: 2 Points
Vileplume: 3 Points
Sunflora: 2 Points
Total: 7 Points
Trainer #69 at MT.Battle
Girafarig: 2 Points
Kirlia: 2 Points
Lunatone: 2 Points
Kadabra: 2 Points
Total: 8 points
Trainer #70 at MT.Battle
Typhlosion: 3 Points
Alakazam: 3 Points
Gardevoir: 3 Points
Espeon: 2 Points
Houndoom: 2 Points
Total: 13 Points


Trainer #71 at MT.Battle
Kecleon: 1 Point
Ledian: 2 Points
Dustox: 3 Points
Total: 6 points
Trainer #72 at MT.Battle
Tentacool: 1 Point
Lombre: 2 Points
Mantine: 2 Points
Total: 5 Points
Trainer #73 at MT.Battle
Altaria: 2 Points
Hitmontop: 2 Points
Togetic: 2 Points
Bellossom: 3 Points
Total: 9 Points
Trainer #74 at MT.Battle
Tentacruel: 2 Points
Grumpig: 2 Points
Claydol: 2 Points
Cradily: 2 Points
Total: 8 Points
Trainer #75 at MT.Battle
Umbreon: 2 Points
Regice: 3 Points
Milotic: 2 Points
Articuno: 3 Points
Ludicolo: 3 Points
Total: 13 Points

Emerald Tips


The Breeder

The 'Ultimate Egg Move Parent', Smeargle, is without doubt the best Pokémon for breeding Egg moves onto new Pokémon. Smeargle is part of the Ground Egg group, the largest of all the Egg groups. Smeargle also has the ability to learn every move in the game, via it's signature move Sketch. Often, a combination of Egg moves is only possible with the use of a Smeargle as the male parent. Thus, next to Ditto, Smeargle is the second most important breeding tool within the game. It is a must have for any competitive breeder.

The Catcher

Smeargle @ Leftovers
Level: 100
Ability: Own Tempo
Jolly / Adamant, 252 HP / 252 Atk
~ Spore
~ False Swipe
~ Mean Look / Foresight / Thunder Wave / Sweet Scent
~ Haze / Foresight / Thunder Wave / Sweet Scent

Spore and False Swipe are a given. A Pokémon that is at 1 HP and asleep has the highest chance of being caught, only further increased by choice of Poké Ball used. By using Smeargle, you gain STAB on False Swipe. Mean Look prevents roaming Pokémon such as the Lati twins from escaping the battle. Foresight is useful for allowing False Swipe to work on Ghost-type Pokémon. Thunder Wave is a usable alternative to Spore on Pokémon with the Insomnia ability. Haze is useful for stat-uppers, but your own stat boosting move such as Swords Dance can be used for upping the power of False Swipe. Recover or Refresh are also viable but lesser options, as you have access to recovery items, status healers and the X items. Sweet Scent is an option if you do not wish to have a separate Pokémon in your party with the move. When it comes to Smeargle's EVs, a level 100 Smeargle with a 20 Speed IV or higher doesn't need any Speed EVs, so they are all pumped into HP and Attack for survivability and maximum power. The reason for this is because the fastest wild Pokémon in the game, Rayquaza at Spear Pillar, is outsped by a level 100 Smeargle with a minimum of 20 Speed IVs and 0 Speed EVs.

The Battle Frontier IV Man

In Emeralds Pokémon Frontier, there's a guy in a house just above the Pokémon Center that will give you information about your Pokémon's IVs. This man is very handy when you want to check if your Pokémon has any flawless IVs. Once you speak to him, he'll start judging your Pokémon's "abilities".

"Ah, youngster! Do your Pokémon's abilities intrigue you? Here, here! Let's have a look at your Pokémon!"

Choose the Pokémon you want checked. He will then say:

"...Hmm...This one, overall, ..."

  • If he says "I would describe as being of average ability" then your Pokémon's IVs are between 0 and 90.
  • If he says "I would describe as having better-than-average ability" then your Pokémon's IVs are between 91 and 120.
  • If he says "I would say is quite impressive in ability!" then your Pokémon's IVs are between 121 and 150.
  • If he says "I would say is wonderfully outstanding in ability!" then your Pokémon's IVs are between 151 and 186.

Then the man will then proceed to mention the best IV that Pokémon possesses. If it has more than one best IV, he will randomly pick a stat every time you talk to him.

"Incidentally, the best aspect of it, I would say, is its (HP / ATTACK / DEFENSE / SPECIAL ATTACK / SPECIAL DEFENSE / SPEED) ..."

He then gives a judgment about that IV alone:

  • If he says "That stat is relatively good" then the best IV is between 0 and 15.
  • If he says "That stat is quite impressive" then the best IV is between 16 and 25.
  • If he says "That stat is outstanding!" then the best IV is between 26 and 30.
  • If he says "It's flawless! A thing of perfection!" then the best IV is 31.

The man will then finish up his monologue with the words: "...Hm... That's how I call it."

Emerald IV Man

The Synchronize and Flame Body Abilities

In Emerald, the Synchronize and Flame Body abilities were introduced. Unlike most others, these two abilities have an outside of battle effect. If you're breeding or capturing specific-natured Pokémon, then these abilities will be handy.

  • Synchronize: If a Pokémon with this ability is leading your party, then there is a 50% chance that any Pokémon you encounter will have the same nature as your Pokémon. Pokémon with Synchronize include Espeon, Umbreon, Natu, Abra, Mew, and Ralts. It should be noted that in Emerald, Synchronize will not work on stationary legendaries, such as Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.
  • Flame Body: Having a Pokémon with this ability in your team will reduce the number of steps you need to walk in order for an Egg to hatch by roughly one-half.
  • Note: The ability Magma Armor also has the same effect as the ability Flame Body.

Here is a list of Pokémon with Flame Body / Magma Armor abilities:

Flame Body Pokémon
Magcargo / Slugma
Magmar / Magby
Magma Armor Pokémon
Magcargo / Slugma

Unlocking Repeat and Timer Balls

After clearing the Rusturf Tunnel with Rock Smash, speak to the Devon corporation Employee on the Rustboro Side exit; he will give you one of the balls, and inform you that the Rustboro Pokémart will sell both the Timer and Repeat Balls.

Getting the Johto Starters

If you complete the 200 Pokémon of the Hoenn Pokedex (excluding Deoxys and Jirachi), Professor Birch will contact you. If you visit him, he'll allow you to choose one of the Johto Starters (either Chikorita, Totodile, or Cyndaquil).

The Battle Tower Cloning Glitch

This glitch is easily one of the best glitches any of the Pokémon games has ever had. It can be used to clone up to 6 Pokémon at a time and a huge number of items at once. To attempt this glitch you have to first beat the Elite Four and unlock the Battle Frontier. Once there, head to the Battle Tower, and follow the following steps:

  1. Once inside the Battle Tower, head to the PC (on the far right).
  2. Deposit any Pokémon/Item you want to clone (If you want to clone items, select the "Move Pokémon" option, and then make any Pokémon in the PC hold the item you want cloned). If you want to clone anything that is already in the PC, you don't have to withdraw it and then deposit it again. Just make sure anything you want to clone is inside the PC.
  3. Turn off the PC, then Save the game.
  4. Turn on the PC, and withdraw any Pokémon or items you want Cloned.
  5. Head to the Link Multi Battle woman (the one to the farthest right, as shown in the screen shot below).
  6. Accept the challenge, and select two Pokémon.
  7. When she asks you if it is OK to save the game, select "Yes".
  8. The game will freeze for about 3 seconds. This is normal.
  9. When the game asks you to save the game, restart it.
  10. After restarting the game, check your PC, and, if performed correctly, anything that you withdrew from the PC should be back there, yet still in your party/Bag!

Caution: While performing step 4, do not deposit anything to the PC. Anything deposited will be permanently deleted. If you want to deposit anything, do that and then save the game again.

Mirage Island

Mirage Island appears in Emerald the same way it appears in R/S, as explained in the Ruby/Sapphire Tips section above.

Pokémon News

Occasionally, there will be news reports airing on TVs around Hoenn. Some of these news reports are helpful, and you should be aware of them.

  1. Energy Guru
    • The Energy Guru in Slateport City will sell Vitamins for half their original price.
  2. Pokémon Swarms
    • Sometimes, you will hear about outbreaks of some Pokémon like Seedot and Nuzleaf on their respective Routes. If you mix records with R/S, you might hear about a swarm of Surskit, a Pokémon that doesn't normally appear in Emerald.
  3. Lilycove Clear-Out Sale
    • Some items in the Lilycove PokeMart, such as decorations for Secret Bases, will be on sale when this event occurs.
  4. The Blend Master
    • The Blend Master is an old man that shows up in the Contest Hall of Lilycove City after watching the TV broadcast that announces him. He can be found standing next to a Berry Blender and you can make Pokéblocks with him. Doing so with good Berries will get you high level Pokéblocks with little effort. This can be helpful when you want to get good Pokéblocks to evolve a Feebas.

There are other Pokémon News reports that happen throughout Hoenn, but most of them are generally unimportant.

The Effort Ribbon

In Slateport City, there is a woman who will check the first Pokémon of your party. If it has max EVs (510), she will give it the Effort Ribbon. This is really helpful when you want to check if you're done EV training a specific Pokémon.

Effort Ribbon Lady

Getting the Amulet Coin

After getting the fifth badge, head back to your home. Speak to your mother, and she will give you an Amulet Coin. This item doubles the amount of money you get from a battle if the Pokémon holding this item participates in the battle.

Invisible Kecleon Locations

Around Routes 119 and 120, six hidden Kecleon can be found using the Devon Scope. Below are the locations of all of them.

  • Located on the bridge on Route 120, where Steven gives you the Devon Scope. This Kecleon must be battled to advance in the game.
  • Found on Route 119, west of Fortree City, in an alcove between a set of trees. The alcove in question is to the right of the ninja trainer hidden behind a fake tree.
  • South of the Kecleon mentioned above on Route 119, in a short passage to the left. It is one space below another "hidden" ninja trainer.
  • This Kecleon is hiding behind the sign pointing towards Fortree City, on Route 120.
  • Hiding at the top of the first staircase you encounter on Route 120. The staircase in question leads to a plot of land with a Poké Ball holding a Nest Ball to the right, and a secret base location to the left.
  • This Kecleon is concealed north of the Ancient Tomb on the elevated ridge near the end of Route 120.