Dream World Guide

By King N, and dragonboy52. Images by Teddiursa Bear. Scoring and tips for minigames by Tomxc.
  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Accessing the Dream World
  4. Inside Dream World
  5. Berries
  6. Pokemon Dream World Minigames
  7. Areas
  8. Significant Abilities
  9. Significant Moves
  10. External Links
  11. Notes


The new Pokemon games, Black and White, introduced a new feature called Dream World. This is unique and can only be accessed via a PC by sending your Pokemon through the C-Gear, another new feature, in-game.


  • Any one of the Nintendo DS line: DS / DS Lite / DSi / DSi XL / 3DS.
  • A copy of Pokemon Black or White in which the C-Gear has been obtained.
  • A Wi-Fi connection, to which the Pokemon games can be connected. Please note, however, that WPA is only certain to work on the 3DS, but is not guaranteed to function on the DSi / DSi XL. DS and DS Lite are only compatible with WEP connections.
  • A computer with Internet access and a web browser such as Firefox.
  • A Pokemon Global-Link account.

Accessing the Dream World

  1. Step 1—Obtaining the C-Gear

    Defeat the first Gym and head to building south of the Striaton Gym. Go to the 1st floor and talk to Fennel. She will ask you to get some Dream Mist from the Dreamyard. She also gives you the HM Cut. After obtaining the Dream Mist, Fennel comes and takes the Dream Mist, and asks you to meet her in her house. At Fennel's house you will obtain the C-Gear.

  2. Step 2—Obtaining your Game Sync ID

    Turn on your C-Gear and click the "Online" button as in the picture.

    Perform a Game Sync by clicking the circled button. If this is your first time performing a Game Sync, it will take some time. Once youÓ²e finished, you will receive your Game Sync ID.

  3. Step 3—Registration

    Visit www.pokemon.com and register. Once you do that, visit www.pokemon-gl.com and log in with your Trainer Club account at the home page. Go to your profile, which is located under your username. Click on "Game Registration" and it will ask you for your Game Sync ID. After this, you're good to go.

Inside Dream World

Once you enter the Dream World, you will see a cutscene which can be skipped. Once it is over you will be at your house, where Fennel will tell you some important stuff. *You will only be able to access Dream World once per day*

Share Shelf

After clicking the right arrow at the bottom right, you will be at your share shelf, where you can place berries and items.

Island of Dreams

This is the next area in the Dream World. Over here, you can befriend your Pokemon through minigames. At the end of the Island of Dreams, you will reach the Tree of Dreams. In the Tree of Dreams, you will be asked to make a wish, which will require 1 berry. You will be able to send one of the Pokemon you have befriended to the Entralink, where you can catch it.If you want to catch the Pokemon in the Entralink, you must wake up your Pokemon and perform a Game Sync.

The Garden

The last part of the Dream World is the garden. Over here you can plant, water, and grow berries.


With no way to plant berries in-game or transfer berries from previous games, many players were upset at the lack of berries in Black and White. Instead, berries have been shifted to the Dream World.

Garden Rows

These are the loamy soil patches in which berries are grown. By default, you get only two rows. But earning more points give you more rows.

The points required are as follows:

  • 1 -Start
  • 2 -Start
  • 3 -900
  • 4 -2100
  • 5 -3500

These are the locations of the released berries:

  • #01-Cheri-Pleasant Forest
  • #02-Chesto-Sparkling Sea
  • #03-Pecha-Pleasant Forest
  • #04-Rawst-Sparkling Sea
  • #05-Aspear- Windswept Sky
  • #07-Oran-Pleasant Forest
  • #08-Persim-Windswept Sky
  • #09-Lum-Pokemon Cafe Forest
  • #10-Sitrus-Pleasant Forest
  • #11-Figy-Pleasant Forest
  • #12-Wiki-Sparkling Sea
  • #13-Mago-Sparkling Sea
  • #14-Aguav-Windswept Sky
  • #15-Iapapa-Windswept Sky
  • #21-Pomeg-Windswept Sky
  • #22-Kelpsy-Windswept Sky
  • #23-Qualot-Windswept Sky
  • #24-Hondew-Windswept Sky
  • #25-Grepa-Windswept Sky
  • #26-Tamato-Windswept Sky

Dream Points

Dream Points are the leveling system in the Dream World. Every 500 points increases your level by one on your next sync. More Dream Points enables the user to encounter rarer Pokemon as well as arrive in rarer places. This is how Dream Points are earned.

  • 10 Points Water your friend's Berries
  • 20 Points Complete minigames in the Island of Dreams
  • 30 Points Make Dream Pals with someone
  • 50 Points Log in to Global Link

Pokemon Dream World Minigames

In order to befriend Pokemon you must play a minigame. Completing a minigame gets you 30 Dream World points, and the number of points you get while playing decides whether or not your Pokemon has a Special Move when you transferred.

There are 5 minigames in total.

Search for Pokemon

In this minigame, the objective is to search for a certain Pokemon. You will have to search in a particular area. There is a button at the bottom right that allows you to listen for the Pokemon's cry. You will encounter other Pokemon along the way, but you must find the specific Pokemon in the given time limit. The less the time you take to find it, the higher your score will be. The Pokemon is guaranteed to be in two spaces distance from the berry


  • 5000 Points (minimum for finding Pokemon)
  • 500 Points bonus for every second of Remaining time
  • 5000 Points (if Pokemon's lost berry is found)


Theoretical Legitimate Max Score: 53,500 Points (assuming it took 3 seconds to find the berry and the Pokemon if they happened to be within 1 or 2 spots from your starting position).

  • The Listen Carefully feature is not worth using. The timer counts down while you're listening and each second lost is 500 Points. Use the Berry location as a check instead. The lost Pokemon will generally be within 3 steps from the spot where you found the Berry.
  • Transitions between scenes and checking Pokemon does not cause the timer to go down, only when you are idle. So if you click the arrows to move quickly without waiting too much in between, you will save quite a few seconds in total.
  • Keeping moving until you see the Berry. The game is mostly luck, so the faster you find the Berry, the faster you will find the Pokemon. The single Berry in the maze will always be a glimmering spot at the center of the screen, so focus your attention there. Finding the Berry will add an extra 5000 points.
  • The shaking spots where Pokemon are hiding may not animate right when you reach a particular scene/transition, but if you know where those spots are in each possible screen, you can click them right away to save time.

Play with Wailord

In this minigame, the objective is to shoot various Pokemon, such as Piplup, Pikachu, Buizel and Meowth, using the water from Wailord's spout, and make them hit the balls floating in the air. You need to hit the orange balls with Buizel, yellow balls with Pikachu, brown balls with Meowth, and blue balls with Piplup. The objective is to hit 15 correct balls. The more you hit, the higher the score will be.


  • 300 Points * Multiplier for each Ball opened
  • Ball counter bonus: + 500 Points bonus for each Ball tallied at the end of the game (displayed on the right side panel)
  • Combo bonus: + 100 * Number of Balls opened before any Pokemon fell into the water
  • Perfect clear bonus: + 10,000 Points if no Pokemon fell in the water during the entire game
  • Number of balls Multiplier: 1 + (Total number of Balls / 100)


Theoretical Legitimate Max Score: ~120,000 Points

  • The direction your Pokemon launches from the spout of water depends on its position on the spout. For best control, try to make your Pokemon land in the center of the spout so it will be launched straight up. However, for strategic purposes, you may wish to have your Pokemon land near the sides so it will launch diagonally if that's the fastest course towards your target.
  • Don't be in too much of a rush to launch your Pokemon, especially when all four are present. You will get a much higher score if you never let any Pokemon fall in the water, as there's 10,000 Points for the Perfect clear, as well as lots of points for keeping the Multiplier going. At x10 Multiplier, each Ball opened will be worth 3000 Points!
  • Move quickly and follow which Pokemon is closest to falling into the water and don't hesitate. If you're in an emergency and need to reach two Pokemon at a large distance apart, you can try to click rapidly and generate continuous spouts of water to launch the first Pokemon up when reaching it (instead of catching it on the spout) and quickly move to the second Pokemon.

Sky Race

The objective of this minigame is to travel, by flying a Pelipper with your mouse, 1000 m in 2 minutes. You must collect the blue water capsules to increase your speed, which gives you 300 points every time you collect 1, and 1000 when you collect 3 in a row. The lightning capsule slows you down and reduces your score by 100 points. Clouds also slow you down, but do not cause point reductions.


  • 300 Points for each Water Droplet collected when Speed is below Max Speed
  • 1000 Points for each Speed Up when speed is below Max Speed
  • 450 Points for each Water Droplet collected at Max Speed
  • 1500 Points for each Speed Up collected at Max Speed
  • 200 Points Time bonus for every second remaining
  • 200 Points Speed Up bonus at the end of the game for every Speed Up achieved (so in essence, a total of 1200 Points for each Speed Up if you reach the Goal)


Theoretical Legitimate Max Score: ~63,000 Points

  • Avoid hitting Lightning at all costs. Your speed will greatly be reduced if you do, and you'll lose any collected water capsules.
  • The Pelipper's dodging movement speed is faster than it may seem. Imagine tracing a path lead by your cursor/guide flags and the Pelipper as a magnet that will instantly follow along this path. It's actually easy to swerve and avoid Lightning yet still grab the Water Droplet next to it. Move quickly and you won't be hit. (See Video for examples)
  • It's okay to hit clouds even though they may slow you down just a bit. Try to avoid hitting clouds, however, unless it's for avoiding Lightning or getting a Water Droplet. Net points-wise, you may lose some of the extra +150 or +500 Points from getting Water Droplet or Speed Up at Max Speed, but if hitting a cloud was for the sake of getting more Water Droplets, you will earn back +300 Points at least for every Water Droplet, not to mention that avoiding Lightning is crucial.

Drink Serving

This is a Pokemon Cafe Forest only game, currently available only to Japanese Dream World. It allows players to act as a Foongus with the job of a waiter. You have to deliver drinks to the customers. Serving correct drinks fetches you 2,450 points, while spilled drinks fetch 750 points. Incorrect drinks fetch an even lower 120. However, the Special Jug Drink always fetches 4,300.

Ice Cream Scoop

The time limit here is one and a half minutes. Here, you have to stack Ice Cream Scoops on top of one another. You have to use a berry from your treasure chest for this. The type of berry used determines the flavor. A minimum of 20 inches is required. Height, size of scoops, and type of berry used are the factors that determine the score.


  • 75 Points for every inch of Height reached (with decimals and rounded down)
  • Flavors Multiplier Bonus: 1 + [Total Scoops / (3 * Highest Number Scoop of One Flavor)]; Max is 2.00
  • (Heart) Bite-sized Multiplier Bonus: For 14 Total Scoops, 14/14 or 13/14 = 2.00; 12/14 or 11/14 = 1.90; 10/14 = 1.80 etc. | For < 10 Total Scoops, 10/10 = 2.00; 9/10 = 1.90; 8/10 = 1.80 etc.


Theoretical Legitimate Max Score: ~60,000 Points

  • The following strategy is disputed by some as a glitch; nevertheless, it's the only way to get a high score. Stack scoops straight upward, and after every scoop placed, quickly grab another small scoop and place it in front of the scoop you just stacked (so this secondary scoop is not actually stacked on top, just put out in front of the previous scoop). This will help, or almost guarantee your actual scoop to stick and become stable and not fall off (if you have placed stacked the scoop near the center and not sliding off).
  • Try to make all the scoops with the "bite-sized" circumference shown by the game on the right side panel. The ideal size will vary each game, and generally larger sizes will help with Height points, reduce the total number of scoops (also making it easier to get the full size bonus multiplier), and have a slightly higher threshold for what qualifies as "bite-sized" (a bit more room for human error when judging sizes).
  • Use the Berries that have a high Easy to scoop rating (3 to 5 Stars are ideal). These will allow you to make scoops much faster and thus make more scoops and reach a higher stack height. Stickiness rating does not matter as much here because of the strategy mentioned above. The best berries to use for high scores are Lum berries, although type resist berries, such as Haban or Rindo berries also give good results.


The Dream World is divided into four areas as of now. New Pokemon are unlocked in all areas at 7,500 and 10,000 points.

The areas are :

  • Pleasant Forest: Available at the start.
  • Spooky Manor: Available at the start.
  • Windswept Sky: Available once the player has 2,500 points.
  • Sparkling Sea: Available once the player has 5,000 points.
  • Pokemon Cafe Forest: A Japanese event only area. It was available from May 25th 2011 and will be available until August 2011. Burmy, Eevee, Poliwhirl, and Smeargle are available there.

Significant Abilities

Some of the Dream World announced abilities can change the way people battle this generation.

  • Moody: This ability led to the excessive use of Pokemon like Bibarel and Smeargle. It was subsequently categorized to fall under Evasion Clause, and was thus banned in a couple of weeks. The Pokemon that received this ability are Octillery, Smeargle, Glalie and Bibarel.
  • Speed Boost Blaziken: Speed Boost increases Blaziken's already good Speed one stage at the end of each turn. It was banned from the OU tier as well in a couple of weeks.
  • Technician Breloom: Breloom, an already OU Pokemon, received a game-changing ability that allows it to boost the power of moves such as Mach Punch and Bullet Seed. What else can be said? However, it is not yet released
  • Drizzle Politoed: It allowed permanent rain in the OU tier for the first time. This contributed greatly to the prominence of permanent weather in the metagame, as well as the Aldaron Proposal, which banned the combination of Drizzle and Swift Swim on the same team.
  • Drought Vulpix: This brought permanent sun to both the OU and RU tiers. This also helped bring permanent weather to the metagame.
  • Magic Bounce Espeon: The amount of moves that this ability reflects is staggering. It works like an automatic Magic Coat.

Significant Moves

Just like the abilities, some moves also change the game.

  • Magikarp - Bounce
  • Nidoran-F - Sucker Punch/Super Fang
  • Nidoran-M - Super Fang
  • Poliwag - Sleep Talk
  • Tentacool - Giga Drain

External Links


  • Only female Dream World Pokemon can pass Dream World abilities. You can only tuck in a Pokemon every 24 hours.
  • Changing the data will ban you from the Dream World for 24 hours. Thus, if you RNG after tucking in the Pokemon, you must attempt to do Game Sync. It will not let you on, but after this point, you can access the Dream World after 24 hours.