PPRNG Guide - How to RNG Abuse your Trainer ID/Secret ID

  1. Introduction
  2. The Basics of RNG Abuse
  3. How to RNG Abuse your TID/SID combo
  4. Capturing/Receiving Perfect (and Shiny) Pokemon
  5. Breeding Perfect (and Shiny) Pokemon
  6. Receiving Perfect Wondercard Pokemon
  7. Capturing Roaming Pokemon
  8. Controlling Encounters in Hidden Grottoes
  9. Receiving Perfect Dream Radar Pokemon
  10. Capturing Perfect Entralink Pokemon

In the 4th Generation games, it was a fruitful endeavor to RNG abuse a specific Trainer ID and Secret ID combo; since certain PIDs would allow the generation of a shiny wild Pokemon and PID and IVs were tied together, you would have to RNG abuse a desired TID/SID in order to capture such a Pokemon. With PIDs and IVs now working on their own frame counters, this specific RNG abuse is not necessary, save for the desire of a specific ID, reception of a shiny starter, or to make it easier to capture a shiny roamer in Black and White.

In the main window of PPRNG, click on Trainer ID Searcher:

Depending on what you're going for, you will start with either plugging in a desired seed for a starter or roamer you want an easier time to catch or simply finding a desired TID/SID. In this example, we will be using a specified seed for a roamer and searching for a specific TID, in this case, a Calm Thundurus as the window below highlights the desired frame.

Since we wanted to get a specific TID, we input the number in the Desired TID box. Hitting Search will then generate a date and time based on the data input. In-game, you'll want to have your saved game erased; this is because the game prevents you from saving the game if you start a new game while a save file is on there. Once ready, start your game at the given time, making sure to hold down your keypresses (if any) until the Game Freak star crash. Start your new game and listen to Professor Juniper's lecture. Once you gain control of your character, you will open the menu and look at the <Player> menu. Here, you will find out what Trainer ID you received, and with it be able to use the ID Frame Search tab to find out the initial frame. Input the required date to find out this information. Once you find out the initial frame, you are now ready to advance the frame to get the desired TID. Repeat the steps as before, except this time pause in the following screen:

By selecting no to Juniper's confirmation of your name, you would advance the frame by 1. Continue saying no to her until you reach the target frame. For reference:

(Target Frame) - (Initial Frame) = Advances Required