The Orange League


The Orange League pits teams of users against each other to show off their best in-game scores, fastest speedruns, and mini-game skills. Every two weeks, a new round begins and the leaderboards are updated. Players have 4 days to track down teammates that have the games they lack. After teams are formed, users have 10 days to achieve the highest scores they can and submit them to TheOrangeLeague. More details can be found here.


Leaderboards will be kept for users that have earned the most points in The Orange League, which can be found below. Furthermore, a history of prior wins can be found in our archives, which detail every challenge, winning teams, and past results.

Points Earned

User Points
atsync 21
Garud 17
Diana 15
CrashinBoomBang 13
Lockdown 7
Its_A_Random 6
Jimera0 6
Zystral 6
Nexus 5
Showsni 5
waffles101 5