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The Orange Islands hub is the center for all casual Pokemon information. Here, you'll find everything from useful in-game articles and resources, to entertaining Let's Plays and challenges. If you're interested in helping out with the Orange Islands hub, shoot a PM to Jellicent.

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"Enter the Dragon Type" Online Tournament

Posted by antemortem on March 6th, 2015

"Enter the Dragon Type" is the newest online tourament and will start on March 12th, battles opening on March 20th. Every Pokémon is currently usable, which includes the VGC tournament banlist. To keep things balanced, a player can only use a maximum of two banned Pokémon per team, and must bring at least one Dragon-type Pokémon to the Bring-4-Pick-4 Doubles match. To sweeten the deal, entrants receive a Snow Warning Amaura upon completion of at least three battles!