The Smogon Hub

Welcome to The Smogon Hub. From here, you can easily access the many hubs we've created to better integrate the forums with the main site.

Metagame Hubs

The Metagame Hubs offer key resources and information regarding not only Smogon's officially recognized metagames, but the unofficial metagame community known as Other Metagames. These are metagames that are both developed and maintained by the players within the community.

Sixth Gen Hub

Updates and information regarding Generation VI.


Updates and information regarding the VGC ruleset.

Past Gens Hub

Information and resources for all Past Generations.

Other Metas Hub

Updates and resources for all Other Metagame rulesets.

Community Hubs

The Community Hubs feature various information about key aspects of the Smogon community, how to get involved, and other useful resources.

Rate My Team Hub

The RMT Hub showcases great past teams and gives
players a chance to get critiques on their own teams.

Wi-Fi Hub

The Wi-Fi Hub features RNG guides, trade threads, and
our Wi-Fi Battle Finder.

Orange Islands Hub

The Orange Islands Hub is for everything related to
casual Pokemon, guides, and Let's Plays.


The IRC Hub is home for rules and information about
#pokemon and other semi-official channels.