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Introduction to the Other Metagames Hub


Welcome to the Other Metagames hub! This hub is a bit different from the rest of the tier hubs that you may be familiar with; each metagame that gets sufficient popularity will have its own page. In these pages, anything regarding the tier can go there, such as mini threat lists, projects, articles, and more. This is the place to be if you're interested in all of the wacky metagames Smogon has to offer. If you want to talk about the different other metagames, join us on the forums or on IRC on #othermetas. We also have a room on Pokémon Showdown!, which you can find here! If you aren't used to IRC and you want to join us at #othermetas, find out more about IRC here. Or, you can come swing by our Discord here!

Latest News


Updates; January 19th

Wow guys... it's been too long. Way too long. This hub is not dead! Thanks to anto, we'll be rebooting. Her excellent HTML is allowing us a new sleek design for the Hub and I'll begin to keep it more updated. Expect general updates, OMGS information, and most importantly, OM C&C information, in the next post! Also, don't forget to congratulate Eevee General for being promoted to Super Mod! See you guys next time! — unfixable


Updates; July 4th

Hey guys! First of all, happy July 4th to those who celebrate it! Let's get right to the news. The winner of July's Other Metagame of the Month is Mix and Mega! This format allows Pokémon to Mega Evolve with any Mega Stone, gaining the boosts, weight, and typing that each respective stone provides. June's Leader's Choice is Protean Palace, a format in which all Pokémon receive access to Protean alongside their existing abilities. In other news, Other Metagames C&C has been running just smoothly, with the uploaded analyses in the past week being Mega Gyarados for Balanced Hackmons, courtesy of Mamp, and Mega Latios for Balanced Hackmons, written by Hack Guy. That's all for this week! — unfixable


Updates; June 27th

Hey guys! Welcome to the weekly OM update! In recent news, OMotM voting is up. Uselesscrab is hosting it this month. We're trying a new system in which especially good users are able to host as a reward. Besdies this, OMPL Week Four went up! In a clashing battle already, Mamp overtakes ready2go202 with a powerful Protean Mega Mewtwo Y (replay: link). Congrats Mamp! SpartanMalice was also promoted to Driver (%) in the Other Metas room on Pokémon Showdown! today, so congratulations to him as well! — unfixable


OM C&C; June 21st

Hey guys! So some big news recently happened. I decided to make this a new post, as I've got a lot to say about it. After a lot of discussion and work, OM Analyses are finally up! The analyses are for STABmons, Balanced Hackmons, and Almost Any Ability. These analyses go through Quality Control checks, then Grammar Prose, and are eventually pushed on site. A guide for working on these analyses will be posted on the hub in due time, but please be patient! We're accepting all users who would like to contribute, as long as you have metagame knowledge. And if you don't, maybe you can read through the analyses and learn more about the metagames so that you can eventually contribute as well! — unfixable


Updates; June 21st

Hey guys! It's unfixable. We haven't updated in a long time, but we're back baby! As some may have noticed, Other News has stopped running. This is due to a recent merge of the webzines, and because both Eevee General and myself were overwhelemed. Anyways, onto recent OM news for you. OMPL III kicked off! This year's a blast. We're currently in Week Three. Currently leading the herd are the Zygomorphic Zygardes, led by Piccolo Daimao and Uselesscrab, and the King Kois, led by Eevee General. In the past OMotM news, Linked won for June and 2v2 Doubles won for May. Another ladder was also added: the OM Leader's choice. This month's was Averagemons, a metagame in which all Pokémon's stats are automatically set to a flat 100. Now that we've recapped, let's talk about the Hub. The Hub is going to be receiving much more constnat updates, new pages being added, and this News post will be updated every single Saturday. Tune in! — unfixable


Inheritance OMotM!; April 5th

Inheritance wins OMotM for April. In this metagame, submitted by Snaquaza, Pokémon are able to "inherit" moves and ability from other Pokémon. However, they are unable to keep their current moveset unless they inherit from themselves. For example, a Landorus-T is able to inherit from Talonflame and gain Gale Wings, Brave Bird, and Flare Blitz; however, it may not have Intimidate, and it may not use Earthquake, since Talonflame can't. This metagame has been quite popular since it was first posted, and leaves room for much creativity. — unfixable


Hidden Type OMotM!; March 8th

Hidden Type wins OMotM for March, after previously winning it in October. This metagame follows one key element: Hidden Power. The Pokémon's Hidden Power adds a type to its already existing typing. For example, a Dragonite with Hidden Power Steel EVs would be Dragon / Flying / Steel type. Pokémon do not have to run this Hidden Power to get the type, however; they're able to run just the IVs for the Hidden Power and have four other moves. This metagame was submitted by The Immortal, and has gained quite the popularity since its addition. — unfixable

Eevee General

Other News Launch; Febraury 2nd

A lot of things happen in Other Metagames. Blink and you might miss an amazing new metagame or pet mod. And with so much happening, sometimes we forget the details of events from the last few weeks or so. Well should you find yourself forgetting, or maybe you came back after a week off and want to catch up but don't know where to get the scoop, I present our very own newsletter, Other News, your one-stop for all news from Other Metagames!

Open it up and you'll see coverage of the last OMotM, all the new metagames and pet mods, tour and Showdown! highlights, plus miscellaneous events, including a sample of amazing new artwork! Have OM artwork of your own you want showcased? PM me or unfixable by the 20th of the month and we'll feature it in the next issue. Want to contribute to the newsletter? For now, we think we can tackle it just the two of us, especially since we're not writing original articles like you'd see in The Player or The Smog, merely we're reporting, which takes less time and manpower. However, should we need editors or HTML help in the future, we will let the community know. Until then, please enjoy your free subscription! And remember, what you read in Other News may not be front-page news, but it's our news. — Eevee General


OMotM February!; January 31st

Classic Hackmons wins OMotM for February! After coming in second for OMotM January, Classic Hackmons takes the win with an astounding 46 votes. In this metagame, all Pokémon can have any ability, any move, and as many as 252 EVs in every single stat. Furthermore, Pokémon are able to be used without their Mega Stones / Orbs in their Mega / Primal formes, and you can use more than one! There are no clauses in this metagame, and there are no bans whatsoever. This metagame comes from hacking in-game and has since gained a large community of dedicated players. This great community is what pushed Classic Hackmons into victory this month! This metagame is able to be played on the main Pokémon Showdown! server, and be sure to come by the Other Metagames room to discuss Classic Hackmons! — unfixable


FU & New OM leaders; January 4th

FU, a tier below PU, has been elected as OMotM! FU, like PU, does not stand for anything. (that you know of!) There's been a bit of confusion, but this discussion takes place in the OM room, not the PU room, contrary to popular belief. Anyways, this tier is full of a variety of new and wonderful surprises and is now able to be played on Pokémon Showdown! now!

In other news, Eevee General and The Immortal have been elected as new OM leaders! Hollywood, our previous OM leader, has stepped down in this position and has given it to Eevee and The Immortal, two dedicated and fantastic mods. Congratulations to both of them! — unfixable


Some New Stuff; November 14th

With ORAS right around the corner, one can expect to see a lot of new ideas and creative metagames popping up. In order to get us hyped for ORAS, we've began hosting some new projects! Firstly, the Seasonal Ladder is back up and running by popular demand! Joim is back to the website and has recently added this to the main server. Next, the Community Create a Team thread is back up and can be found here. This time around is PU and the thread is currently in nomination stage; why not go post some sets? Next, I'm bringing us some ladder challenges with the spice up your life challenge, bringing you creative ways to have fun on the ladder and earn points! Finally, in preperation for ORAS, a general ORAS OM discussion thread has been opened up; check it out here! That's all for today, but I'll be sure to update this with ORAS news when it comes! — unfixable


Added OMPL page; November 1st

After two months of coming in second, the metagame 350 Cup has finally won the vote this time. The ladder should be up on Pokémon Showdown! shortly, but until then feel free to come by the Other Metagames room to discuss it! This is a metagame in which all Pokémon with stats under 350 are doubled, Ubers are also allowed. Pawniard and Spritzee are also banned. — unfixable


OM Hub Updates; August 28th

Untouched nearly since its inception in BW, the OM Hub is in need of some major reworking, which The Eevee General and I are currently doing! Over the next week or so, we hope to have the hub up and running with completely up-to-date indexes, information, and metagames.

Once we finish with these updates, we'll be looking for help writing articles and other various pieces for the hub. There will be more information available when this time comes, so keep a lookout in the OM subforum for ways you can help out! — hollywood

Eevee General

Hollywood is leader; August 23rd

Arcticblast's leadership has officially ended, though his presence won't be forgotten. He led Other Metagames during a time of huge growth: from a secluded section of the forums to a burgeoning area filled with many new, popular metagames. He will be missed, but you might still see him from time to time, visiting the part of the site that he once cultivated before he passed it on to its next leader.

Hollywood was already a well-known mod in Other Metagames and across the Smogon forums before taking over. He was running a few metagames and contributing to the development of many more through the submissions process--who better else than him for the new leadership position? It's Hollywood's position and influence in other parts of the site that will take Other Metagames to the next level. Expect more inclusion with other site projects and a stronger image presented for players who normally wouldn't think twice about visiting our threads. We're paving ahead, so come along for the ride! — Eevee General