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Zapdos and Garchomp in VGC

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The Video Game Championships, commonly shortened to VGC, is Nintendo's official Pokemon tournament series. The VGC format is always double battles with a "bring 6, pick 4" ruleset, which means that you come prepared with a team of 6 Pokemon and pick 4 of them for each match.

Smogon VGC offers a great community to learn and thrive. With our Battling 101 tutoring system, you can learn the ins and outs of VGC to achieve greatness at real life competitions! You can also read our VGC analyses which will provide common movesets and tell you about how to use the Pokemon in the VGC metagame. And as always, you can discuss anything VGC related in our VGC subforum. If you're looking for live VGC discussion, Smogon's official IRC channel, #pokemon is the place to go! For more information on how to use IRC, check out the IRC page.

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