VGC Resources and Projects


Battle Spot Doubles Discussion and Records is a place for in-depth discussion over the new Battle Spot Doubles ladder ruleset, which is essentially the same as VGC itself.

The VGC Simple Question, Simple Answer thread is the easiest place to get quick answers to any simple VGC-related questions you might have.

The Pokemon Showdown server is a great place to practice VGC on. Be sure to read up on the rules before going there. You can find past simulator statistics here.

The VGC 2015 Regional Rules are a key resource to check out before teambuilding and attending any 2015 VGC events.

The Sample Teams for VGC15 thread offers players new to the ruleset a groundwork for learning the game.

There is a compendium of on- and off-site resources for learning the VGC ruleset that are incredibly useful for a budding player.

The VGC 2015 Viability Rankings are where players decide how to rank common Pokemon in the VGC15 ruleset based on their strengths and niches compared to others.


Smogon and GBU Differences thanks to BattleStar is short run-down of what major things are different between Smogon's ruleset and GBU's ruleset.

Utilizing Team Preview in GBU thanks to BattleStar is a guide that details how best to prepare for the new Team Preview feature in GBU battling.