Orange Islands Resources

#OI on SynIRC is Smogon's casual Pokémon discussion chat. This is a good place to go for any Pokémon-related questions, as well as a fun channel for sharing Pokémon experiences and meeting other Smogon users. To learn more about SynIRC, click here.

The Orange Islands Questions thread is a great resource for getting answers to simple in-game questions. Be sure to read the guidelines in the first post before posting there.

The Battle Maison Discussion & Records thread keep strack of Smogon users' records in the Battle Maison.

There are an assortment of In-Game Tiers lists being created and revamped in Orange Islands. These offer useful tips on which Pokémon are best suited for each game. If you have helpful advice to offer, contributions are always welcomed to these threads:


Hidden Items in RBY by atsync is a guide that reveals all of the secret items in RBY without the need to use the Itemfinder.

Hidden Items in GSC by atsync is a guide that reveals all the secret items in RBY without the need to use the Itemfinder.

Join Avenue and Magnemite Coil by inanimate blob is an indepth guide to the shops and quirks of Join Avenue in BW2.

Swap, Drop, and Roll: A SatisFactory Pokémon Guide by Glen offers extensive information about the 4th Gen Battle Factory.

The Essential Guide to Voltorb Flip by Level 51 offers all you need to know about this HGSS minigame.


The Scramble Challange MkII is a community driven challenge for in-game playthroughs. Scramblers are only allowed to use Pokémon that are randomly assigned by users on the forums.

The Nuzlocke Challenge MkII only allows users to catch the first Pokémon they run into on each route. Furthermore, should that Pokémon faint at any time, it can no longer be used for that game. Make up your own rules to give the challenge a little boost in difficulty!

The Gauntlet Challenge 2.0 is similar to Scrambles, but instead of being assigned Pokémon, challengers are assigned gauntlets that vary from full playthrough restrictions to one-time area or battle challenges.

Faulty Technology challenges players to work their party like an assembly line. Each time you visit a Pokémon Center, you must deposit a Pokémon into your box and withdraw another, moving another Pokémon from the adjacent box to fill empty spaces!

Let's Plays

Orange Island Plays - get together with the Orange Island community to play games, the challenges varying with each gathering. Of course, you can always do your own thing - everything's free game as long as you're having fun with your OI friends!

Locke's Pok´mon Adventure - Join WideTomato as they venture through the Kalos region in Pokémon Y!

Deino Plays - Join Deinosaur's adventures throughout various different games. Deinosaur is currently playing Pokémon Omega Ruby!

Fighting Chance: An Origin Platinum Nuzlocke - ErynCerise is rolling the dice and hoping for the best as they play a hack, Pokémon Origin Platinum, and pinning their journey on the luck of the draw.

Jimera0's Old School Updates - Jimera0 is tackling some older Pokémon games; join him as he rumbles through one-half of the Generation II remakes, Pokémon SoulSilver!