The Best of the Worst: Room Suggestions

By f(x), Trickster and Skitty. Art by f(x), Magistrum and MiniArchitect.
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Welcome to Best of the Worst, a series dedicated to making fun of terrible room suggestion ideas that are so terrible they're gold! Now you may or may not be thinking, "What the hell are room suggestions?" Well, if you live under a sealed rock, room suggestions were ideas for rooms you could give to possibly being added on the official PS! server, which is now a thing of the past. They were things rejected with reasoning deeper than the ocean, from either being redundant on the server to being absolute stupid. But don't fret, children—some global staff and I are here to leave you laughing at the past with some additional 100% custom commentary. Now, let's get started.

Room Name: Adult Zone (18+)
Which Type of Room: Public
Suspected Number of Users: Not sure, but probably a bunch of users over 18.
Why You Think the Room Should Be Made/What It Would to the Server: A lot of times, I see people in the Lobby complain about too many youngsters shitting up the chat. If there were a room open to only adults, we could talk about adult things (Not porn. It sounds like a room for porn, but that'd still be disallowed). As an adult room, the chat will be expected to be more mature, so acting childish could result in instant bans. I think this would be good for those still want general Lobby-like discussion, but want a more strict and adult tone.

-(name removed)

This is exactly what I am looking for on Pokémon Showdown: a room where I can talk about my wife and kids, finances, or this month's mortgage. All that good stuff. Actually, when I think of adult room, the first thing that comes to mind is salacious content, which we all know should not be allowed on a Christian server.


I would be highly opposed to the creation of this room. Excluding users like this is unacceptable and infuriates me just thinking about it. Who do these 18-year-olds think they are trying to have discussions without me just because I'm younger? At least COPPA is no longer in effect; that was even more discriminatory to 9-year-olds like me.


Why was this denied? I hate when young whippersnappers shit up the chat. All they do is skateboard loudly on the sidewalk, and they create the same kind of ruckus in chat by blabbering about their new gadgets and their latest Game Boy game. If this room was made, I know my friends Eugene, Laverne, Bernie, and Harold would absolutely love it.

Room Name: Dark Room
Which Type of Room: Public
Suspected Number of Users: 450
Reason: In the Tournament/Wifi rooms you can rarely start a conversation about dark types without every fairy, fighting and bug lover screaming at you about how dark types are bad and useless, this room will be a room were you can talk about:
Monotype Dark Teams
Favorite Pokemon
Good move sets
Dark pokemon that people think need megas

So I basically think this room would be a good place for people who like dark types and talking about them.

I hope you will take this into consideration
-Sincerely (name removed)

I'm so mad this didn't get created. Like, come on, we haven't had an edgy room since the Help room and even that amount of edge would not amount to this. This is somewhere I could fit in and talk about my BlackVeilBrides album collection while I look up Umbreon videos on Youtube... No one understands.


I'm quite disappointed we didn't create this room. Whenever I try to discuss my favorite Dark-types like Greninja in the Lobby, I constantly get flamed for using a "broken" Pokémon. A place where I can avoid these fairy lovers sounds like paradise to me. Screw the people who banned my favorite Dark-type. I bet this only got rejected because the staff is full of no-good, fairy loving noobs!


I'm extremely sick of dark lovers oppressing bugkin like myself. I get oppressed daily by these people, and if we rewarded them with their very own room we'd just be encouraging their behavior. My fightingkin and fairykin friends have all agreed to boycott PS! if this room ever gets made, so remember that Zarel.

Name: The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
A Chosen Few will be able to access the sanctuary
- All about Real Life, Elder Scrolls or anything. In this room all people will be voiced and able to use bold or such as they please however thy will many restrictions for spamming and such or if thy bother someone they can be locked. In This room you can be as dark as you want as long as its not directed at anyone. This room is unnecessary but I would love it.

Brothers... sisters—wait, no, this is a MEN'S club. We gather here to broadcast and bold our feelings, not to the world but to our fellow brethren. Our clan is like the darkest of dark where few are permitted. Hell, you can be dark and edgy, just not to our dark and edgy friends—you got that, kid?


I know I'd love a dark place where I can bold my dark love for the Elder Scrolls. If I were one of the few dark users chosen for this dark, exclusive room, I'd make the best of it by showing off my dark Voice powers as much as possible.Although I'm not allowed to spam, I'd use my newfound Voice powers to ban all non-dark users who got in the way of the room's dark tranquility.


Can I have access to the sanctuary? I've always wanted to be able to bold whenever I please... but feel restricted because of Showdown's tyrannical rules. I've also always wanted to be a Voice, so the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary™ is a perfect place for me. It sucks that Wellobello didn't include a suggested amount of users, though. I really need to know how many dark brethren would be sharing the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary™ with me.



(just thought you guys might like some cheering up. Cows are good. They go Moo. Everyone is happy.)

(if you make this a room cos ur goodhumoured enough ily 4eva, if u don't I'll understand I just hope that I made you smile. Moo :) )

Look at this, LOOK AT THIS. Moo room? Seriously? Why just Moo room? Why not meow room or oink room? The creator of this thinks he can just oppress whomever they want? You know what you call these types of people? moo scum. My social justice warrior friends and I will track this guy down and show the real oppression for this atrocity.


I'm quite offended that anyone would just have the audacity to just assume that I need cheering up. However, I'm even more vexed that a person would think the staff's sense of humor was so crass that simple "mooing" would make us smile. In the end, everyone is happy? I think not. I'm walking away from this feeling extremely indignant.


Why would this make anyone "smile"? Would this fit in Free Time? How in the world would this "cheer anyone up"? Why would anybody make a room suggestion like this? So many questions left unanswered in this mysterious room suggestion!

Room name: sneakerhood (not really known)
Public Room/ Private Room
Suspected Number of users: 15-25
Why we think it should be added and what it will contribute: Give a place to talk and discuss, all things sneakers and footwear.
Is it taken by another room?: Lots might think it is covered by free time room as fashion is a category there, except I am a mod there and there is rarely sneaker talk because most people don't talk about fashion that often, and when they do its a different type. Sneakers are usually a different type of discussion with a different fanbase that many people are passionate about. Most room owners agree and support, or at least don't deny the idea. It can also attract people from places like sports room who can talk about nice basketball shoes or things they might not come to free time for but will for this.

  • I feel that it needs to be really emphasized that sneaker speak is very different than most fashion talking, as there is a very dedicated fan base with more specific topics that can easily generate an ongoing conversation with loyal users. Free time does have a section on fashion, but it isn't a common subject and often feels out of place to talk about shoes as nobody there knows anything about it, and also services like legitimacy checks and things like that can be very useful for people getting in the selling game for shoes.
  • In free time whenever we try to talk about shoes if there are lots of people, the topic for free time is broad enough that there is never a solid conversation about this unless there are lacking users and staff when people talk about it more often.

Possible Activities:

  1. Photo contest
  2. Sneaker Themed Panagrams
  3. Art Contest (maybe)

For those just starting out in the sneaker game we provide a helpful environment to learn about such things like, Fakes, Terminology, Condition Checks, and more. For those more experienced the room serves as a place to share your knowledge, ask for opinions , and chill out with others who have a similar passion for sneakers.

We haven't got that much global support from the people we have asked but most don't think its a terrible idea and is worth giving it a try. The main people involved with this project were me, aspire and whilst on pokemon showdown.

Haha, yeah man, nothing cooler than kickin' back, going on PS!, and talking about my new Jordans in the shoe room. Or maybe we can exchange shoe sizes and feet pics, or they can help me pick out which color Crocs I should get. Even better, a SHOE ART CONTEST? This room idea brings together all qualifications for a super amazing cool room; you got shoe rivalries for the competition, contest for the art creativity, and help from PS!'s finest shoe connoisseurs.


As I trek into the wilderness of PS! Lobby, I wonder: "What if my shoes wear out during this long hike? What would be the most suitable kind of shoes to get?" This is why a room like this would be quite beneficial. I could ask for advice on the best piece of footwear to take while traversing the endless wilds of the PS! universe.


This user is right: sneaker discussion doesn't happen very often in Free Time. The Free Time room is sponsored by Crocs™, so we aren't allowed to discuss any other types of shoes without financial repercussions. After all, who would want to discuss anything else when Crocs™ are the most fashionable, comfortable, and customizable shoes ever!

That's it folks! Join us next time as we dig deeper into the horrors that is rejected room suggestions, but until then.

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