The Player

Issue 11

18th April, 2015

Editors' Notes

Editor Antemortem reflects upon and shares his thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with sirDonovan

antemortem interviews one of Showdown's newest leaders: sirDonovan.

The Gossiper: Volume 6

MattL is back for one last round of the hottest gossip from the server

A Trivial Showdown: Volume 5

Get your thinking caps on for another page of trivia from Instant Apple Pie!

The Best of the Worst: Room Suggestions

f(x), Trickster, and Skitty take a look at some of the most terrible room suggestions throughout Showdown's history.

Room Owner Interview: Cranham

xzern brings to you a interview of one of the WiFi room's owners, Cranham.

Properly Building Past Gen Teams with the PS! Teambuilder

Bedschibaer teaches you how to make use of the teambuilder to create some effective past gen teams!

Introduction to the Realm of Sports

Psych and Valentina16 introduce you to the community of the Sport's room.

How (not) to Appeal Punishment

Temporaryanonymous enlightens us in the art of successfully contesting a disciplinary action.

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!