Contributors to The Player: Issue 11

Editor's Notes
Written by antemortem
Art by f(x)
Staff Interview: sirDonovan
Written by antemortem
Grammar by GatoDelFuego and Winry.
Art by Blue Frog, f(x), and sirDonovan
HTML by Anto
The Gossiper: Volume 6
Written by MattL
Grammar by Weebl and Legitimate Username
Art by Regime
HTML by unfixable
A Trivial Showdown: Volume 5
Written by Instant Apple Pie and kevinrocks
Grammar by antemortem and Winry.
Art by Bummer
HTML by Timbuktu
The Best of The Worst: Room Suggestions
Written by f(x), Trickster, and Skitty
Grammar by Lord Alphose and antemortem
Art by MiniArchitect, f(x), and Magistrum
HTML by Freigeist
Room Owner Interview: Cranham
Written by xzern
Grammar by GatoDelFuego, kingler12345, and Weebl
Art by brightobject and Tikitik
HTML by Weebl
Properly Building Past Gen Teams with the PS! Teambuilder
Written by Bedschibaer
Grammar by Legitimate Username and frenzyplant
Art by asgdf
HTML by Rhythms
Introduction to the Realm of Sports
Written by Psych and Valentia16
Grammar by Legitimate Username and Weebl
Art by Tikitik
HTML by Rhythms
How (not) to Appeal Punishment
Written by Temporaryanonymous
Grammar by Legitimate Username and Weebl
Art by asgdf
HTML by Rhythms