Introduction to Text Quest

By Spydreigon. Art by Regime.
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Please note that TextQuest is now renamed to Battle Dome.


As the name implies, here in TextQuest we play a text-based RPG which primarily focuses on quests in the chat! The possibilities throughout the game are endless, as you can customize your character, choose from 5 different classes, earn gold and experience points, and battle the enemies of the world of TextQuest alongside friends!

Starting off

When you decide that you want to become involved with the world of TextQuest, there are two things that you should do to start off:


Before you jump into choosing a class, you might want to learn about the 5 main stats that every character has and their effect on your abilities:

Also known as hit points, this is basically your health in a quest, and once it hits zero, you are dead.
The stat that calculates how much damage you will do with your attacks.
The stat that allows you to nullify enemy attacks (damage is calculated by the Attack roll minus the Defense of person being attacked).
This allows you to perform the many skills you have up your belt, but if it's at zero, then you can't attack.
This stat determines attacking order, but if all users have the same Speed, the class order (Priest, Rogue, Archer, Mage, Warrior) is used. If people happen to have the same Speed and class, then it is done alphabetically. Speed also allows you to attack the enemy more than once based on how fast you are compared to the enemy. You attack two times if you are 50% faster, and three times if you are more than double the enemy's Speed!

Keep in mind that at level 1, all stats are set at 15. Once you level up, you get 7 stat points to add to whatever stats you want. Every level has a stat cap, so you can't dump all of your points into one stat.

The Classes

Now that you know about the stats, it's time to choose a class! Here are explanations of the 5 different classes to choose from, each one having its strengths and weaknesses:

The Priest

This is the main support class for your team.

Level Up Boost: HP

Strength: They have the ability to heal other characters and provide stat boosts throughout the quest.

Weakness: They have a weak damage output.

The Rogue

This class focuses on powerful and residual (damage over time) attacks.

Level Up Boost: Attack

Strength: They have a large damage output.

Weakness: They depend a lot on their Attack stat, making the other stats relatively weaker.

The Archer

This class focuses on getting in fast hits and can be well rounded.

Level Up Boost: Speed

Strength: They move first to get in fast, strong hits on the enemy.

Weakness: They are a bit too reliant on Speed and can get crushed if the enemy is faster.

The Warrior

This class is the main defensive class, yet it can still dish out powerful hits.

Level Up Boost: Defense

Strength: They are bulky and can take many enemy attacks.

Weakness: They can't take True Damage hits very well.

The Dark Mage

This class focuses on utilizing True Damage, which ignores Defense.

Level Up Boost: Energy

Strength: They have a variety of attacks that utilize true damage to its maximum potential.

Weakness: They need to invest boosts in 4 to 5 of their stats to accomplish this.

Remember to check out the skill trees for each class before choosing in order to get a feel for what kinds of attacks each class has.


Now that you've picked a class based on what role you want to play in a quest, there are some important terms that you should learn before jumping into your first quest:

True Damage
Damage done from an attack that ignores the opponent's Defense stat.
When a quest is in sign ups, the host will choose people of the same tier to fight against the boss. Tiers are in 3 level increments (1-3, 4-6, etc.). This is to ensure that the boss that the host chooses is at the right level of difficulty for all of the members of the quest.
At level 15, you gain specialized roles for your class called subclasses. These allow your playstyle to differ from the overall class, but it still ties into the class's main ideas.
Area of Effect
An attack that damages all players.


Now that you have chosen a class, familiarized yourself with basic game mechanics, and have highlighted "questsignup", you are ready to start participating in your own quest! Any ranked user has the ability to start a quest, so just ask one of them politely and I'm sure that they will oblige! For any further questions, PM one of the room auth. Good luck, and happy questing!

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