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What to do in PS!'s Forum

If you are unfamiliar with the Smogon Forums, you might not know that Pokémon Showdown! has its very own forum here where you can find a whole myriad of different things related to the simulator.

Bug Reports

With over 4000 replies, the Bug Report thread is probably the most used thread in the forum and is the place to go if you find any issues in the simulator, whether it's a graphical glitch or a mechanical irregularity. However, make sure the bug you're reporting is PS! related and legitimate, use the search function to check if your bug has already been reported and, as the title prompts, always read the Original Post first!


Do you have any ideas on how to make Pokémon Showdown! better? Something you'd like to add, remove, or just improve? Well, just go ahead and post in the Suggestions thread! We're always open to suggestions that could help us make the site even better for you. Just make sure to use the search function to check that what you're suggesting hasn't already been said. If your suggestion is about a room, however, keep in mind that those are handled in a separate subforum as mentioned below.

Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer

Have any questions about the simulator? Has something been bothering you, and you have a burning desire to know WHY? Ask away in this thread! As always, use the search function to check if your question hasn't already been answered. On the other hand, if you fancy yourself a PS! veteran and know all about the site, you're encouraged to help out by answering any questions asked there.

Technical Support

Are you getting randomly disconnected? Is PS! not working? That's what this thread is for. You're welcome to post any such technical issues you've been having here. However, before posting, try to make sure that PS! supports your browser and go through usual troubleshooting steps such as restarting your browser, router, or computer. Again, use the search function to check if your problem is already known and has a solution. Also, this thread is not the place to report bugs: use Technical Support to request help with doing something that you should be able to do already, like connecting to the server or staying connected. Visual bugs and mechanical inaccuracies should be posted in the Bug Reports or Model Fixing threads.

Model Fixing Thread

This is the place to report any graphical errors with the 3D models on the simulator. If you see any Pokémon that just doesn't look right, be it a colouring error, flickering or dark patches, post it here so it can get fixed. However, this thread is only for problems with Pokémon models. If you find that, say, a certain Pokémon is not appearing in battle at all, it's best to post in the Bug Reports thread.

Room Suggestions

This is the subforum to go if you feel like you have a great idea for a new chat room on PS!. It includes a detailed guide on how to make a room suggestion which you should read to improve the chances of your room suggestion being accepted. There's also a list of previously suggested rooms which you should check to make sure that your suggested room hasn't already been rejected or consider what makes your suggestion different. We definitely prefer suggestions that show that you've done your homework on how to suggest a room; check out this article from the previous issue of The Player for a crash course.

Discipline Appeals

Feel like you've been banned unjustly? This is where to go to if you feel you want to make a Discipline Appeal, which, like Room Suggestions, also has a detailed guide that you are recommended to read before posting to increase your chances of a successful appeal. However, note that this subforum is only for "permanent" global punishments such as Bans and Locks and is not for mutes, warns or room-based bans.

Meet the Admins

An in-depth description of the administrators of Pokémon Showdown! introducing you to the personalities and responsibilities of our highest ranked staff members. If you've ever wondered just who those people sporting the spiffy ~ symbol are, this is where to go.

Scavenger Hunts

You've probably heard of the Scavengers room on PS!, maybe you've even participated in one of their scheduled scavenger hunts. What you may not know is that there is a dedicated thread in the PS! forum for scavenger hunts, which includes a full description of scavenger hunts, how to play, the leaderboard, and a schedule of when games are played. Users who place 1st, 2nd, 3rd or just earn a consolation prize in an official scavenger hunt are recorded here and on the leaderboard. This is a great place to find out how you're faring against other users in scavenger hunts!

User Created Threads

The previously mentioned official threads aren't the only ones in PS!'s forum - other users have also created their own threads to discuss other matters related to PS!. Some user-created threads such as the replay sharing thread have turned out to be quite successful! However, as always, make sure that you search the forum before posting to make sure that you haven't missed out on an existing thread on what you want to post about.

So, even if you're not interested in the Smogon community itself, the Pokémon Showdown! forum on the Smogon forums probably still has something for you, whether it be clarifying your doubts, reporting a problem or just learning more about us. Just make sure you've read the rules, both for the forum and the thread you want to post in, and come on in!

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