Editors' Notes

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Hey, everyone!

Issue #3 is here, and as usual, we've had an absolute flood of submissions. As a result, this is our biggest issue yet, hitting a grand total of 13 articles. Included amongst those is an interview with this issue's poll winner, Scotteh, your questions answered by our upper staff, and a look at the private communities on the sim.

I'd also like to congratulate Antemortem, Electrolyte, and shaymin and for receiving the Media Contributor badge on Smogon, almost entirely for Player work for the first two and partly in the latter case. As some of our best all-round contributors, it's a just reward for these guys.

~ Scene

This issue also marks the arrival of two new subforum staff members: congratulations to Antemortem and shaymin. Both are sim Mods (one newer, one older) and are great people to have working with us.

That's about it from us. If you're interested in contributing or just want to learn more about what we do, the Player subforum is the place to check out. We hope you enjoy issue #3!

~ Vacate

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