The Player

Issue 3

28th September, 2014

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Cover art by faxxifer

Editors' Notes

Editors Scene and Vacate reflect upon and share their thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with Scotteh

Electrolyte interviews the winner of the staff interview poll: Pokémon Showdown! moderator Scotteh!

Ask the Admins

The community's questions, as submitted by you, are answered by our panel of jdarden, The Immortal, and Zarel!

The Higher-Ups: Staff on PS!

Blitzamirin shares with the Pokemon Showdown! community the qualities necessary and the journey one might take in their quest to join the staff.

The Gossiper

Nope, absolutely nothing unusual here, at all. At least, you've been led to believe that this whole time. Reporters at The Gossiper will dig deeper than ever before to provide you with the latest, juicy rumours.

New to PS? Tips to Succeed

New to Pokémon Showdown? Antemortem is there to introduce you to the basics, such as chat commands, teambuilder, and more!

Other Metas Room

A staff member in Other Metas, unfixable introduces you to the room, as well as gives a quick rundown of popular OM formats.

Battle Spot and You September: Fairy Face-Off

Antemortem informs you about the Fairy Face off metagame, as well as some top threats that may loom around each corner.

Room Suggestion Spotlight: Breeding

A series designed to highlight excellent room suggestions. shaymin starts off by showcasing the first room proposal that definitely impressed: Breeding!

Introducing the Challenges Room

As Room Owner of the Challenges room, Bean guides you to the fundamentals of the room, as well as providing you an insight to the type of PS! challenges you can try out!

Educational Rooms

If you're looking for rooms that require you to put your thinking cap on, Zodiax shows you around which rooms in particular would be suitable for the more studious individual.

Shh! Keep it private! The Hidden Side of Pokémon Showdown

Temporaryanoymous reveals the more secret side of Pokémon Showdown!...that is, secret rooms, what they are, and their purpose!

An Inside Look at Global Staff and Policy

shaymin gives you an insight to what it's like to debate important decisions and discussions behind closed doors.

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!