Introducing the Challenges Room

By Bean. Art by asgdf.
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Hello, and welcome to the Challenges room! This article will help guide you through some of the finer points of the room, and more importantly, how you can join in on the fun!

What is a Challenge?

Not to be confused with challenging someone to a friendly unrated battle, a challenge can be viewed as a ladder battle that must be won with a twist. Every week, the staff create and select several challenges where a certain stipulation has to be met, and by doing these challenges, the user can earn points that go towards your ranking on the leaderboard, but more on that later. These challenges can range from something simple, where the condition is commonly seen in battles, to something more demanding, where some luck and thinking outside of the box is required to complete the challenge.


Challenges come in every shape and form, from common ladder challenges where you have to achieve a certain Elo rating on a certain ladder (just like laddering for reqs on a suspect test) to more unusual challenges where the Pokémon/moves/items are limited in some way. One example of a challenge may be something along the lines of using Toxic Orb as the item on every member of your team, which will require you to battle with all of your Pokémon in a constant state of being badly poisoned. We also have challenges that cater to using certain Pokémon to accomplish the challenge, such as using a Smeargle to KO an opposing Pokémon. Here is what a typical week of challenges looks like in the Challenges room:

Challenge: (Curses)/ Code: Week6a
Use the move Curse with a Ghost-type to finish off the last Pokémon in a battle (Easy - 10 points)
Challenge: (You Got Guts, Kid)/ Code: Week6b
Use a Pokémon with the ability Guts to absorb an incoming status effect (Easy - 10 points)
Challenge: (Slaking Kong)/ Code: Week6c
Use Retaliate with Slaking to OHKO a Pokémon (Easy - 10 points) (Provided by crazypenguinbob)
Challenge: (Smooth Insults)/ Code: Week6d
Use Taunt to have an opposing Pokémon's status move fail at least two times (Easy - 10 points)
Challenge: (No Fun Allowed)/ Code: Week6e
Play a battle in which the order of your switches are made alphabetically by Pokémon name
(Medium - 20 points) (No nicknames) (Provided by Exeggutorial)
Challenge: (Legend Of Life)/ Code: Week6f
Win a match 6–0 using only legendary Pokémon (Medium - 20 points) (Provided by Politoed)
Challenge (Speedy Gonzalez)/ Code: Week6g
Win a 6v6 singles battle in less than 10 turns (Hard - 30 points)

Participating in Challenges

Participating in challenges is really quite simple. Every week we implement 7–10 new challenges that users can try out and complete. You simply look at the challenge that interests you, complete the challenge in a ranked battle on the ladder, and then make sure to save the replay. It's important to note that for a challenge to be completed, you have to fulfil the challenge criteria and win the battle. Also, if you don't understand what a challenge is asking you to do, feel free to ask in the room or PM one of the staff members, who will clarify it for you. We're friendly, I promise! Once you have completed a challenge, simply send a PM to one of the staff members in the room that contains the name and code of the challenge you just completed, along with the name of your main account (if you are on an alt) and the your Elo rating immediately after winning the battle. Completed challenges can also be submitted through our replay form in the case that you are doing archived challenges or if the staff are away or busy.

Due to the wacky nature of the challenges we set, there are often many different ways to complete them. This really brings about some outstanding creativity, something which is greatly encouraged! Here is a recent example of what I'm talking about. During week 19, there were two challenges with mirrored criteria:

Challenge: (Revving It Up)/ Code: Week19d
Win a 6v6 singles match where each attack you use has a higher Base Power than the one used before it. This applies to each switch, not the entire team as a whole.
(Medium - 20 points)
Challenge: (Putting it in Reverse)/ Code: Week19e
Win a 6v6 singles match where each attack you use has a lower Base Power than the one used before it. This applies to each switch, not the entire team as a whole.
(Medium - 20 points)

One of our creative and intuitive users managed to complete both challenges at once by winning a battle using no attacks at all, quite an impressive feat to pull off!

The Challenges Points System and Leaderboard

Challenges can be suggested through our website link that pops up when you enter the Challenges room, which will also lead you to various important links such as the current challenges for that week and the leaderboard. Suggesting a challenge is pretty straightforward as well. When you suggest a challenge, you have to provide a title (ideally a corny pun), a description of what you have to do in the challenge, and a replay of the challenge being completed. Challenges don't necessarily have to be completed by the person making the challenge suggestion. Someone can do the actual battle while the other person creates the idea for the challenge! With that being said, those who suggest challenges, along with anyone else who is involved in submitting the challenge, get a 5 point bonus added to their score on that particular challenge and are credited with the creation of the challenge if it is used.

Voice Challenge!

The Challenges room is currently hosting a Voice challenge! As the name might suggest, completing this challenge gives you the chance to become a room Voice! So what exactly does this challenge entail? Well, in order to complete the challenge, you must gain four Voice Points (VP). For each consecutive week of challenges completed, a VP is gained. In order to complete the Voice challenge, you must complete four consecutive weeks of challenges. It's that simple! So, what are you waiting for? If it's your thing, pop over to the Challenges room and have a go!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to PM any of the room Owners (myself, AM145 and DMV) on the simulator.

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